Church urged to restore the decaying levels in Zambian society


The Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) has called for the church’s cooperation in its efforts to restore the decaying levels of morality among youths in the country.

ZANIS Ndola reports that YMCA National president Thabo Kawana said this in Ndola this morning during a meeting with Ndola District Pastors fellowship at Ndola Baptist Church.

Mr Kawana explained that the recent development concerning youths that were rounded up at a sex-party in Woodlands area Lusaka was disheartening and that his organisation had since taken up a leading role in counselling the youths together with their parents.

“What happened in Lusaka is shocking. Infact it is disheartening. How can we have such types of parties where youths must be naked to enter? We have failed as parents. YMCA has since taken up a leading role in counselling the youths whose number has swelled to 138, together with their parents,” he said.

He added that the problem was that parents were only providers and had no time to be available for their children.

“The problem is that as parents we are only providing and not being present. If a child asks for money for a shoe we provide without knowing where they are taking that money to. That is why only rich people’s children were present at that party. We are failing as parents,” he said.

Mr Kawana further implored the church not to work in isolation with regards to issues pertaining to young people.

“As a church don’t work in isolation when it comes to youths. The church must lay the foundation and as YMCA, we shall build and then government shall out on the roof. Then we shall all be comfortable that we are raising responsible and God fearing young men, “ he said.

The YMCA National president furthermore challenged the church to be concerned with the reduction in the number of youths in church while bars and night clubs were recording increased patronage.

“You must be concerned with the way youths have reduced in number during your Sunday services and yet take a tour of bars and nightclubs they are always crowded with the same youths who have be at church. These are the issues that you should be addressing,” he advised.



  1. Well, the Church is now more focused on politics and prosperity.
    It’s every Man for himself and Gold for us all.


  2. You can’t blame parents entirely for what kids do outside of home. It’s nature vs nurture _ kids may be brought up with good morals but it’s not always possible as a parent to police what they do out there with there friends. Kids minds are curious and they will always want to experiment with what they see online or in movies. We all have a responsibility to educate our youngsters about safe sex, abstinence etc. By all I mean schools, church, parents and health care services. These behaviours take place in all social classes .



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