The Hip Enlargement business in Zambia



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    That’s good. I think Dr Mushota should approach that traditional Dr (TDr) so that she improves her behind.
    But, wait, what are the side effects of the same TX?

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      This is what is wrong in zambia!
      Ministry of health check these quacks!
      Shaping hips? OMG! Ignorance!

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      I agree. Exercise is the best way to keep the body in shape. Everything else is unnecessary intervening in nature.

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    Fake news surely! That Dr and his ‘surgery,’ need closing down. All Zambian girls have genes for a naturLly fat body. Big ******** come free, no need to pay for rub-on ointments and portions.

    As an alternative for fat-challenged gals, just eat a portion of animal fat, like pig, beef, and chicken fat from your roasted meat. You’ll get a rounded belly too, as a nasty side effect, but hey……..!

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    The Mary Namufwe News caster at Muvi TV is a perfect example of this enlarging medicines. It is worrying educated or so called bamu town are doing this imagine the villiagers out there, This could be a Health Disaster looming.

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    No professional news to air so MUVI went on promotion of trash even to the world! No wonder even the trash they were promoting came to bite them at last when it lost!


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