El Mukuka’s new fiery single “Amor Mio” (meaning “my love” in Spanish) is a collaboration with German producer Shaun Bate and Zambian songstress Marocco. The track merges the flamboyant world of Latin music with house music in a sun-kissed summer package glittering with cutting edge production work and a fiercely catchy hook.

Mukuka’s last two releases on Universal Music South Africa and Blanco y Negro Music Spain set the tone for his long-term career vision to fuse European melodic house with world music elements, earning him close to 1 million Spotify streams, radio and iTunes chart rankings and an official remix from the smash hit European DJ duo Filatov & Karas. Over the years Mukuka has proven that he is a force to be reckoned with and a pioneer who is pushing the boundaries of Zambian music.








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