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Nakacinda urges MMD members to remain calm after PF petitioned against Felix Mutati

General News Nakacinda urges MMD members to remain calm after PF petitioned against Felix...

Mutati, Nakacinda and MMD Muchinga constituency candidates
FILE: Mutati, Nakacinda and MMD Muchinga constituency candidates

MMD National Secretary Raphael Nakacinda has advised members across the country to remain calm and disciplined in view of what transpired on Friday when the PF petitioned their Secretary General against Finance Minister Felix Mutati.

Mr Nakacinda said those who have sponsored the group from Eastern Province who petitioned Davies Mwila to force Mr Mutati to resign were oblivious to the current political dynamics in the country.

“I want to assure the members across the country in view of the propaganda and some petty politics today they need not panic. Let them remain calm. What ever issues have been raised as MMD we are a disciplined party and we believe in resolving issues using superior logic. We will not engage in the internal politics of the PF and whatever may have motivated them to behave the way they have behaved today.”

He called on members of his party to lead by example by ignoring what happened and demonstrate that they are a mature and disciplined party and show the nation that as a party they are more concerned with the development of the country as opposed to fighting one another.

“MMD is a disciplined party and let discipline rein and let’s show maturity and wisdom in dealing with the situation that has been raised.

“Your President Hon Felix Mutati was chosen on merit to be minister of finance and it was understood that he was President of a political party and it was appreciated that as MMD we in good faith supported the candidature of Edgar Lungu and moving forward ours is to continue working towards reorganizing the ourselves so that even when it comes to our value in this relationship it is enhanced.

“I think we will not be drawn or distracted by any attempt by people who seem not to appreciate the dynamics of the country political scenario in this country in view of the amended constitution,” he said.

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  1. These PF chaps love confusion. Please let what has happened in Kenya happen in Zambia so we do away with professional failures (PF). Even rigging they failed and the question of how legal someone is will always be there until the truth comes out even if its in 2028. Lungu will be in problems after he leaves state house should it be discovered he did not actually win.


  3. I pit this Jail bird Nkachinda.This man likes keeping up appearances,so he can be used by any highest bidder as long as he can get paid for his artificial life style.

  4. Lungu’s children VS Rupiah’s children. Uniting step children is complicated. You need more than brains especially when the marriage alliance is dodgy. They also want to eat well. Someone powerful is sponsoring Lungu’s children and it would appear even plot 1 has been caught unawares.

  5. Mutati has been double crossing President Lungu right from the start. The man always carries himself as smarter than Lungu and goes around claiming his boss is visionless. The PF needs a loyal Minister of Finance, the fact that Mutati has 1 year on in his appointment not resigned as MMD president speaks volumes about his loyalty to the President. Ba Mutati has even planted his person in IDC as CEO to further his presidential ambitions. The IDC now never mentions the President but the Minister of Finance, this is how far Mutati has been using GRZ resources to campaign and mobilise MMD structures across the country.

  6. I knew I would have the last laugh! I warned these MMD chaps not go into an alliance with visionless PF but alas their bellies were more important

  7. PF has to be realistic and grateful to the Mutati led MMD. There was no way it was going to win 2016 elections without the help of MMD. That is a fact. The issue of loyalty is another which the two parties can resolve without PF sponsoring thugs from Eastern Province.

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