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HH enjoys all the freedoms in Zambia which allow him to move freely including to trips abroad-Mwamba

General News HH enjoys all the freedoms in Zambia which allow him to move...

Zambian High Commissioner to South Africa Emmanuel Mwamba speaking whilst flanked by his counterpart a South African High Commissioner to Zambia Ms. Sikose Mji during the South Africa Trade and Investment Mission to Zambia Meeting at Cresta Golf View Hote
Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa Mr Emmanuel Mwamba says Zambia is a democratic state and Opposition Leader Mr Hakainde Hichilema enjoys all the freedoms in Zambia which allow him to move freely including to trips abroad.

Speaking to South African Broadcast (SABC News) earlier yesterday Mr Mwamba stated that Mr Hichilema raised concern after he made derogatory remarks against the Zambian Judiciary, the past elections and the rule of law when he was hosted by the South African Opposition leader of the Democratic Alliance Party – Mr Mmusi Maimane.

“We thought that this was not the picture of Zambia, it is an alien picture of Zambia. Zambia is a celebrated democratic state for the last 53 years, it is well known for its peace and stability. The last elections we held in August 2016 are no different from the other elections that we have held over the last 50 years.” Said Mr Mwamba.

Mr Mwamba, like many other people both in Zambia and Internationally, advised Mr Hichilema to accept that he lost the elections and move on.

“Mr Hichilema lost the election and the duty of a loser is to accept defeat and celebrate the winner move on and prepare for the next election.” He said.

He also made it clear that Zambia practices the rule of law and those who break the law are prosecuted before the courts of law regardless of their Political status or affiliation. He said any actions to the countrary would tarnish the image of the country – Zambia.

Further, Mr Mwamba clarified that the evidence against Mr Hichilema regarding the treason charge has not been tried because the Director of Public Prosecution – (DPP) dropped the case by a Nolle Prosequi – but that does not mean there was no evidence.

“So the evidence has not been delivered yet, we don’t know what the police had. But what I can state is that the Police had legitimate reason to charge and arrest him.” Mr Mwamba said.


  1. The is the problem when you send people with night school journalism certificates as Ambassadors. This Emmanuel, can he tell us if ZNBC would even entertain having a live ZNBC interview. Can this Mwamba tell us why Police cancelled the prayer meeting for HH? Can this semi illiterate tell us why the prosecution has had over 10 Nolle prosequi cases in just last two months?

    • Rhetoric such as this cannot fool the world. This is not kindergarten. Action speaks louder than words.
      The world had moved on after the August 2016 Zambian elections; until the opposition leader was arrested without a warrant on a case the DPP subsequently decided was not worth her trouble.
      Bo Mwamba, silence is golden. Let the sleeping dogs lie. Don’t defend the indefensible, lest you become a laughing stock.

    • You are so right. Nobody should ever celebrate an electoral victory birthed by fraud and nursed by impunity. A fraudulent, corrupt and defective process, like we witnessed in 2016, can never yield clean election results. The PF must accept this fact because it is a fact that will never go away!

    • Mwamba, Lungu and PF should show it instead of behaving like HH is still a prisoner who cannot express an opinion.

    • The story below say it all about “Mwamba the civil servant’s” criminal activities including rigging.
      Kaizer, Kampyongo, Mulusa & Chanda toast arrest of HH
      “We need to manage what comes out of the media…otherwise abantu must not be fed on this ka HH. We discussed naba Mwamba how we must handle the who thing. We managed to turn the incident in Mongu against UPND. A ka perfect opportunity presented itself kaili nomba balamba ukupapata and they will now recognize P1 as President,” said Chanda.
      Chanda who was drinking Savannah dry, also mocked the UPND vice president GB Mwamba.
      “Chilya chipuba chi GBM instead chibwele twise lya nacho,” Chanda said.
      Meanwhile sources at 8 Reedbuck revealed that the four were regular customers who were servicing huge bills.

    • When PF is elected out of office in 2021, we are bringing this chimpanzee back in a cage and straight to Chimfunshi where he belongs. He can use those blue suits as mats in his cage.

  2. “But that does not mean there’s no evidence”. Just why don’t these people accept that there was no case against HH?If there was evidence HH would still be incarcerated.Mr. Mwamba is lying by saying “HH has all the freedoms, including the freedom to fly abroad”. The late Sata is the one who had all the freedoms given by Mwanawasa,that great son of the Soil

  3. please spare HH, he is just a puppet and does not hold the strings anymore, we do not know how many sacrifices this black puppet has had to give, we don’t know if even his soul is his, he is just being used as a puppet to please his white masters in selling out ZAMBIA so we do not have a home anymore, look at congo for heaven’s sake, it’s for this reason we should focus on packing this white boot licker party in 2021, I’m breaker and I approve this message


  4. this is the man in the last elections who openly stated that he would bring back Anglo American. he had no shame as he smiled that heavy cool bitter smile for his tribes men as they all shouted messaih messaih save us Moses our Messiah, HH boldly managed to block the slim God fearing Edgar, and Edgar humbly obliged and saved many lives that HH was willing to sacrifice. message approved


    • 1. Surely you mean God fearing CONVICTED EMBEZZLER?
      2. What is better, Anglo American or State capture by atheist autocratic new colonial power PR China to whom “humble”and “anointed” embezzler has sold the Country?

    • Sata severally stated that he would go any distance improve the living standards of Zambians. “I will talk to Al Quaeda if that’s what it will take.”

      You tell me which one is better.

      Do you know where RB got the money from to fund Lungu’s campaigns? Humble my foot! Guy does not know whatto do with his hands ati humble, kwisa?

  5. Emmanuel Mwamba is a PF Cadre masquerading as a Zambian Civil Servant and Diplomat in South Africa. We know that Mwamba is one of the Election Riggers for PF and Lungu in the August 11,2016 Election. If indeed HH lost and Lungu won why doesn’t Lungu prove this in Court? The Court will give Lungu legitimacy if after hearing the Petition it declares him Winner of the 2016 Election and duly elected President. Uhuru Kenyatta has allowed the Petition to be heard in Court. Why doesn’t Lungu do the same and prove that HH indeed lost the Election? The guilty are very afraid! #Let the Petition be heard in Court. Period.

    • Your comment demonstrate and exposed you to the public just how dull you’re. I can’t even imagine a normal person can post such crap. I know by upnd standard you are probably the best blogger.

    • That’s how shallow they come!! Like their leaders: no strategy, inept and unappealing leadership, clinging on to bygones which their supporters insolently believe religiously. It’s a sad and nasty state of affairs.

  6. But is it just nolle in hh case? What of z many other upnd members cases where nolles are z order? Mwamba u mean in these other cases too z evidence could not be tested. Membe says, rightly, lies have short legs! Mwamba continue lying to urselves. Certainly a day will come whn ur lies will catch up. That is z law of nature:Time!

  7. The Pf Cadres On LT Are Just Useless. Instead Of Defending What Mwamba Has Said That Hakainde Has All The Freedoms, They Are Busy Jumping Out Of The Topic. Lets Discuss The Topic At Hand. The Fact Still Remains That ZNBC Can’t Give HH To Say Things Lyk Wat He Said In RSA. Freedom Of Travel Is A Basic Ryt. You Can Travel To Any Country Of Yo Choice As Long As You Have A Passport. Mr. Mwamba Can Just Go And Eat Porriage If He Does Not Have Things To Say.

    • Mwamba, Lungu and PF should show it instead of behaving like HH is still a prisoner who cannot express an opinion. M8

  8. Just shut up you thug::: let the petition be heard. You think you will be the high commissioner until Jesus comes back…

  9. Where is Harry Kalaba the Zambian Foreign Minister? Is Emmanuel Mwamba the New Foreign Minister? This Fake Civil Servant and Vuvuzela Diplomat should shut up! Is spending 127 days in filthy Zambian Prisons Freedom? Prove in Court that HH lost the 2016 Election and Edgar Lungu won. Why has Lungu been blocking the Petition Hearing in Court if indeed he won? Why did Lungu refuse to handover power to the Speaker during the Petition Hearing? What was Emmanuel Chavula doing in the ECZ Server Room? People who live in glass houses should not throw stones. Until the Petition is heard in Court ,Lungu will stew in illegitimacy with dire consequences.

  10. These Chaps; Mwamba, Kampamba, Monica, Lifwekelo, Sunday & Amos Chanda, Alex Ngoma Among Others Who Condemned Wat HH Said In S.Africa Are The Most Dull Chaps In Pf Who Have Always Misused The Word ‘patriotism.’ I Wonder Wat Patriotism Even Means. They Wanted HH To Praise The Judiciary And Sing Praise Choruses To Lungu After Being Released From Jail. Wat Is It That Is Unpatriotic Over Wat HH Said In SA? Can HH Be Given A Platform On ZNBC To Air Out Wat Is Going On In The Country? Ever Since 2016 Elections, Police Have Denied UPND Over 1,070 Permits To Hold, Ralies, Meetings And Press Briefings Countrywide. And You Call That Democracy? Pathetic!
    During Campaigns Journalists Were Jailed, And Pf Cadres In Chipata Urinated Into The Mouth Of A Journalist, Some Media Houses Closed Simply…

    • Please respect HH, he is your brother. He is a very good man. They have tried to paint him black but he is a good man. Edgar and HH are brothers. Though they are fighting for the same job, they are brothers. Its you people writing nasty things fueling the tension

  11. @Job Breaker.Eight out of 9 bloggers disagree with Emmanuel Mwamba. What does it say about u? Emmanuel Mwamba is living in fear of losing his job and PF losing power. He is haunted by the 2016 Stolen Election which he helped rig for Lungu. Recent events in Kenya where Uhuru Kenyatta’s re-election was annulled by the Supreme Court are making things are fall apart in Zambia. Lungu will be forced to allow the Petition Hearing and he knows that Hearing the Petition is suicidal becoz he lost and stole the 2016 Election. He also committed Treason by refusing to handover power to the Speaker during the Petition Hearing process and he Is illegally in power. Jonathan Lungu is between a Rock and a Hard place and so is Emmanuel Mwamba.

  12. Truth be told. HH does not enjoy all the freedoms in Zambia. He has never been allowed to mobilise followers by way of holding peaceful rallies. He has always been stopped. He is not allowed. In what we call a democracy the man is not allowed to hold rallies by the Zambian government.

    • Even after all these restrictions they failed to beat him through the ballot hence the unprecedented rigging,what a bunch of losers.

  13. i watched hh press brifing . and i head him say at some point when a reporter asked ,that what would you want SA to do,and him answer was SA is a bigger trading partner than england to zambia you can nail them on trade. Africas trading among each other is a around 17 % ,and really mr the next president go abroad and speak like that really.

    • @spotlite: imagine that??? A person wanting to lead a country but wanting to punish its citizens because they rejected him??? WHAT A TRAITOR!!!

    • That is the only way South Africa can help nature democracies in Africa by using its economic clout….look at the millions of refugees fleeing Mugabe that a causing social problems in South Africa, do they want another Mugabe at their door step ?

    • That is the only way South Africa can help nature democracies in Africa by using its economic clout….look at the millions of refugees fleeing Mugabe that a causing social problems in South Africa, do they want another Mugabe at their door step ?

    • @Kubweka can you tell us what abroad means? I always say it’s better not to show ignorance. Even going to DRC is abroad.

    • @Spaka: If South Africa imposed trade restrictions on Zambia, the next logical step would be to ask their multinational corporations like Shoprite, Tiger Feeds etc to pack up and go…who would be hit the most??? Why do you think the ANC government, the guys in charge didn’t entertain hh??? Because they know the economic realities and how important Zambia is. Their foreign intelligence system tells them there isno dictatorship in Zambia except a bitter loser trying to discredit the country. Do you think the ANC would take maimane’s friends seriously????

    • Zambian citizen

      Reality will soon hit the South Africans that the cost of not standing up to dictators far out weighs the cost of trade by way lost jobs for locals, crime and of support for masses fleeing dictatorship, like is the current case with Zimbabweans…..

    • Why don’t you let the South Africans speak for themselves??? Why is the ANC mute on your supposed “dictatorship”??

    • Chris Han had one strategy to cripple the Apartheid regime: Cut off the oil supply. The whites were scared of Chris just like the PF is scared of HH.

      Same strategies on both sides.

  14. @Bold Counsels from your list of senseless PF Vuvuzelas there is one Megaphone missing. Its of course Madam Mumbi Phiri. Ever since HH was released from Prison she has gone missing. Is she already undergoing Diplomatic Training for a posting abroad? That will be another Emmanuel Mwamba. These PF Dunderheads and Vuvuzelas defend the indefensible. I guess after rigging the 2016 Elections they are in denial. They can’t sleep or keep quiet becoz they are seeing HH’s shadow all the time. It is easier to rig an Election but difficult to live with it. The Stolen 2016 Election and the unheard Petition is haunting them. Thats why they are wishing HH dead hoping the problem will go away. It won’t. Hearing the Petition will free them but that might lose them power. They are in a dilemma and…

  15. I have no kind words for a loser HH!!the nigga is evil and the waste politician to have ever joined our politics.
    We have had a lot of elections since 1964 and many more shall come,so why should HH considers 2016 elections as if were the first and last elections in Zambia? The “cuundu chaitwa” upnd leader has done more damage to Zambia than good,so mukobeko is the only place which suits him!!

  16. HH, Please soldier on. Simple minds should not discourage you. They should also not force you to go and tell lies in SA. Be truthful, say it as it is any where in world. Nobody should demonise and intimidate you for telling the truth. Say anything anywhere, your civil liberties do not end when you cross the Zambian border. And obviously they have no idea what patriotism means

  17. Well done HH.

    We are also busy on the internet letting the world know of lungu and his thug dictator GRZ.

    we are renewing petitions on a massive scale, the realise of HH does not solve the problem……the next stage will be commissioning an opad editorial piece in the U.K. News publications detailing lungus crackdown on the opposition….

  18. I love my country Zambia and the people of all seventy two dialects , and highly respect each of them but what
    I wouldn’t want is to see is where someone makes our beloved nation start behaving like the people of some other nation.
    I mean zambians must be proud of themselves and the values that we hold dear, respect non violent trusted welcoming and respecting foreigners who visit us.
    It would pain my thoughts if I hear that they are spearing each other in the streets as we have seen in some countries , we dont need that evil spirit home where the president is paraded naked in the daily papers , fighting in parliament become the of the day zambia must remain zambia and zambian politics must remain zambian and not a copyright.

  19. “HH enjoys all the freedoms in Zambia…”

    Is this guy for real? HH was incarcerated in Mukobeko for a trumped up treason charge where he would have easily been executed. So what freedoms is this Mwamba guy talking about?

    “Evidence”… does he know what a Nolle Prosequi mean? It means being released for lack of evidence or the evidence is not enough to record any conviction. The DPP is the prosecuting cop, so it’s not like the police have different evidence withheld from the DPP.

    These guys in PF are an embarrassment… really this country will take 100+ years before it develops an inch with sycophants like these at the helm of leadership.

  20. Ati Zambia is a celebrated democratic state for the last 53 years. kumulu Lesa panshi chi kaunda, my foot Uwe baKkaunda was democratic::::hahahahahahaha

  21. @23 – of course HH enjoys all the freedoms in Zambia after all he is out of Mukobeko but if he keeps on behaving like a small boy he will find himself back there and if it happens no body will get him out.

  22. Today I decided to take a break from debating and arguing with UPNDonkeys. They always talk about the same thing over and over again even where you have previously convinced them with facts. Underfive also says the same things again and again, he changes words but his statements or speeches are at best amateurish, look at the speech that he gave to DA MPs, the white section of the MPs looked flabbergasted and probably disgusted that this is the underfive that Maimane had spoken so much about. All they could was a boastful logistic “…I, Hakainde…” and not “..we as UPNDonkeys”.

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