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Former Lusaka Province Minister Charles Shawa Dies

General News Former Lusaka Province Minister Charles Shawa Dies

FILE: Lusaka province minister Charles Shawa (L) talking to for Tanzanian president Benjamin Mkapa

Former Lusaka Provincial Minister Charles Shawa has died

Mr. Shawa who was also Kanakantapa resident passed at the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) early on Saturday night.

Mr. Shawa served as Minister in the MMD Government of President Levy Mwanawasa and President Rupiah Banda.

He also served as HeadTeacher at Munali Secondary School before launching a political career.

He was also a Member of Parliament for Luangwa constituency at the time.

The funeral is at his farm in Kanakantapa, Chongwe.

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  1. Obesity is linked to increased risk of heart disease, type-2 diabetes, high blood pressure and other chronic conditions.

  2. Go well my friend. I remember the good days we used to have at Lusaka Hotel. Your electrifying performances accompanied by your two daughters. MYSRIP.

  3. Too much mafuta!!! Zambians think to be fat like pigs is prestigious kansi nima tenda yaka yaka. For instance, High BP, Obesity, Stroke, CVA are all linked to high fat deposits. My fellow Zambians please we should be exercising regularly.
    RIP though!

  4. Mhsrip, shawa was a teacher at what we used to call Libs, libala boys in those days, I think he was head teacher at libala before he went to munali boys. He taught music as well and featured alot on znbc’s folk music. He was a very funny man, great men….

  5. Apunzisi basu pa Libs. He strung his guitar when Mr Nchimunya and Mr Zimba was our head teachers with Victor Nyasulu and Mwavipeni as our gead boys,smart and loving all the Libala Boys.

  6. He hails from Nyungwa Village (Mtowe sub Chief – Molomo wa inja or Mulunuzana) in Inkosi ya ma Nkosi kraal. A good Man indeed although lost in city life .Ordinarily, he should have been buried at Kombe graveyard.

  7. He changed the bad history of Luangwa Boys (LUBO) when he became Headteacher. He came from Libala Secondary as class teacher to Head LUBO after a terrible riot from pupils in 1995. Very calm and seasoned administrator. I know how Luangwa Nsengaluzis and Chikunda people loved him! I will miss him personally… Go well my Headteacher!! Ex-LUBO Science teacher… Condolences to the Shawa family…Especially, our loving mother and the children….

    • You are right sir. He changed the face of LUBOS in the short time he served as headteacher. It is sad that he has passed on when last month we put to rest a man who was also his deputy – Mr. Chimba. I will always cherish the role he played in my life. Go well Chief Shawa as we fondly referred to him

  8. RIP AShawa. You made us all proud by carrying on with ALazarous Tembo’s rich fork lore, and you indeed sounded every bit like him in the following hit song:

    Nenze kuti kano munisunge, atata
    koma alume bangu nimwe akapondo

    Amai akupasani ulemu
    ati ndinu atate wanga inu
    Poti tate wanga ana mwalila
    sono ndinu atate wanga inu


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