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Government directs KCM to stop outsourcing labour

Economy Government directs KCM to stop outsourcing labour

Mines Minister Christopher Yaluma
Mines Minister Christopher Yaluma

Mines Minister Christopher Yaluma has directed Konkola Copper Mines to immediately stop outsourcing labour.

KCM has reportedly employed 910 expatriates with intentions to increase the number further.

Mr. Yaluma has since warned the mining company to stop employing expatriates forthwith.

He says government will not allow a situation which will lead to Zambians losing jobs because of foreigners.

Mr. Yaluma has since directed KCM to fire the said foreign employees and hire Zambians.

The Mines Minister says government has engaged KCM to understand why it wants to outsource labour when the country has the human resource to perform various tasks in the mines.

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  1. What audacity?
    KCM is a private company.
    Its rule for doing business in Zed is governed by the development agreement it signed with GRZ.
    Zambians are lazy people anyway! They are genetically work shy.

    • You don’t understand labour issues vs politics. Here in aussie government has scrapped work visas and permits for outsiders in order to protect jobs for locals. Majors companies here are investor owned and operated but still have no powers to outsource labour. Trump did the same and an 1diot like you saying because it’s an investor he can employ his country men and leave out Zambians is stupid to say the least. Everywhere they are tightening jobs and why should it be open in Zambia. Be patriotic for once.

      It’s amazing the level of cho chise between Govt officials and Mining Head official going on in Zambia recently. A govt official says one thing to assure Zambians; well, damn, a mining official does the opposite with abysmal impunity.
      Bottomline, you Zambians have lot it. The mines are not yours. Yes its your land but wealth is theirs. The Govt has no teeth. If they have, it’s sheer prosthetic. Can only afford to say what’s politically correct while hiding the real beef under the carpet. Ukuwina ba minister atishani? I blame HH, EN and FTJ for selling our mines.

    • @ Danesh Naik

      I understand your irrational irritation. You are one those who have been looking forward to ripping off Zambia as an ‘expartriate’. You have to support your goose and that is understandable, it is just that people like you are blindingly s.t.u.p.i.d and selfish – always assuming that Africa is full of dead local wood. Well, if you paid a bribe, claim it back – because it’s over, boss. How many Africans work in India anyway?? Oh, sorry, I’m racist!

  2. Ba HH Oval Office, I could have supported you had you been commenting from Zambia.I am sure you have noticed the difference in work culture between those Australians and Zambian workers. Until that is worked on Zambia, investors will be comfortable bringing in other people willing to work. Zambians don’t want to work, what they want is to eat.

    • Ku umfwa fye ubupa ati former Zambian! Where is your pride#smh#. Zambians are not lazy and have never been…who has been mining all this copper for the last 100 years and made Zambia what it is today? Shame on you. ..let me hear another human being say Zambians are lazy, you shameless man!

  3. I blame the minister of labour for being docile and the passport office is equally to blame because when they are issuing work permits, they know to which company those guys are going to. When they call you zambians docile, mwayamba ukufulwa.

  4. Thank you Minister of Mines. Shut the door on Indians and any other so-called expatriates. Zambians are capable of running the mines. We did it in the 80s and 90s. We cannot have sweepers, forklift, Crane and dump truck drivers, Artisans and Mechanical, Electrical, Mining and Metallurgical Engineers and Geologists who are foreigners. We have skilled people in these fields in their thousands. There must be no negotiations over this because we do not need these people here, please

  5. The government through the the Ministry of Home Affairs issues work permits for these expatriates. So it is the MMD/PF regime that is encouraging the situation. WhenHon. Kampyong was appointed the Minister his first statement was he would get rid of the expats so za,bians had jobss. Where is he now, too busy playing domestic politics rather than working on his portfolio or do ministers have to ask their MMD handlers permission before they act. We must have a register to show where politcal party funding comes from. Ifvyou get funds to campaign from an indian mining company or a chinese road contractor your integrity is compromised

  6. Honourable Minister Yakima, you people you just talk, but always shirt of action. Chinese are being employed as Operators for Cranes, Excavators, Frontloaders, Graders etc. You people are just watching. Even Mechanics, Machinists etc. Where do all the young men graduating from our colleges go?

  7. Worth contributing at, the so called investors have just failed to buy new equipment to boast up development so that new production areas can be opened up, and they are busy blaming our brothers and sisters of been not skilled. The same miners who are in these mines like KCM and those retires who are working with the same contractors are Zambians what skills are they lying about which those still with KCM or any other mine which may think to do the same doesn’t have? Indians are just sitting in offices and no Indian expatriate goes underground to offer the so called skills they always lie about. The same Zambians are the ones who are toiling and using their skills just to make the mines move.
    What the Indians are supposed to do is just to invest in machinery as the mines of now are…

  8. Good observation, Observer but investment in better machinery will mean that less pipo need to be employed.
    Catch 22 for the worker its very sad

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