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August/September Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision nets 65 000 countrywide

Health August/September Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision nets 65 000 countrywide

Lusaka Province Medical Officer Kennedy Malama(r) officially handover the Gen set and other Medical Equipments to the Chifundo Clinic in Chaisa Compound while Lusaka Mayor George Nyendwa(c) and National Aids Council Director General Jabbin Mulwanda(l) looks on
Kennedy Malama(r)
THE ministry of health has said that over 65 000 boys and men countrywide have been circumcised in its on going August/September Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision (VMMC) campaign started early last month.

The campaign which was launched in Lusaka towards the end of July was aimed at circumcising over 160 000 boys and men within the period of two months.

Ministry of health Permanent Secretary Kennedy Malama said in an interview Lusaka yesterday that the latest statistics shown that since August 1 this year over 65 000 people were captured.

Dr. Malama pointed out the number was impressive, adding that by the end of exercise the ministry would be able to meet its target.

He said the ministry had chosen August and September because it was the period that school boys were on recess.

”I can confirm that so far the we have managed to circumcise about 65 000 boys in this campaign of August and September.

”Statistics are that Copperbelt and Lusaka provinces are topping and this is because, these are the regions that have higher population, compared to others,” he said.

Dr Malama further disclosed that the ministry had since distributed more logistics and other supplies to all districts to ensure that they could step up the campaign before it comes to an end on September 30.

”As the ministry we are working hard in support all districts and provinces to ensure that they step up the campaigns. for example a few days ago the ministry had helped all districts with logistics to ensure continue the campaign,” Dr Malama said.

He also called on district heads to work closely with all various stakeholders for them to have that campaign a success.


    • since every part of the body has its function then stop cutting your hair, circumcision is also in the very Bible which was actually supported then, so if you want to keep the cup and be infected it’s all up to you cheers


    • that is a sadly thought of comparison. hair grows back. hair as you grow older thins out by itself, men grow bald etc. but once you cut the foreskin, it does not grow back a few months later. the foreskin does not thin away when you grow older in certain males or females. If you want to cut the foreskin then cut the breasts of women to avoid breast cancer. this preventative medicine which requires the dismemberment of certain body parts is a savage practice. Dont do it zambians, these are white people tactics. someone below has explained the negatives of circumcision.
      I do not subscribe to male circumcission as based on these medical reasons. but i respect it as a cultural practice in some tribes in zambia.

  1. How Does Circumcision Harm?

    The “medical” debate about the “potential health benefits” of circumcision rarely addresses its real effects.

    Circumcision denudes: Depending on the amount of skin cut off, circumcision robs a male of as much as 80 percent or more of his penile skin. Depending on the foreskin’s length, cutting it off makes the penis as much as 25 percent or more shorter. Careful anatomical investigations have shown that circumcision cuts off more than 3 feet of veins, arteries, and capillaries, 240 feet of nerves, and more than 20,000 nerve endings.31 The foreskin’s muscles, glands, mucous membrane, and epithelial tissue are destroyed, as well.

    Circumcision desensitizes: Circumcision desensitizes the penis radically. Foreskin amputation means…

  2. Good statistic, that means our skilled doctors are circumcising over 1000 men per day, and that doesnt include travelling. Always huge figures for grandiosement

  3. In the same vein the ministry should promote female circumcision. I’m sure they can’t stand the backlash from the community.

  4. I’d pay a year’s salary rather than be circumcised or have my son circumcised. Why would I want the most sensitive and pleasurable parts cut off? That little bit of skin makes a big difference (it’s not just there to protect the glans).

    Drops in male circumcision since 1950:
    USA: from 90% to around 60%
    Canada: from 48% to 32%
    UK: from 35% to about 5% (about 1-2% among non-Muslims)
    Australia: 85% to 11% (“routine” circumcision is now *banned* in public hospitals in all states except one)
    New Zealand: 95% to below 3% (mostly Samoans and Tongans)
    South America and Europe: never above 5%

    This is what some national medical organizations say about male circumcision:

    Canadian Paediatric Society
    “OTTAWA— In an updated statement released today, the Canadian Paediatric…

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