Zambia plot Europe camp ahead of Nigeria crunch clash


FAZ President Andrew Kamanga with Coach Wedson Nyirenda
FAZ President Andrew Kamanga with Coach Wedson Nyirenda
Zambia may camp in Europe at the end of September to prepare for their penultimate 2018 FIFA World Cup Group B qualifier against Nigeria.

Leaders Nigeria will host 2nd placed Zambia a crunch clash in Uyo on October 7 in a match Chipolopolo must win to join the Super Eagles at the top of Group B.

“We have asked the technical bench draw a training programme for the next game and where we can camp the team,” FAZ president Andrew Kamanga said.

“But as Faz we have plans of camping the team in Europe for adequate preparations and again it is easier for the team to connect to Nigeria and also for the foreign-based players travel for the game.”

FAZ had earlier this year camped the Zambia U20 team in Spain in February ahead of their successful hosting of the 2017 U20 AFCON that they won in March.

The Zambia Under-20 again returned to Spain for three weeks in late April en route to the FIFA U20 World Cup in South Korea where they reached the quarterfinals.


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    camp anywhere , UYO stadium is a slaughter house and Super Eagles is at its best, better SAVE that money for ARVs u can save a life , forget about Qualifying to world cup , AFRICA has stopped sending teams that have no experiences and get booted out in first round

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      Never a shortage of bankrupt minded cynics whose attitude is to always see the proverbial cup as half empty, ka!

      @ANYOKO, why don’t we then just introduce a system whereby we simply NOMINATE who should represent Africa at FIFA World cup? And your first choice is…..? Why bother going through qualifications if what you are ‘farting’ is true? I am sure that will greatly improve your ‘CHOSEN NOMINEES’ prospects of good results at the World cup…that is if you live in a fantasy world of @ANYOKO.

      What a shallow minded turd!

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      Would be better to camp them in a place of the equator where it is hot like Nigeria. Nigeria is a hot country and humid so much that you will sweat everybody will know that you are a visitor. They don’t sweat them Nigerians. Take them to Malaysia or another better country of the equator.

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      Meanwhile Nigerians are camping in Nigeria. Why Europe if I may ask. Unless you organize some friendly matches there would be good. Europe will soon be getting cold and it is not good for the boys who will be going to Hot Nigeria

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    Now we shall lose. How do you camp in an area which has a different climate? Why not choose Ghana or Cameroon so that you can acclimatise to the Nigerian conditions?

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    Its easier to camp the U-20s because they can be omitted from their teams but the senior players? Their clubs will be needing them at that time. Anyway lets plan. Nigeria can be beaten at home as Uganda and South Africa have proved this year

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    Uganda never beat Eagles.. In fact they have never beaten Eagles in the history of football. South Africa beat a very weak Eagles. No Mikel, no Moses, no Balogun, no Ighalo, no Ikeme etc.. Besides, that’s the first time that South Africa will ever record win against Nigeria in the history of football. Finally, South Africa might fix that match with that Nigeria keeper. He could have saved those two cheap goals.
    You will pity Chipolopolo in Uyo. May grant us long lives.

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      I always love how some of you people ‘worship’ West African teams until they are beaten, then a load of [email protected] excuses follows! @M.D, there is nothing magical about the Nigeria team. Zambia has played Nigeria before……Won some and lost some. They are beatable just like any other football team on earth.

      Remember the stuff that was said about the prospects of Zambia winning the 2012 Africa cup with the likes of Ghana and Ivory Coast in the mix? Anyway, the rest is history.

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    FAZ should better save the little money money they have. Cos even if they decide to camp thier inexperience lads in heaven the would ever live to regreat oct. 7th.

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    You know what?? When Zambia will be playing Nigeria she will be in the period of ‘prayer and fasting’ as proclaimed by Bishop Banda. Hence, it will be a walkover on the eagles. The bullet will salvage, destroy and bury the eagles in the Atlantic Ocean. Who knew that Zambia can beat Algeria at their home soil? Nigeria here we come.

  7. flag Even If Me That Does'nt Knw Anytn About Coaching Comes Out And Coach Nigeria That Day...Zambia Can't Beat Them 6-0 Nt Even 2 Zero Xo What Are You Saying?? Mayb You Mean Another Eagles Nt Nigeria.

    Even If I Myself Dat Did’nt Go For Any Coaching Course Comes And Coach Nigeria Dat Day Zambia Would’nt Be Able To Beat Them Common 1-0 Nt To Talk Of 6-0. Xo Think Wella B4 You Comment O.Perhaps You Mean Another Eagles Nt Nigeria.

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    Still the same mentality of wastage…in Europe its starting to get chilly and you want to camp here? Why do you not have facilities in Lusaka or Ndola. Replicate the same facilities …stop this laziness!!

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    whites came to Africa not only did they take your resources. daughters and wives for slaves they also too your brain and now you are following them again…develop your own facility first …climate plays little impact as far as psychology, talent and skill are concerned… ask how many teams camped in Africa when the Europeans came to south African in 2010…am not against the idea but what am saying is while that us good for us let’s also develop our facilities

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    Preparation is the mother of success. Let Zambia prepare as much as they can. Its not true that the weather in Europe is very cold at that time. Spain especially as some high temperatures more like Africa sometimes due to its proximity to north Africa. Most Nigerian players are with European teams, so if camping in Europe would affect Zambian players then Nigeria should be more affected because it will more time for them to copy with weather pattern in Africa than the Zambian team that would just be in Europe for two weeks or less. The other aspect this would address is moral boost in the Zambian players whilst it should also psychologically affect Nigeria to be cautious with Zambia hence make mistakes during the game.

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    @M.M you don’t know Chipolopolo very well. They are like bees. When they start coming run. They have just started. If you follow football very well, you will agree with me that winning Arab teams at home is not easy. You cannot compare Nigerian defense with Algerian defense. Algeria defense, especially when they are playing at home, is like Jericho wall. But Chipolopolo managed to penetrate it. I can predict, Nigeria will allow more that three goals in their country.

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    @nkumbu what happened to the bees when they lost at home to super eagles? What people fail to realise is that loosing to SA in UYO has been a eye opener for Nigerian never to underrate any country. SA lost has been the motivating key factor to Nigeria super performance against Cameroon and come to think of it, What if Zambia beat Nigeria in UYO and lost the last match to Cameroon or have you forgotten Cameroon will play there last match against Zambia for pride and FIFA ranking ? Do Zambia see themselves beating Nigeria and Cameroon ? I doubt it. The least Zambia could pick in UYO is a draw which is 30/70 and I don’t see how Algeria will beat Nigeria in the last qualifying match cos that Algeria Team is the weakest in the group and I don’t think the likes of Mirez and the rest will…

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    @nkumbu even turn up for Algerian last match. My brother just a draw for Nigeria in UYO and against Algeria will see us through to Russia with 12 points . I am not ben bias, Zambia has got a very young talented team but the chase is over if you calculate it very well and mind you Nigeria team is not doing bad at all…….

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      @ Fredrick, according to your narrative you have experience in football analysis. However, try to go back and look at Zambia football history. When Zambia boys start seeing a light at the end of the tunnel they don’t rest. Just like the bees when they start building a new hive. Let us await and see.

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    I like the spirit that all of you have , it is a great conversation going, let us be realistic, Zambia has done well for themselves and so is Nigeria much better , without loosing a game in the qualifiers , both teams Confidence have grown ! two facts to note . (1) the Game is in Nigeria home Soil , they have the advantage. (2) Just like Zambia is thinking of upsets, Nigeria is thinking of giving it all to get to Russia. it will be a good game but we already now what the result will be. After the game I can go book a hotel in Russia.

  15. +1

    Who is in charge of the national team? Is Faz still calling the shots? Let the coach make a better choice for the team, why you wanna camp in europe whose interest is this bs serving? Make choices wisely than thinking with something I don’t wanna mention. Zambia this is our time and chance to qualify to the first ever World Cup in history why messing up something on our finger tips. We need a petition and have Tayali help us to stage a protest to Faz office not to have the team camp in Europe but similar weather conditions as Nigeria from now to kick off.

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    if thinks they are all in good sharp, lets wait and see…Zambia can win and Nigeria can also win. I have seen both of them playing good football
    Zambia is a power house of southern Africa and Nigeria is also a power house of western Africa. May the best team carry the day.

  17. vote

    Now Facebook Coaches and administrators want to teach us what is right and what is not right to do. That’s Zambia my Country. The best Talent is in Talking.

  18. +3

    Zambia would do better in world cup finals than Nigeria. Nigeria has been there before and what have they achieved? The take the world cup as a platform to complain about their allowances. They are a disgrace..let Zambia qualify? AND THEY WILL BEAT NIGERIA!!!!!

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    I hope this time around the minister of football won’t be travelling with the team. Someone or cadre please ensure he is kicked out of cabinet for wastage.

  20. vote

    Broda mm, you go see how zambia go killa am.You say wahala for now, abet on dat very day, chukwu na b goalkeeper for Zambia.You go try, you no go score enting, a bet fufu go come for yo eyez!

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    Nigeria think that they are so good they can walk on water. For them they have already beaten Zambia. Made the same mistake vs Denmark at the world cup in France. Result 4-1 in favour of Denmark

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      But we defeated you in the opening match in front of your fans in Zambia.I wonder where the noise of beating Nigeria is coming from.Could it be because of your under 20 that got to the quarter final of the last FIFA World Cup? We had gotten to the final of the under 20 FIFA World Cup twice. Talking about what Nigeria had achieved, we had won Afcon thrice, won Olympic gold silver and bronze in football. We have been to the World Cup 5 times and got to the second round thrice. So compare those achievements with those of Zambia in football. Algeria that you defeated is the weakest team in the group.The match day is almost here and we will see who will go to bed traumatized between Zambians and Nigerians

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    The best Zambia can get in Nigeria is a draw. Nigeria has more experience players than Zambia. I can see the match end in 2-1 in favour of Nigeria.

  23. vote

    1] Nigeria has more experience players Mikel,Moses,Leon Balogun,Ndidi,Odion Ighalo,Trust Ekong,Moses simon,Onazi, 2] Nigeria has a home advantage,The game would be played in Uyo, 3] Nigeria are unbeaten in 34 world cup qualifying matches and i dont see that record broken by Zambia. My thought about this game is that,Zambia know they need 3 points.So they would give all to the game. Nigeria just need 2 points and they would be in Russia,Nigeria would play a 2-2 draw with Zambia and also a 2-2 draw with Algeria in the final game .While Zambia would be Cameroon 3-1 in the last game.Nigeria would make it to Russia with a close call.Refereeing decision might also affect Nigeria vs Zambia match,Nonetheless,it would be a great game may the better team win though,As a Nigerian i hope we do

  24. vote

    Ethiopia talked more than this…@PM They were beaten home and away. Nigeria has been given Africa continent good representation. Check the records properly. Performance of Nigeria in USA 94 and Gold at Atlanta 96 increased Africa teams in World cup to 5 from 3.
    Zambia is only coming to Uyo to suffer themselves. Zambia is coming to disgrace themselves. Nigeria is playing at home with world class players that are playing with big teams in Europe and Zambia is dreaming of winning. Zambia is coming to learn.


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