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Neither HH nor UPND will apologise -Charles Kakoma

General News Neither HH nor UPND will apologise -Charles Kakoma

UPND Spokesman Charles Kakoma
UPND Spokesman Charles Kakoma
United Party for National Development (UPND) spokesperson Charles Kakoma has vowed that neither Hakainde Hichilema nor the party will apologise for speaking against Zambia in South Africa.

Many prominent opposition and civic leaders have condemned Mr Hichilema’s scathing attacks on the country at a press briefing in South Africa last week.

Most have described his attacks as a betrayal of his homeland and the people that he seeks to lead.

Among them, is former UPND vice-president for politics, Dr Canisius Banda who described Mr Hichilema’s actions as that of an enemy of the people.

Mr Kakoma said there was no reason why Mr Hichilema should be demonised or apologise for merely speaking the truth because his members of Parliament were suspended and there was a breakdown in the rule of law.

In an interview with the Daily Nation, Mr Kakoma said everything that Mr Hichilema said in South Africa was true, hence there was no need to apologise.

“There is nothing that HH said in South Africa that is not happening in Zambia. There is a breakdown in the rule of law and that is a fact.

“We have had situations where even if the court issues an order, the State disobeys that court order. You know that in Lusaka here, we had a court order that we go ahead with a rally in Kanyama and the police went ahead to surround the place, is that not a breakdown in the rule of law?” Mr Kakoma asked.

He said the UPND had a court order that HH be kept at Lusaka Central Correctional Facility and the police disobeyed and took him to Mukobeko Maximum Correctional Facility.

“So, if he says there is a breakdown in the rule of law what is not factual about that? Why should he apologise for stating the truth?” he said.

Mr Kakoma, who also defended Mr Hichilema’s claims that the Zambian Parliament was shutdown, said Parliament could only function properly when all members of Parliament were free to participate in its affairs.

“You are aware that 47 members of the UPND were suspended from Parliament and as a party, we could not have effective representation.

“So, when he complains about the legislature, he is basically saying there is something wrong in the way we are conducting affairs at Parliament. Malema’s political party walked out during Zuma’s question time in Parliament but they were not suspended,” Mr Kakoma said.

He said walking out of Parliament was not an offence warranting suspension as it was a Commonwealth practice.

“Hakainde Hichilema has a right to complain about how his MPs were treated, so we see no reason why he should be demonised or made to apologise for merely speaking the truth because his MPs were suspended,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mr Kakoma said there was nothing wrong for Mr Hichilema to have gone to foreigners because it was a global village.

He said Mr Hichilema had been complaining locally about issues in Zambia and that people had been calling for dialogue but it only took foreigners to start a process of dialogue.

Mr Kakoma wondered why it could be seen to be wrong to complain to foreigners when they were the ones who facilitated the process to start dialogue.

He said foreigners were part of Zambia as they had an interest of ensuring that there was democracy in Zambia and that human rights were respected.

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    • I agree, no need to apologise. HH just hit the nail on the head and the PF regime is jealousy of the attention that he is receiving internationally. I repeat, HH will and shall NEVER apologise.

    • UBUCHENJESHI BWANKOKO PUNGWA TASAKAMANA! We shall meet you in the ballot, be arrogant as you are, we shall relegate you the entire party to the dust bin! We know you, you are an arrogant party full of “I” and “ME”! You think you are the most intelligent Zambians but you only clever using your mouths. Time is the best judge, its ticking, you will soon be off side!

    • Apologize for keeping in filth prison for 127 days for no reason , for raiding his home at night, for trying to bundle him in police van full of dog poo at the courts…

      Come on bane, what apology do you want? For speaking the truth.

    • We don’t need your apology…..Just like what President Jacob Zuma told Malema in Parliament and quote….”I take people to court but you are not the type “……and you can imagine how Malema felt….just like HH too much blah blah blah blah kusabaila

      2021 vote PF (Edgar)

      I thank you

    • Who ever thinks they can apologize. They purportedly burnt houses of non southerners in Namwala and they didn’t see anything wrong with that and never apologized. These are not the kind of people one should expect an apology from, it’s a waste of energy. And they want to rule Zambia? God help us.

  1. There goes an attention seeker team…… Don’t mind them at HH has being calling for dialogue my foot. Tongue twisting bunch.

  2. It would be suprising for UPND and HH to apologise because it would be against their nature. They have lost elections several times, they have nothing to lose afer all their interest is not Zambia which has rejected their leadership. So they are left with their own egoes to nature. EFF has decided to leave the alliance with DA citing inflexibilit and arrogance as the main problem. South African, DA is a close associate of the Zambian, UPND is it suprising that these parties share other charateristics other than being oppoisition parties? UPND also went to Malema to share their own grivances not very sure about the chemistry between UPND and That of the EFF? There is a great deal of Chipante pante on the part of UPND. Can we have the think tanks in the UPND save their party from these…

    • Are you normal or insane lungu never won both elections ONLY a silly person like you think like that u with no remorse.Cant how you are panicking,

  3. Well done HH & Charles Kakoma and please keep it with your arrogance!!hope you know that the every Zambian people whom you dont respect and cannot apologise to are the ones who vote for presidents!!so when your arrogant HH lose to humble and down to earth Edgar Lungu,please dont blame ECZ of having rigged elections in his favour because its these small things which make a politician popular or not!!

  4. Another upnd novice making noise, who would want your apologies? Kakoma is another DNA chromosomal in our democracy.

  5. The Supreme Leader HH and UPND will apologise when that time comes when they will face the Zambians asking for their votes in 2021…and definitely this will back fire as majority of Zambians will never trust any stooge to be their Leader… That is a fact and you keep wondering why the Supreme Leader HH of the UPND has been losing elections in Zambia, this is one of the reasons…

  6. Mr Kakoma and UPND you talk about breakdown of rule of law in Zambia and the only examples you have given are either to do with your leader HH or your MPs. Surely if you want to represent us you need to give examples on how the breakdown of rule of law has affected the general citizens and not only yourselves. To me you appear to be serve yourselves and only yourselves. Boycotting parliament is childish and retrogressive. My advice is try and speak for the masses and less of yourselves and you will go further

    • **Daily Nation today: upnd hired thugs beat up innocent people in Chilanga after their planned rally FLOPPED.**


  8. Bravo Kakoma! Why should a victim apologise for being persecuted and the dictator who did the persecution is not apologising? What kind of thinking is this?

  9. HH lied to God publicly just a short while before he exhibites his true satanic traits. Is this not the man who emotionally said all is forgiven?
    We know HH and his disciples in UPND are not real and taking them seriously in anything especially politics is a big mistake. Here they are telling Zambians that they can’t apologies even when they have no power! What more if they were in charge? Number these things and remember them as you go to elections, HH is a devil.

  10. Thank Sir Kakoma for refusing to apologise to the Zambian people. We also kindly request you to campaign in RSA in 2021.

  11. since when have we had HH apologizing in the history of man kind…that man’s who goes beyond ,the Indians,Chinese , Brazilians, Japanese and only settled at the whites, since it’s the whites he worships, he is simply a puppet being used to raise the fortune of his white supremacists masters who sponsored him during last year’s and the other year and the other election and the other one behind that and the other one behind the fourth election, he owes them and for that he will do whatever it takes to sale ZAMBIA


  12. Kakoma should know that “copy and paste” South African opposition way of behaving in parliament can not work in Zambia.UPND has potential to do better if the start to think outside the box.Mazoka R.I.P i miss him because he used not only to criticize the ruling party but he also gave sound alternatives IE National budgets.

  13. The truth hurts. The truth will set HH free. Canicious Banda is a jealous man who did not want HH to leave prison. He could not even afford to pay rent what kind of Doctor is he Irresponsible? Baku Mawa are hypocrites can’t be trusted with anything. Who talks good of a country even if it yours when you have been mistreated to the point death only to be saved by other countries shame.

  14. Kokama how is the truth which hh spoke going to develop our economy. So for you rule of law implies to upnd only not Zambians. If Zambians are not complaining about it then there’s nothing wrong with it. The problem is you who break the laws with impunity and expect nothing to happen to you because you are upnd. The fact that the law visits you each time you breaks it is proof enough that rule of law is intact.
    By the way what did oval head mean when he said that all is forgiven?

  15. Kakoma should not forget that the arson cases will soon be in court and hope at some stage he won’t be mentioned by the accused. Just hope so.

  16. to be frank the day HH went to SA for a press briefing we knew from the word go what will come out from his mouth fisushi fyangombe, i think ZAMBIA know his characters, it’s not the first time he is seeking audience on international media, when he goes Thier he talks of corruption, famine , wars, Armageddon, chaos, whatever the man thinkers so he is, it’s not rocket science if ever HH ruled people would die and who will touch him? look at Obasanjo who killed more than 200 people walking freely. I’m breaker and I approve this message


  17. This platform is full of PF sponsored bloggers. It’s a small group of roofers with nothing to do but make comments that are aimed at discrediting UPND. Shame!

    • Go to the Zambian Watch Dog sponsored by HH and UPND which does not allow independent views but only UPND Zealots are allowed to worship the Supreme leader HH of the UPND…

    • The truth hurts, ka?
      There are no sponsored bloggers here. Just everiday people fed up with HH/UPND nincompoops.

  18. Plz find something to stick on this kalubale,,,,he stole something in 1992,,,,lock him up for a month, so his head can start thinking.

  19. “Mr Kakoma said everything that Mr Hichilema said in South Africa was true, hence there was no need to apologise.
    There is nothing that HH said in South Africa that is not happening in Zambia. There is a breakdown in the rule of law and that is a fact.”

    You are right sir I have always thought so also because even the release of HH from mazangini (cells/ prison) where he rightfully belongs to is a breakdown in the rule of law especially that hungry hyenas (not hh) in UPND like yourself had hope of being presidents for UPND.

    You are childish. Just apologise and we move on!

  20. ”He said foreigners were part of Zambia as they had an interest of ensuring that there was democracy in Zambia and that human rights were respected.”
    It is clear that UPND are pushing agendas for their masters. Were have you seen a foreigner being part of any country? You are busy with a VERY wrong opposition party DA!!!!!!! South Africans will NEVER support your mission as long as you are in Bed with the DA( White majority party). Musi Maimane can not even pronounce HHs full name. He is using you for DA s political mileage. Shame………………… They do not care about you!!
    I have lived with these people for over 15 years and know them very well. You are just wasting your time. The battle is in Zambia and only Zambians will help you get to the throne.

  21. I would rather zambians with their love for poverty and crooks, tribalists etc vote for pf and chagwa than hh to appologize for dehumanizing him his family and members. Rather let zambians continue with visionless leadership than hh praise pf for killing his members and throwing others in prisons for no reason!

  22. I feel sorry for all the PF paid guns supporting a disgraced party for the sake of their stomachs as someone said feeding their kids on stolen money or that obtained for killing opposition, hence raising thieves who will also raise other savages and thieves the cycle never ends. What a shame learn from the Kenyan CJ, who has never taken a bribe and will never do so, integrity that is hard to find in Zambia, how many Zambians would have refused that $5million as bribe just by the stroke of a pen, a few or none.

  23. @Shooterz: i 100% agree with you as many of us Zambians would rather vote for any other new political party than HH’s upnd!!WE HAVE SWORED NEVER TO VOTE FOR HH IN OUR LIVES!!WHY SHOULD A NORMAL PERSON VOTE FOR SUCH AN ARROGANT AND TRIBAL PERSON CALLED HH?I CANT NEVER OOOH!!
    Come 2021 ni PF nafuti nafuti!!!

    • Not “we” my friend, but “you”. Why do you have to generalize. Only foolish Zambians agree with you. You illiterate PF cadres have become so arrogant that you think you “own” Zambia. When you are able to demonstrate and want to have mutati fired. What kind of hooligans or animals are you. Shame on you

  24. Nothing to apologize for. The truth hurts. HH exposed the Nolle Prosqui PF Chipante pante govt and its oppressive Regime.

  25. Its time for some of these so called leaders to accept their fate. Honesty, even if you don’t understand mathematics, your friend scores 2 chances out of 2 plus some assists. Then you! 0 out of 5 chances and no assists. What is your probability of you scoring 1 out of 6. Just retire instead of making noise.

  26. PF government deserves no apologies of an sorts, they are brutal, full of vengeance and intolerant to criticism as though they were a god.
    The PF supporters are opportunistic tribal thugs.
    Everything HH said is common knowledge, foreigners are already aware of all the “Sh!t” happening in Zambia.

  27. Mr Kakoma I don’t understands? you are you saying that, if you are talking to your child he or she walks away it’s okay to you. What kind of leadership are you guys and am shame of you Mr Kakoma very disappointment.

  28. Who cares even if HH and UPND don’t apologize? After all, come 2021, they will receive commensurate judgment for burning peoples’ houses, markets and not to forget the Namwala atrocities, we will see. Wina Hazalila Hagain.

    • So you are sad because he is out of prison for a common traffic offense Shame on you. The whole police is after one person. You guys you are making this guy popular just like malema in South Africa. He stated small see what’s happening. PF you leader is a dictator indeed.

  29. When HH was thrown into the notorious, torturous and hellish Zambian prisons, on badly cooked up and tramped up treason charges. These paid agents of tyranny, these traitors and cheap political megaphones were as silent as rats. Today these spineless and shameless charlatans want to lecture us about democracy in Zambia.

  30. Bemba people are tribalists you won’t change them. What’s wrong you want to shut out others. To hell with your thinking. Stop rigging and see if you can win. You know very well that if you let opposition campaign freely like in South Africa you PF you can lose dismally. See what happened in Kenya.

  31. UPND radicals are the most useless who can’t think. They believe HH won massively and yet PF MPs are the majority. In Zambia people vote party not individuals. How come PF has more.MPs. UPND chaps please think and do not be brainwashed. It’s not rocket science. The ONLY reason HH even came close to ECL wa the 98% voter turn out in his Southern stronghold only. Suspicious? You don’t need to be a statistician to know the possibility of that!!! Think.

  32. Even the useless PF Mayor rigged against Mighty Maureen Mwanawasa? Really? He won simply because of PF ticket not that he was better than Maureen. And Maureen understood that. There was no rigging but Zambian people vote party not individual per se. By the way Maureen would have made better Mayor!

  33. Go to ECZ website 30% of HH votes came from Southern province. 16% of ECL votes came from Eastern Province. Average turn out was 56.56% in the country. Average turn out in Southern Province was 72%. Statistically ECL is more national that HH. UPND chaps claim to be clever yet they can’t see this. Each province….the turn out was some kind of sample of how the province voted. If turn out had been the same, HH would never have come even close to ECL. And that dear dull UPND brainwashed nincompomps is the reason PF has more MPs. Hope you get it now.

  34. Ati upnd intelligencia…whom HH has.hoodwinked into.believing he won….learn to think and analyse.issues not just.vuvuzelaling what you heard at Chainama press conference and zwd.

  35. 30% of HH votes came from SOUTHERN Province while 16% of ECL votes came from Eastern province. Even in tribalism there is #amalevels!

  36. Ba PF and Jona, can you now tell us where you buried the 2016 ballot boxes. I hope you will apologize when this is revealed.

  37. I for one do not expect This man to be perfect because no one is. Those who do bad things also consider themselves right for if they did not they would not do what they did. So if by Crossing borders to go and propagate from South Africa makes him happy who are we to stop him? We shall only judge him when he cries for our vote come 2021.

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