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Police to create law and order among youths in Lusaka

General News Police to create law and order among youths in Lusaka

Zambia Police OfficersThe Zambia Police Service in Lusaka says it will continue to enforce law and order in all the communities to ensure public peace.

Lusaka Commissioner of Police Nelson Phiri says police in the area will not rest until law and order is attained in the capital.

Speaking to ZANIS in a telephone interview, today, Mr. Phiri said the police will make sure that there is sanity in the capital especially among the youths in view of the mushrooming street parties in the city.

“Law enforcement is a continuous processes so wherever we know that there is some sought of indiscipline and law breaking we come in as the police to enforce law and order”, said Phiri.

Mr. Phiri has urged communities to cooperate with the police in curbing any wrong doings to ensure maintained peace and security.

“It is impossible for the police to be in all the areas but we depend on members of the public to call us when they see something wrong going on so that we step in and help reduce on wrong things .

“We also advise parents to make sure they monitor and mentor their children to avoid the children being found in wrong place at a wrong time,” added Mr. Phiri.

He said as much as the Police had a department which dealt in sensitising and counselling youth on wrong doings the police will not hesitate to take action to on those would be offenders.

Street parties, common in the western world, have become a regular trend held either on the streets or at drinking premises in the capital and involve young people.


  1. They should start with that government lodge called “Longacres Lodge” where rampant sex of small children is taking place by public servive workers and MPs. Also ban those hookers who service that place posing at the bar, and just siting doing nothing in a bid to supply sex to those drunk men..Silly

    • Police in Zambia have lost all credibility. It would be wise for the PIG (Police Inspector General) to resign….but wait a minute, who is the Commander-in-chief?

  2. Oh please! With what hypocrisy!
    Zambia Police should “creat law and order” within itself before talking about law and order.
    Start with the Police Inspector General(P.I.G) all they down to the common “buju”

  3. IG should be making this statement to address all his provincial assistants, because it is a nationwide problem. Why do these authorities wait till something gets completely out of hand before they take correctional measures. Its time proactive civic leaders are identified and appointed, rather than the yes-men that are appointed in these key positions. Its our taxes at work, and this is what we get.

  4. Imwe’ naimwe!!
    Zabwino Palibe-(Zambia Police) have NO credibility left, with a Bandit P.F cadre as I.G.
    Instead of concentrating on Kids, why not bring order to Zambia by arresting chi Kaizer, who assaulted one of your own, (a Woman) @ Heroes Stadium?
    Why not arrest the P.F Savage Goons who hacked off a citizens hand @ a funeral.
    I no longer comment on most issues in Zed, because Zedians have asked for this mediocre Government, however some topics need commenting on.
    Zambia Police is an organised Bandit Cadre wing of the Notorious Panga Fraternity!!

    • In fact P.F, & its Demon little helpers Zabwino palibe’ always have their priorities back to front, similar to a seriously mentally compromised person, who puts on a suit, & his underwear over his suit trousers goes out, & then wonders why people are looking @ them in a strange way.

  5. A few yeas back in the days of RB these prostitutes called sex workers (as if they go for training and pay taxes) were rounded up in Chawama and locked up, By dawn they were all freed. Reason? They paid in kind to those buttockless policemen at Chawama. And today the police can tell us about order. Ask the recent woman police graduates from any police training school and they will tell you what they go through.

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