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Government commended for stopping KCM from outsourcing work

General News Government commended for stopping KCM from outsourcing work

KCMThe National Union of Miners and Allied Workers -NUMAW- has commended government for its action to stop Konkola Copper Mines -KCM- from transferring workers to a Chinese investors.

NUMAW president James Chansa says the decision taken by Minister of Mines Christopher Yaluma to halt KCM’s plan to transfer over 900 workers to contractors is an indication that government has the welfare of miners at heart.

Speaking to ZNBC News in an interview, Mr. Chansa noted that had government not intervened in the matter, the miners would have lost employment in the name of KCM management’s workforce transfers.

He said government’s decision should set a precedence adding that no mine should think of transferring its workers to contractors in future.

Mr. Chansa said the decision is an assurance that the miners’ jobs are secure.

On Monday, Minister of Mines Christopher Yaluma directed Konkola Copper Mines to stop its planned transfer of 910 workers to contractors.


  1. Let us hope the Government will not be enticed by KCM for it to transfer miners with fake plans as these miners will lose their benefits unceremoniously knowing the way the Chinese treats its employees.
    All what KCM is supposed to do is what Mopani has done, let it reduce on the people at Corporate “Indians” who are doing nothing all in the name of been expatriates. If anything the structure top management of KCM should be streamlined to minimal as compared to what we see when so many so called management is just sitting at Nchanga spending the all time locked in meetings, the time I did my induction at KCM before joining Mopani I thought it was the right thing but only came to know the disadvantage of having a lot of idling managers as unnecessary when I joined Mopani were the top…

  2. Headlines were originally 4000 here the reality is 900. More false headlines to make the MMD/pf regime look as they have performed welll……

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