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YMCA offers to counsel the 70 teenagers apprehended in Lusaka after taking part in a sex party

General News YMCA offers to counsel the 70 teenagers apprehended in Lusaka...

Group portrait, members of Young Men’s Christian
Association and Young Women’s Christian Association,
West Liberty State Normal school, 1911.
The Young Men’s Christian Association -YMCA has offered to counsel the 70 teenagers who were recently apprehended in Lusaka after taking part in a sex party.

YMCA President Thabo Kawana says some of the teenagers could have been traumatised during the ordeal while others would have abused drugs during the sex party.

Mr. Kawana has told ZNBC News in Kitwe that YMCA and the Young Women’s Christian Association -YWCA have drop-in-centers where the teenagers can be counselled and offered support.

He says some of the teenagers could have found themselves at the sex party innocently and they could have been traumatised by the many couples who were having illicit sex.

Mr. Kawana has further appealed to authorities to punish the owner of the house where the illegal activities were held.

He says such parties are not good for teenagers because they get exposed to activities that can corrupt their minds.


  1. Surely morals are in the gutter in the youths. Parents be there for the children. If you don’t invest time in them now, youre most likely to lose them in a few years time. Get to know their friends and put your foot where it seems to wrong ones.

    • I wonder why Nubian prince is being down voted when what he is saying is the truth. As Africans we never tolerated teenage sex outside marriage. Sex parties originate from European culture. Strip shows brothels all originate from Europe and with Western Influenced South Africa in our neighborhood its a matter of time before all these vices infiltrate our countries in the name of constitutional rights

  2. Tombeni party Oooh my God. We need more details here. What happened? In Zambia Tombeni party? Even in western world there are no such things.

    • Perhaps you’ve never been there. Have you never heard of swinger’s parties? People turn up with their wives and exchange them for sex. In Europe

  3. Speaking of orgies, the former head of IMF, Dominique Strauss Kahn, comes to mind.

    Orgies are things the educated, rich and powerful people who have enslaved our Christian nation (and the rest of Africa) get up to.

    But now the slave is following the masters footsteps. I foresee future leaders in these teenagers.

    The end is near!

    NEW twist- a participant in the infamous woodlands group sex escapades has revealed that the function was all about who takes longer to have orgasm when having sex.
    Apparently, there was betting that was made among some participants of the escapades.
    “What we usually do is that we bet, there are those who say they can go more rounds without having orgasm and there are those who are weak who go just one round for few minutes. So it’s that kind of thing were the stronger gets the money while those who fail to stand longer only get the enjoyment. The ladies also compete on who is ‘dancing’ better,” a participant tells it all.
    And the source reveals that such parties have become common in…

  5. Sex and young people has been around for centuries its not the west to blame, its the church banning sex education and being open, if someone said don’t do it you try it, how many people touch a freshly painted bench with a sign that states wet paint. also Africa is the only place that due to culture reasons allows men to have several wives and arranged marriages (like india). how many school girls in the west get pregnant compared to Zambia?. as for the owner of the house maybe he has nothing to do with it, he could have rented to someone who was involved with this party. its time Zambians took responsibility for theír stuff ups instead of blaming others both in Zambia and the west. Also blame the parents for knowing where their kids are or caring.

  6. Why should it be difficult to put up stiffer laws against such vices? how do you even define a child in situations like this? And with such perverse acts becoming more common place where do the laws against rape and defilement come in? Do we really have rapists and defilers around? Lawyers please do some work as Zambians and not just westernised . . . sycophants

  7. ZICTA claims they can read your WhatsApp Messages and Disable any Communication Device.

    So was Zicta part of this sex party?

  8. It’s not okay to have sex a teen ager but it’s okay as an adult, prostitutes are all over, bars are all over. What do you expect. This country lacks morals. With the sort of rights given to these kids what else did we expect let NGO’s fighting for kids right undo their work.

  9. I heard about this on news yesterday. But I still don’t seem to understand this sort of thing where people or teenagers are having group sex. Where are our morals as Africans??? Probably, the police need to provide more details. I simply can’t believe this.

  10. there is a growing number of young girls begging with babies on the backs at the burma/independence road traffiic lights. They are becoming a bother.

  11. So ba Thabo, bafilwa ama politics nomba baipela bushibukombe? Wondfers shall never end, this guy just wants to know especially the girls who were involved since they are already on the market, he will have no problem having them easily.

  12. “Doctor heal yourself”. Can this Kawana fellow first take care of the children he sired from his time with Youth Alive Zambia. He has refused responsibility and the children are now finishing school without any help from Mr. sanctimonious. Soon he will be outed big time.

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