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Expatriates and Exploitation of Zambian Experts

Economy Expatriates and Exploitation of Zambian Experts

First Quantum Minerals and the Zambian government: looking to the future of copper mining.
First Quantum Minerals and the Zambian government: looking to the future of copper mining.

We are writing this mail with pain in our hearts at how qualified Zambian intellects, qualified and experienced Zambians are being abused and undermined by unqualified and underqualified job seekers in the name of expatriates at the mining giant FQMO-Mining Division in solwezi and Kalumbila.

What buffles us is to know that credible but ineffective institutions like the Enginneering institute of Zambia issues out certificates and they can see that nothing qualifies this person to be an expatriate but these are unleashed onto the majority qualifed Zambians to be their HODs, HOS and supervisors and they go home with not less than K75,000 while the Zambians working and doing the donkey works go home with less than K6,800. Where is the Justice? We have the evidence to prove all this.

This is typical of major characterictics of racism. Boers from South Africa are major culprits at this mine. They have formed strong cartels and are working in connection with some disgruntled immigration officials and some few corrupt Zamiba employees at the same mine to flaut immigration laws at the peril of our fellow citizens.

How can one be renewing his/her permit for 10,8,6,5,4years continuously without any hustle when their permit is only less than 2yrs? How do you allow operators of dozers,Graders and excavators for 8years as expatriates when we have plenty Zambian operators. Don’t be fooled that some are marrying our women because when these guys are fired because they fall out of grace from their cartels, they leave our women behind looking lost. They even lie that they are coming as investors and are given investor pemits but are just job seekers.These guys know nothing at all when they come on site, our guys on the ground teach them what they know today yet are never promoted. The cartels use these same so called experts to identify the most promising and vocal ones and are sorted out, frustrated in every angle and eventually give up, resign or are fired based on trumped up charges.

Our people are suffering in their on country. Almost every department is 100% headed by these dumb experts, stores/commercial, crushers,washbay, enginnering, production, maintenance, optimisation,roads department, processing, instrumentation, IT and Human resource, Yes Human resource!

When government officials come to the mines, they put up fake structures using Zambians and they even lie in the face of our president of fake positions and the president goes back smiling. ohh! we are so hurt! When Zambians request for departmental transfer for growth, these powerful cartels relegate them to lower position and places of work such as the wash bay just to frustrate them.
Get hold of Unoins officials, interview miners themselves and you will get the truth on the ground. Don’t go to the country manager or the public relations manager for information, they are sold out big time. We are calling on the immigatrion office, the Labour office, EIZ, the Ministry of Home Affairs to look into this matter with urgency and redeem our people. Stop issuance of work permits if possible. We don’t need them because these jobs have been are being done by Zambians.Work together for mother Zambia.

Watch out for phase two of our expose’ as we look into the hot “Grading ” issue as Zambians continue suffering oppressions.

The Mine watchtower.

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  1. Why Zambians are so obsequious towards whites beats me. You would rather pay a dull white man from RSA than an educated Zambian. We can’t just blame politicians even the educated display such nonsensical behaviour.Having said that the work culture of us Zambians leaves much to desired sometimes.Thats what gives racists Boers an excuse to keep positions to themselves. 2-3 hour lunch breaks, showing up late for work,leaving early and alcohol binging in the evenings

    • Added to that, once these fellow citizens get the top jobs, they start womanizing and thinking that they are the “ones”, forgetting that power is transient. Lets wake up and get what is due.

    • This was started in ZCCM days. Despite Zambian engineers being trained in the UK, their white peers would come to Zambia and be paid 10 times what Zambians were getting. This continues to this day. It is us Zambians crapping on each other while the white people laugh all the way to the bank. We do not value our own work and pay each other peanuts. The politicians have their own version of this mental sickness. That’s why Lungu imprisons and kills fellow black Zambians while Guy Scott, Simon Zukas and other white politicians are untouchable.

      SHAME ON US .

    • You live in the white mans world just face it. unless you willing to die to attain real african freedom all these nuances will just confuse you. Racism , racism yet when we tell you to fight to cleanse yourselves of white supremacy, you cry and say but there is nothing wrong with the religion, of the democracy type of governance or the education etc. you are hooked, addicted to white people. Just let them abuse you. You are not ready as africans for real freedom. Malcolm X said, the price of freedom is death. Are you with all the so called education you have attained ready to bring down a system. i know you wont, be cause it will mean denoucning the little education you think you have. Just slave on negroes. mwalibelela.

    • Most of these so-called expatriates are not even well qualified to do what they come to do in the first place. But we let them in, mainly because they’re white. Just because someone is white and is wearing a suit doesn’t mean they know more than the native Zambians. But then again, we still suffer from inferiority complex as black people and still think whites, by virtue of their skin color, are superior to us. We don’t hesitate to throw our own people out, even though they may be well qualified to do the job, in preference for whites. Politicians are the biggest culprits in this, because some them who are older and have never lived outside the country, and have never been to any European country, still have that colonial mentality that believes whites are better than them. Please…

    • (Continued)… know that there are whites who don’t even know how to read—and if you’ve ever lived in a European country, you can attest to this. Immigration department in Zambia needs to wake up, fix the loopholes, and begin to screen these so called expatriates thoroughly. Make sure they’re thoroughly vetted, before they can be allowed in, or before they can renew their Visa. No jobs that can be done by Zambians should ever be given to expatriates. Care for our own people first, instead of these so called expatriates, most of who don’t even care about the country or it’s people. It’s lax immigration practices that lead to a country being flooded by unqualified people who do nothing but pose as expatriates and take advantage of our people. Please put Zambians first, before…

  2. @Lindiwe, if you only know how white people abuse Alcohol, smoking women after getting their large salaries at the end of the month, you could not have been commenting like that, lets work for the good of the Zambians, just like the way these foolish whites support each, united we stand, divided we fall, the truth have been spoken, but as usual, people tend to give a blind eye and condemn, instead of getting down to the root of the problem, Zambians are really suffering at the hands of expatriates in private sectors, in-fact slavery has not ended, but it has just come in a different form, guys, lets learn to lift each other as Zambians, so we can lift the whole country, condemning, blaming politicians will take us no where, slaves we shall ever remain, redemption is what we need at the…

  3. @max, remember, that’s most of the evils here on earth started with the whites and they are spreading it to us, but still, they support each, no one person here on earth is perfect, but like I said, condemning will lead us no where, lest give ourselves chances to be proved wrong, unlike being blocked, victimized from time in memorial, stop thinking that white people have the best interest of Africans, never, it all depends on us to prove our selves, that we can succeed just like them given a chance.

  4. Where are the seasoned bloggers we know on this platform to contribute and support the thorn issues this noble mine watch tower has raised here? Rather than hauling insults at each other over political interests, I believe this is a cause to which our firm and vicious support should be directed . Our people must grow in leadership and earn a handsome wage they deserve. I feel hurt reading through the article that we can allow a foreign expatriate to operate a grader & the like. Nonsense of the highest level!

  5. KK gave us the mines to run and what we did in return was to run them down. Only one not close to the mines will not understand. At one time there was a manager’s wife who used to force miners to buy her chickens through the payroll even if these chickens were bad.

    • @Ndanje khaki, that is the most unfortunate truth about us. Some senior Managers or Supts in ZCCM made the mines their personnel to holder and the result was that the whole conglomerate came to its knees. I know of one senior mine official who literal moved his friends and church mates to the mine as suppliers and contractors when he was promoted to the position of GM. The most unfortunate part, as pointed out by the writer, is that there are a lot of Muzungu anikonde type or muselela kwakaba amongst the educated Zambians. Simply no spine to point out any anomalies even to an extent where the ka white muzungu boy or choncholi will turn them into chola boys.

    • @Panda. That’s why people why ZCCM failed to tick when Zambians were in charge but started to produce when foreigners took over. These foreigners didn’t bring anything new. .they took over the existing machinery, plants and human capital. All they did was maximize the use of these resources. Like I said only one who has not worked in the mines would argue.

    • KK stole the Mines, Banks, Factories and Hotels, its called Nationalization then he ran them down and Zambia went bust in the 1980s please get your facts right Ndanje khaki

  6. I feel for the author, we really are being made to suffer in our own country. These so-called investors or infestors as I like to refer to them, pay themselves 10x or even 20x the average Zambian wage. As the writer says, they ensure to include one or two sell-outs who are paid 5x above their fellow Zambians. These Zambians are actually worse than these racist boers because they are in the forefront victimising their fellow country men and women. Yet, they know what we all go through and where we are coming from, poor families and little opportunities. Then of course there is the issue of immigration officers who have made a killing from these undeserving expatriates. They would rather have an unqualified foreigner than their own people in high positions .Very sad for mother Zambia.

    • One Zambian was appointed CEO of one high performing mines. The first thing he did was to fire all managers and some senior staff. He replaced them with his friends. I nearly forgot, he also cancelled all suppliers contracts and brought suppliers and contractors from his former town. The result? The mine has collapsed.

  7. A military mindset is required to run any company well in Zambia. I believe more former service men should be employed in the private sector as well as in govt institutions – this will see an increase in productivity, efficiency and punctuality amongst other areas. RDA have several ex Army and ZNS officers that are performing well and that is just one example. Many ex Army officers have and are running their own private schools where children are taught the key principles of discipline which is the cornerstone of hardwork! If an expatriate is performing better than a lazy unproductive Zambian then better to employ the expatriate obviously however an ex service man will always perform better than a civilian so better to employ an ex service man.

    • 2020vision, so in your opinion all Zambians are lazy and all expatriates are hardworking? This does not make sense, that’s why there individual, departmental and company targets. If you’re not meeting your targets, you leave and let someone else do the job. Now, all Zambians are paid lowly, except for the few sell-outs, while all expatriates, regardless of qualifications, are well paid. In your mind, all this is alright. You must have an inferiority complex, a white man has to have it better than the black man. Change your name to visionless or backward vision or myopic vision…..

    • @uwakwisano learn to read properly mwana I said if an “expatriate is performing better than a lazy Zambian” not an expatriate performing better than a hard working Zambian which is why I give the example of my fellow ex service personnel. A civilian of any nationality is a cheeky rascal and most civilians don’t understand what hard work is, however some civilians are hardworkers and these are a treasure that if you come across must make sure you hold onto them. You can never lecture me about patriotism young chap I’ve served beyond my call of duty.

  8. Please everyone should be on the same scale if they are doing the same job, (University of Stellenbosch offers a BEng in Engineering so does UNZA) the expatriate (who may be or may not be an expert) might have gratuity at the end of his contract because he is not on pension. But the total cost to the company should be the same except for the relocation costs if the non Zambian is coming from South Africa or wherever, and the local is coming from Luanshya.
    Colleagues working for these companies, please put your foot down and take the responsible management to task. This nonsense called “economic apartheid” ABASH!!!!Post independence Zambia!!!My blood is boiling.

    • I am a Black Zambian who works in Australia, why because i make far more money here and life is easier , the power never goes off and things work, my children get super education, so why go work in Zambia and put up with all the problems from road blocks to no safe housing. there are many educated Zambians working overseas, how many would come back to work in Zambia?

    • @cosmos just as you have gone overseas for better pay, whites have also come to Zambia for better pay. You know the reason why whites don’t want you in their country? It’s because you’re taking their jobs.

  9. Two friends were walking on the country side. They got tired and decided to rest on the ground. As they chatted one of them discovered that he had dipped one his hands in feces so shook the hand and in the process he hit hard against a pole and too soothe the pain and without realizing it he put the fingers in his mouth. In short he ate feces unwittingly. That’s how situation is.

  10. These are not just investors but rulers in disguise. You can see how they twisted the arms of the country when they almost fired so many miners knowing very well that the GRZ was going to be adversely affected.

  11. We are garden boys in their eyes and so we shouldn’t complain. Ever seen a garden biy getting more money than his employer?
    We are working for them and so they dictate the terms.

  12. I know of a mine where almost all serious positions in the mine are held by Indians. I am not talking about KCM. I am taking about a mine where Indians without proper qualifications have been employed in large numbers. I am told all the Indians in this company are related. They treat Zambians like trash. What’s wrong with this country. Surprisingly this Mining company is not even owned by Indians. They are just Indians employed to come and work in Zambia. There are also Zambians employed for the sole purpose of bribing Immigration officials and also arrange work permits for Indians. Is it even possible for a Zambian to get a job in India? The immigration department should start doing it’s job and rid us of these suckers. Can you imagine a white south African coming to work as a clerk…

  13. @Cosmos, you have missed the point. You get a lot of money, more than what you could have received if you had been in Zambia, I agree with you 100%, otherwise why leave your country?? However, you get a lot of money because of the work you do and hopefully your work performance. An Australian with your qualifications, and same work output will get the same amount of money like you. But in Zambia it is different, the difference is explained away by saying that the non Zambian is an expatriate, meaning he is of a different skin color and hence entitled to a lot of money based on skin colour, and this is what is wrong. You take this logic to its conclusion, what they are saying is that Zambians are not as intelligent, as productive as the so called expatriates.

  14. Ba @Dontcare, please read aloud to your spouse what you have said in your contribution replacing “we” with “I” and ask your spouse whether it is true, and then come tell us what your spouse tells you.

  15. I note passion in the commentary volunteered above and its mostly worthy of reflection as Zambia forges ahead with efforts to develop. The rate at which advances towards joining the moving train destined for attaining a place among the rapid developing nations is bedecked with self inflicted challenges! For one as many concerned have expressed it beats one to understand why in this modern day and age Zambia should still continue with the the employment tiers of “expatriate” and “local” with corresponding conditions respectively favoring the expatriate classified employee at the expense of local one! No wonder the exodus into the diaspora! Our legislators have serious issues to consider but with G 12 education their capacity is challenged!

    • Comment:we need to involve all relevant stakeholders and sound the horn hard for all to hear. otherwise, we will have ourselves to blame when everything comes to an end.

  16. Zambians!Zambians!Zambians! This discussion will not provide the needed answers to the problem at hand. The main underlying issue is lack of patriotism amongst Zambians. These people whom we complaining about they are not paid from were they come from or their permits processed in their countries of origin, all the necessary documents are done by our brothers,sisters,uncles,cousins etc working in various gvt institutions. All these people know the who to give a work permit to and for how long but you find that the same Zambians working in these same institutions are the ones even advising these people on how to beat the system, reason selfishness because of some few kwachas and just sheer lack of patriotism. It seems we are very shortsighted and do not get to see the full implications of…

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