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Government to continue working at making Zambia an attractive investment destination

Economy Government to continue working at making Zambia an attractive investment destination

Minister of Commerce, Trade and Industry Margaret Mwanakatwe with Permanent secretary Siazongo Sikalenge at SADC 35th Council Of Ministers meeting in Botswana on Friday Picture By EDDIE MWANALEZA.
Minister of Commerce Margaret Mwanakatwe says government will continue to undertake various reforms aimed at making Zambia an attractive investment destination.

Mrs. Mwanakatwe says her ministry will also ensure that it facilities a level playing field that will see both local and foreign investors contribute to the country’s economy.

She notes that it is the desire of president Edgar Lungu to see an inflow of investment in various sectors of the economy.

Mrs. Mwanakatwe said this in a speech read on behalf by Permanent Secretary Kayula Siame during the opening of Jumbo Wholesale Store in Lusaka.

She added that the country is also enhancing the manufacturing sector to enable local products to be on the market.

Mrs. Mwanakatwe also urged management at Jumbo to consider stocking some local products in their store.

And MassMart board chairman Kuseni Dlamini says the established of the company is an indication of the conducive environment that government has created.


    • Do not know what kind of investors the Zambian govt. wants! Countless locals including retirees are owed huge sums of money. In my opinion, if those monies were settled in good time, it would form part of locally home grown capital for small businesses. I do not have to elaborate on the benefits in employment creation.

      I did not know Siazongo Siakalenge was back as PS at the ministry! He had been pushed aside for some time without a portfolio but enjoying full perks, I suppose all part of witch hunts …

  1. Just because it says Jumbo doesnt mean it is Zambian. Look, investment is vital but we must address the type of investment and the true motive of the investor. Government just thinks all investment is good for zambia, investment must create employment for zambians, investment must generate income fir zambia, investment must retain a percentage of profits in zambia . Have a threshold hold for profit repatriation ,above that threshold the tax rate is increased. We must decide if external borrowing for investment is really a the best option

  2. Ba Margret: Your Vision is very great, but the question is what are we doing ourselves as Zambians. Try to speak to we local people to work hard and redeem ourselves. Zambia is meant for Zambians and God has given us a lot of minerals which we see trucks taking away from Copper belt. God loves us very much , but unfortunately we are lazy to develop this Country. All we want is Manna falling from Heaven. Those from other countries just come to make money and go.

    • Are really coordinated as a people?
      Its neck breaking that a mere shop is breaking news, eh!
      Why don’t think outside the box instead of trading only? Even Mukula Tree has to be traded mwe banthu!
      80+ number of capital projects are being done by singularly by Chinese companies; shocking statistics for a developing economy. Maybe we should wait for 900 years to come of age.

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