ARV Drugs

Ministry of Health (MoH) Spokesperson Maximilian Bweupe says the ministry has delivered the Anti- Retro Viral (ARVs) medicine is in Muchinga Province to clear the perception that the medicine was unavailable in the region.

Dr. Bweupe who is also Director of Policy and Planning/Spokesperson Dr. Maximilian Bweupe said that the alleged reports about the shortage of Anti-retro Viral Drugs (ARVs) in Muchinga Province is futile now.

Dr. Bweupe revealed that Medical Stores Limited had delivered the scheduled normal supply of ARVs on 5th September, 2017.

And Dr. Bweupe has since assured the public that all the Districts have enough stocks of ARVs Drug and the stock delivered was enough to cater everyone ARVs for two months.

Meanwhile, Dr. Bweupe has applauded the citizenry for notifying MoH at an early point , warning system which raised the alarm, whenever ARV stock are reaching critically low levels.

He was however quick to mention that so far no such alarm has been raised, and has assured the nation of stability of the situation.

“The alleged reports about the shortage of ARVs in muchinga province is now futile” Dr. Bweupe said

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