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Finance Minister Felix Mutati is not joining PF-Nakacinda

Headlines Finance Minister Felix Mutati is not joining PF-Nakacinda

Rapheal Nakacinda-
Rapheal Nakacinda-
The MMD has described as malious propaganda the stories circulating in the media that Felix Mutati will join the PF.

MMD National Secretary Raphael Nakacinda said the speculations making rounds in the media are not only malious but that they are meant to destruct members who should ignore the rumours.

Mr Nakacinda said Mr Mutati is focused on doing his job as finance minister adding that the party president was currently in Tanzania where he was representing the President Edgar Lungu.

He said his party will not be restricted by rumours and that the party will continue to encourage their President to diligently do his job for Zambians in the interest of the nation

Media reports have claimed that the MMD President has been convinced to join the ruling PF after cadres from the ruling party petitioned the party Secretary General Davies Mwila to drop the Finance Minister.


  1. Don’t leave MMD, once you do that, you will go down the history books as a traitor. The best you can do is to advocate for a merger deal, i.e MMD and PF to merge with a NEW party name. Don’t allow yourself to be swallowed.

    • Mutati and chama clearly are not on each other’s Christmas cards.

      It’s as simple as

      I have a PhD

      Why is mutati quiet ?



    • Let the lies and denials begin ….. we have heard it all before. Both Mutati and his appointing authority are quiet. Nakacinda just cannot believe that he may be in for a U- turn story…. abandonment. Oh! the shame that comes with it … ooops no shame in Zambian politics. Its SHAMELESS

    • Chama is Stupid physically and mentally! He has no ambition and I wonder why Edgar is even working with this man. Fire Chama and let development carry on and not this nonsense!

      .People started gathering on Thursday/Friday when the injuction against that gathering was in force.The PF police did nothing to stop them.The injuctiom was ‘thrown out’ in the night(friday),just to pave way for Saturday and we see RB addressing the gathering.Immediately at supersonic speed RB was at Heroes Stadium reporting to ECL.When was the so-called PF/MMD ALLIANCE signed?.Nakachinda as so-called NS,does he know the contents of that ‘Agreement’ or MOU?.So many ugly things are at play.God is OUR JUST & RIGHTEOUS JUDGE,and He will soon judge.Watch the space.

  2. Let them deny until they deny no more, but what we know is that they are already dancing to dununa reverse. If u can’t beat them just join them papa.

  3. People please know that this is just to distract Hon Mutati from the good work he’s doing. No matter what you do it won’t work.

  4. Too much politics in Zambia, thats why we hardly move forward. Why should it be such a big issue which party a minister belongs to if he delivers?

  5. Things are getting “curiouser and curiouser” said Alice in Wonderland. While some PF cadres are busy demonstrating against Felix Mutati, the MMD Secretary General, Raphael Nakachinda is telling us that their party president, Mutati, “was currently in Tanzania where he was representing the President, Edgar Lungu” . The impression one gets is that while these cadres are demonstrating against Mutati, their own Party President, Edgar Lungu, still retains enough confidence in Mutati to even send him to Tanzania to represent him! This is so surreal!

  6. Raphael Nakacinda must be dull, why is he accusing the media and talking about rumors, when clear SG Mwila just two days said he wanted him to join PF.

    Why not being direct and respond to Mwila instead of wasting time accusing the media?

  7. Felix Mutati is an honorable man, don’t drag him into petty politics. He’s managed to bring some sanity in the economy from the MMD brilliant ideas of Mwanawasa and team. Leave him alone to improve the economy more. How I miss the MMD!

    • Do you know what the term honarable is? This is a man who was fighting with Nevers for MMD presidency so he could kill off the party. Today he wants to be Finance minister and MMD President when there is no offical coalition …anyway I blame the Lazy Drunkard he should have made it clear when he appointed him

  8. Naive and spineless Mutati has to.be very careful.His being there (Finance Minister) is because he is RB Project.RB holds the key.Since Mutati is NOT legally MMD (by court and legal MMD Party standards).he stands to lose both ways.If fired or resigns and the Courts re-comfirms otherwise against his imposition on MMD being an expelled member,then he goes into politcal wilderness and the likes of Jail bird Nakacinda remains ndwii in the limbo

    • @It’s a wait and see situation for Mutati.All i know is God is never mocked and ,you reap what you sow.Mutati,since he lost to Nevers at the legal MMD held Convention,he never accepted the loss and always worked against Nevers.So Mutati was ready to partner with anybody even with the devil to.just hook or crook see Nevers out.But Got hates injustice and vengeance belongs to God.So Mutati should just brace himself for what is about to happen

  9. @Mushota and Sir Boston Gere, the PF Secretary General is that buffoon Davies MWILA not Davis Chama. I am sure you are talking about the buffoon, not the Minister of Defence!

  10. Some people can’t read letter on wall? As long as PF need MMD Felix is still a darling of PF and lungu . Who didn’t see last election or coalition of PF and MMD how it worked? Don’t you know that MMD strongholds were assimilated to PF ? It’s a pit that weak political musculoskeletal are ones staging illicit noise.Mutati is a master of chess —- PF/MMD

  11. Kwena ba PF cadres mulifinangwa. You want to hand over power to UPNDonkeys and their underfive? Surely you know that both PF and UPNDonkeys are only as strong as they look on paper because of alliances? For PF today, take away MMD Mutati faction and you automatically become a minority in Zambian politics. PF must realise that from Mr Sata’s victory in 2011 they have never really consolidated themselves into a single solid unassailable force. For many like me PF still has a lot to do to correct the economy than politicking and annoying their good friends and allies and drive them straight into the arns of UPNDonkeys. Its only UPNDonkeys with underfive as leader are obnoxious and stin.ky like rotten fish.

  12. ……And extremely tribal too. Give them power and see what will happen in all spheres of human life. Even the official language would change.


  14. Davies Mwila’s heart is as dark as his complexion, The man simply lacks all aspects of a modern civilized citizen of the 21 century.

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