Chadiza MP slaughters animals for his electorates in appreciation of 2016 votes


Patriotic Front (PF) Chadiza Central Member of Parliament Salatiel Tembo has expressed his gratitude to the electorates of Mtaya in Khumba ward for giving the patriotic front maximum votes during the August 2016 general elections.

Mr. Tembo says though the battle was challenging, he was grateful to the people of Mtaya in Khumba ward for listening to his appeal and voting for the PF.

He was speaking during a feast that he had organized at Isaac village in Mtaya area of Khumba ward to thank the electorates for voting for the PF in the August 2016 general elections.

The parliamentarian, who had a cow, three pigs and three goats slaughtered for the electorate in appreciation, urged the people in the area to celebrate the victory peacefully.

He called on the supporters to remain united and to continue with the same spirit with purpose in order for the Patriotic Front party to win even the 2021 general elections.

Mr. Tembo promised the people of Mtaya in Khumba ward that he was going to provide leadership because the victory was not his but for the people that gave him the votes.

β€œThe victory is for the party and the constituency and I will endeavor to represent and serve the people of Chadiza central diligently,” he said.

And speaking earlier village headman Isaac, John Phiri thanked the area member of parliament for organizing a feast for the people of Mtaya adding that it was the first time a member of parliament was honoring the people in such a manner.



  1. UPND will go to court for bribbing the voters, at the same time what of Toilets i know after feasting pipo need to shiit but they will go in the bush, this MP is not a typical PF ONE , IN PF U need to buy beer people get drunk do each other and beat those who didnt vote for PF, U NEED A LESSON FROM Hon. BOWMAN LUSAMBO the chief whip of copperbelt


  2. The gesture by Chadidza MP is appreciated. By-the-way what deal is Levy Ngoma of Sinda area settling as he flirts with a fleet of hyenas in UPND. The Pan African Kenyan Professor of Law (Prof. Patrick Lumumba) has warned Africa by stating that “We elect hyenas to take care of goats and when the goats are consumed, we wonder why.” The Zambia has been invaded by a fleet of UPND hyenas (Kambwili & Musenge included) to feast on our goats. Their mission is to hand over our resources to foreign capitalists. But the massive development mooted by President Lungu’s Govt has made UPND and its appendages evolve sleepless nights.


  3. After the feast then what????? A meaningful celebration is when you bring something sustainable. Teach them how to fish not you bringing the fish….Bwana MP there are a lot of other things you could have done to celebrate your election, Jesuits been one year already….Pipo in your constituency need clean water, health facilities, farming equipment etc….



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