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Exposing Zambia’s Fake Heroes by Chitimukulu (Part1)

Columns Feature Column Exposing Zambia's Fake Heroes by Chitimukulu (Part1)

By Henry Kanyanta Sosala


There was an ideological tug of war to dominate their influences over the emerging African states between the western countries and the Communist states i.e. The Union of Sovereign Socialist Republics (USSR) or popularly known as Russia. In fact Africa has had five great Marxists: Sekou Toure of Guinea, Samora Machel of Mozambique, Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, M. Babu of Tanzania and a lawyer Henry Chilufya Chanda of Zambia.
Professor P. B. Harris in his book, Studies in African Politics wrote:

‘’President Sekou Toure the most radical Marxist in West Africa rejected the referendum when President Charles de Gaulle of France came to power. The new French President decided that since the Guineans rejected the referendum, then they chose disengagement and should therefore have it. And within days, French civil servants withdrew and out of 4,000 all but 15 had gone in three weeks. Cash registers were ripped out, the weapons of the police were withdrawn and even the library at the Ministry of Justice was removed. The Governor was ordered to remove the furniture from Government House and strip all fittings movable and immovable and ship them back to France. Fruit trees were cut, walls were torn down, gardens decimated, telephone wires were cut and a ship bringing 5,000 tons of rice was re-routed.’’

And to President Sekou Toure this was a chance to turn openly to the Communists and it was not long that the French President realized his terrible political blunder. And here is what Professor Harris wrote:

‘’As far as Guinea was concerned this was an unprofitable exercise. De Gaulle agreed to resume technical and financial aid to Guinea complete with grants-in-aid.’’

The Consequences After the End of the Cold war.

The fall of the USSR has had detrimental consequences on Africa. The end of the cold war has strengthened western nations’ dominance in Africa. The best example is Zimbabwe and how the greatest true son of Africa and the barometer of the African consciousness, President Robert Mugabe and the great people of Zimbabwe have been subjected to all kinds of abuses by the capitalist-exploiters and their African parasites and puppets. Senegal’s President Abdoulaye Wade bemoaned the fact that Africa had not done enough to assist Zimbabwe in its hour of need.

’’African leaders left President Mugabe alone to resolve the imbalance of land ownership and we should have been collectively more involved.’’ (New African magazine winter 2008).

It is a matter of record that in a land of more than 11 million people the whites who made up less than 2 per cent of the population, controlled more than 60 per cent of the arable land. Bulawayo, the second largest city in Zimbabwe is an Ndebele word for ‘’slaughter’’ and it refers to the savagery of the white settlers who crushed the attempt by the indigenes to fight back and leading king Lobengula to swallow poison rather than be captured.

And what had really happened to king Lobengula? Historian Cyril Dunn in his book, Central African Witness wrote that Cecil John Rhodes’ agents signed the Rudd concession with King Lobengula. The Rudd Concession was signed in 1888 by King Lobengula of the Matabele, under various and considerable pressures and with the encouragement of British missionary advice. He believed that he was selling to an organization of white men no more than the right to dig holes in the ground for gold. In return for which he got sterling 100 pounds, one thousand Martini-Henry rifles and the promise, never discharged, of a steamer for royal jaunts on the Zambezi.

Who was John Cecil Rhodes? Bertrand Russell, a British philosopher, mathematician and historian who described Rhodes as ‘’a bad man in Africa’’ wrote in Freedom and Organization:

“Cecil Rhocldes created a vast system of political corruption both in England and in South Africa. The British South African Company obtained a Charter from the British government which was secured by means of support in high quarters and among them was the Duke of Fife (King Edward VII’s son-in-law) and through him the British Royal Family became implicated in Rhodes’ doings.”

We find the same slippery tricks by Her Majesty’s Government with the Rudd Concession as Mr. Bertrand Russell wrote:

‘’Meanwhile Lobengula discovered that the document to which he had set his mark was more far-reaching in its effects than he had supposed. He dictated a letter to Queen Victoria, saying among other things:

’A group of white men came to see me and the leader called himself Rudd. They asked me for a place to dig gold and said they would give me something in exchange. I told them to bring what they would give and a document was written and given to me for signature. I asked what it contained and was told in it were my words and the words of those men. Although three months later, I heard from other sources that I had given by document the right to all the minerals of my country. I called a meeting of my indunas and also of the white men and demanded a copy of the document. It was proved to me that I had signed away the mineral rights of my whole country to Rudd and his friends. I have since had a meeting of my indunas and they will not recognize the paper, as it contains neither my words nor the words of those who got it….I write to you that you may know the truth about everything,’

‘’A few months later, King Lobengula sent another letter, in which he complained that ‘the white people are troubling me much about gold. If the Queen hears that I have given away the whole country, it is not so.’ The Queen, through her colonial secretary, replied that it was impossible for him to exclude white men, and that, having made inquiries as to the persons concerned, she was satisfied that they ‘may be trusted to carry out the working for gold in the king’s country without molesting his people, or in any way interfering with their kraals, gardens or cattle’,’’
In 1949, Roy Welensky became Member of Legislative Council or Parliament for Broken Hill (now Kabwe), and he became the political Supremo in the North. He was later knighted and became the Prime Minister of the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland (i.e., Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe).

He told Parliament ‘’Now I ask the House in all seriousness ___ was it possible, __ does the House believe that it was possible for an African king, sixty years ago to have understood the delicate differences when he was negotiating with a Company, and when he was negotiating with a King__ because if the House is prepared to believe that then I think the House will believe anything.

In support of his argument, he cited a judgement given by Lord Summer in the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council on the question of land rights in Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe):

‘’Their Lordships cannot accept this argument, as well might it be said that a savage who sold ten bullocks, being the highest number up to which he knew how to count, had thereby sold his whole herd, numbering, in fact many hundreds…’’

In The Northward Trek, Stanley Portal Hyatt summed up king Lobengula’s disaster and pointed out that he was betrayed by the British:

‘’Lobengula was never sufficiently civilized to break his word. He was a native gentleman and because he tried to live up to the faith that was in him, trusting white men who appeared to be gentle too, his career ended in disaster both to himself and to his tribe. And even if Lobengula was ‘an unmitigated savage,’ he was under the protection of the United Kingdom Government when these events occurred.’’

The capitalist-exploiters have declared total war on President Robert Mugabe and the Zimbabwean people. They have mounted a special radio programme to denounce Zimbabwean leadership on Studio 7 of the Voice of America. This is because the Zimbabwean issue has affected the superior race, otherwise if this was a matter of principle they could have done the same thing when the Ugandan dictator Idi Amin confiscated the properties and expelled Indians from that country.

It was reported in New African magazine that Britain’s chief of staff, General Charles Guthrie told Cole Moreton in an interview

‘’how Britain’s Prime minister, Tony Blair came close to invading Zimbabwe in a bid to restore white privilege.’’

It was also reported in the same issue:

‘’As part of the regime change in Zimbabwe, the American embassy in Harare has been deliberately engineering the mushrooming of NGOs and CSOS which are hostile to the government, by offering to finance them, according to a document unearthed from the archives.’’

President Mugabe has declared:

‘’Political power alone is meaningless unless people have land. The ill-fated sanctions against the innocent people of Zimbabwe can never subdue our resilience and inner propulsion to succeed.’’

And hence a new concept in the ideological armoury of imperialism known as ‘’statecraft’’ has been created, which is the art of aggressively wielding state power in the interests of the local elites and imperialism.

‘’Statecraft’’ is a concept and a practice that consciously aims to demobilize the people as a motive force for change and treats them as objects. ‘’Statecraft’’ is a ‘’craft’’ precisely because it is both an art and a set of particular outcomes in which control over state power is cleverly taken away from both and above the heads of the poor to attain class objectives and domestic compradorial and parasitic elites under the tutelage, protection and for the ultimate benefit of the capitalist-exploiter.

We have been taught never to see beyond the white man.

The Brenthurst foundation is the brain-child of the powerful and multi-billionaire Oppenheimer family and is the founder of the Anglo American group of companies which serves foreign business interests in various African countries. The company is based in South Africa and that is where all the regime changes in Africa originate and South Africa has contributed so greatly to the mercenaries that fought in Nigeria during the Biafra session; in Congo; in Angola etc. And it was through South African contacts that the Chiluba regime came to power. It is important at this juncture to let you know the events that contributed to the regime change in Zambia. According to the CIA-trained career intelligence officer, Dr. Kamoyo Mwale, the coordinated intelligence exchanges between Zambia and South Africa at that time, the regime change in Zambia was initiated by the western nations who didn’t want the future ANC government in South Africa to be influenced by UNIP and Dr. Kaunda. Dr. Chiluba and his colleagues were given US$ 600 million, which was deposited at some embassy in Pretoria, from where they drew their campaign funds.(Sunday Post 26th March 2006). In this case the MMD was obligated to its source of existence and power. The English say, ‘’who pays the piper calls for the tune.’’

And in this respect, Ronald Sinyangwe will never forget how Professor Akuffo described the deception beneath the colonial education system:

‘’When a fool becomes wise, then the game is over since there is no one to play the game of a fool.’’

We have been taught never to see beyond the white man. This hypnotizing mentality has subverted the African personality like no other ideology since you can never outperform the self-portrait you have of yourself.

In fact we were done for, when Chiluba and his visionless and corrupt technocrats surrendered Zambia’s sovereignty to the capitalist-exploiters. The University of Zambia Development Studies lecturer, Frederick Mutesa wrote:

‘’The cold war African leaders that succeeded the founding fathers surrendered sovereignty in national policy-making to the Bretton Woods Institutions…..whereas the Nyereres, Kaundas and the Machels resisted the repulsive encroachment of foreign forces on the nations’ sovereignty, the Chilubas that replaced them chose to kiss neo-liberal policies in the morning, afternoon and at night.’’ (The Post 24th April 2004).
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  1. This mfumu would better be utilized at think tanks such as Chatham House, governance schools such Harvard’s Kennedy political economy and government

    • see there you go again.wanting him to go and teach in white schools.sure are you not learning?he just showed you a quote saying we have been trained not to see beyond the white man and there you are. already surrendering a thinker like him to the whites. how do you send the best of your minds to educate your kids or worse to be nurtured in their thinking by western institutions?The result is what you see today, all past presidents mostly trained in a western education system and do almost everything in their power to maintain that system.and did you expect anything otherwise than what we see?of course not,the western educations sole purpose is to maintain white supremacy.if you dont understand this,then you wont begin to understand the chitimukulu here.I know he is going after HH…

    • Even in one’s wildest dreams can you believe this blatantly false statement from Sosala? Dr. Chiluba and his colleagues were given US$ 600 million, which was deposited at some embassy in Pretoria, from where they drew their campaign funds. $600 million dollars in 1990! My foot….such crap should never be published..

    • @obatala-what is 600million compared to what these foreign mining companies reap out of zambia into the tax havens per year. you need to look at this thing wholistically and see the chess moves being played by these white boys. connect the dots to see the bigger picture. focusing on the dot alone will not make sense to you. as for him being a fake hero, i dont think he claimed to be one atleast as far as i know. but i will agree that what disappoints me in this chief is the fact that he has this amount of knowledge in him and yet he falls into their trap with the religion and calls himself a christian when he is supposed to be the most ardent preserver of our culture which includes african bemba spirituality.JUst as much as he condemns communism,socilaism,capitalism,he should do the same…

    • There he goes again with his gibberish. We’ve heard and read these quotations and are tired of them. Blaming the white man who left Zambia more than half a century ago for our own nonsense is delusional. Well is it the white man who told him to block Kambwili from attending ukusefya pangwena ceremony or his own cowardice of the PF and Lungu? I wonder whether he could have negotiated a better deal with Cecil Rhodes himself given the hypocrisy he has exhibited of late on national affairs. This is the same man who has sidelined his own son GBM a man who resigned his ministerial position in solidarity with him when Sata refused to recognise him as paramount chief in preference to brown envelopes offered by the same man who sent troops to block him. This man is a snake and a JUDAS. Maybe Sata…

    • Maybe Sata had his own good reasons for blocking him. Reproducing long and boring quotations in newspapers will not make him a hero. Inteligent people are beginning to see through him for the hypocrite he is. He’s fake in real terms.

    • Jane-some quick questions for you.
      1.who discovered the victoria falls?
      2.who discovered america?
      3.who if the father of medicine?
      4.who is the father of history as a subject?
      5.who color were all the angels and jesus you growing up?
      6.who built the first university in the world?
      7.who is formulated the idea of Pi as in mathematics
      8.who formulated the law of squares as pertains to triangles?
      9.who built the Mir or pyramids as you call them?
      with the answers you get, try and see also what associative learning of the brain is.

    • @Zagaze, Sosala is telling lies and the undiscerning Zambians like yourself are hugely been misled by this demagogue. Chiluba never received $600 million dollars, there was no such money then, nor now for political party activity in Zambia.

    • Zagaze you’re falling into the same trap like Chitimukulu of quoting from outdated text books when you should be dwelling on the present to correct your past mistakes. Jane is right about Chitimukulu.

    • Job-then kindly answer the questions i asked jane since you think she is right.
      Obatala-i have no proof of that 600 million yet. my argument is that, it is nothing, if they did actually invest that amount it dethrone kaunda,compared to the benefits they would get in turn.

    • Chitimukulu Ndate Mulena Wa Mabemba is a great thinker. You may disagree with his thrust and pointed thinking but you had better give it to him. This MULENA is a thinker for real.

  2. Chitimukulu you are great. Zambia is dangerous position because of HH the Tonga man.

    His loyalty is to white South Africans who want to continue stealing with him from the time of selling the mines.

    Was HH rich before the selling of the mines or after the selling?

    • Sorry to bust your bubble but wasn’t it government policy to sell of the mines as they were not in a position to run them. HH used his management and accounting skills to facilitate the transaction.

    • skeptico-did you not read the article?Govt of Chiluba funded by the same Oppenheimer so that they could get your resources by privatisation and allowing their boys to loot here and there. but mainly to let the whites once more to control the minerals in zambia.The white supremacists work 20 years ahead in thinking. and we need to see these things too,but we dont have thinkers in zambia because we give our minds away into western thoughts before we are grounded in our africaness.an education not founded on self is useless. it dont matter how may PhDs you will get,without self you are useless to your people.is that not what we see today.Loads of qualifications but your people suffer.the largest group of educated blacks in the world is in america but the black is still at the bottom.why?you…

    • HH was a already a farmer and partner in a successful accounting firm when your relatives in a tribal govt decided to sale the mines thru Valentine chitalu who they appointed to the job after coming from a collapsed bank meridian BIAO.Chilubas govt was just as tribal as this one all key jobs with the smell of money went to their relatives.Look at people taken to court for theft,mainly from same tribe cause they were the ones in a position to steal.F Kaunda was even convicted over the thefts you want to smear on HH. Stop your tribal hatred it’s not helping the country.

    • The problem of ever blaming the white man instead of seeing the new ‘white man’ in the form of politicians is naivety of the worst kind. look at how the politicians are looting our wealth but just because they bear the same skin, its fine……I am angry at all of you….this time the chief included.

    • ine wine-you right, the new white man is a politician.but dont forget that this new white man is a front for the original white man.Dont get blinded by your hate of the small monster you see and forget the giant monster operating in the background.I want the gold of south africa or copper of zambia,so i mechanise a way by giving chagwa and kaizer $2 million each so that they formulate policy which will allow the white man to mine in zambia without paying taxes for a few years.they in turn make billions while the zambian people suffer and chagwa buys a range rover and builds some flats.if zambia doesnt make dollars,where do you then think the dollars are coming from if not from the white man?The white man and his new cronies are both the problem.

  3. The articles is void of sense and logic. The real issue is to paint a white person bad and capitalism evil. The Chief is skewed to communism and cant be objective in analyzing the capitalism…
    There is nothing evil and good about capitalism as there is nothing evil and good about communism. These are philosophies or perceptions on how people govern their lives in a nation.
    For the chief to think that capitalism is evil and Zambia must not embrace it, it is a misplaced analysis… Realism is that Zambia ‘s economy is integrated with the world due to globalization.
    My thoughts not to demean the chief ‘s inherent right or freedom of expression

    • you way off the mark. what is globalization but a word conveniently put across to everyone to blind them from the fact that it is white rule as simple as that. why is it that in a globalist model, it is expected that ideas flow conversely but in reality, it is always one sided. You need to understand the dynamics of this world we live in. dont be blinded by terms thrown out there to give you the illusion of inclusion. the white man is out to get you. its not hate and so dont get emotional, its just business. the best you can do is play your black side of the chess board smartly. dont keep sending your best of pawns to the white side of the chess board to get education,religious,economic and philosophical views without first grounding them in the acceptance and value of themselves. Viva…

    • @Zagaze,
      Your views mirror mine.
      I am working on a project that can use your perspective on the way forward. It is important to recognize the tactical patterns on the chess board, but it’s more important to focus more on disrupting it by countering with one that increases our chances of winning. Our new thinking should be about developing a superior game plan, one that guarantees that never again shall we be mentally enslaved.

      Let’s link up.

    • pimbilimano-leave your email address with the administrator of this site and we will take it up from there. its about time we started acting out our goals for the true freedom of africans at home and abroad. we can exchange ideas after.

    • You site in the white man’s country wearing Whiteman cloths and you want to start nationalistic garbage ? Go back to zambia and go back to wearing a G-string made of animal skin then announce that rehtoric garbbage ……

  4. Thank you chief,
    This is an eye opener and as Zambians in particular and Africans in general we ought to know that and allow such knowledge guide us in our current and future collective vision and endeavours as countries.

    Africa shall serve Africans as Europe saved Europeans.

    May God help us.


  6. never compare chiefs… Is chief Chitimukulu a PF cadre? Shallow thinking… Africa for African, imweeee……….. Don’t use dollar then…. Don’t construct road using Chinese….
    Don’t even write in English but Bemba or Nyanga…

    • you are clearly lacking in education. and to some extent i agree with you that we should get rid of the dollar and foreign languages. but you must understand that it is a step we are embarking on as pan africanists. africans are in the belly of the white mans world, and to get out of his gut, we shall use some of his stomach line to pull ourselves out. we in too deep to come out without using his walls as support. As for laguage, as pan africanist there is a debate to make Swahili as the official spoken language and Mdu Ntr as the classical language for all african people at home and in the diaspora. believe me we are doing this. Africa will rise. acquaint yourself with the struggle my brother. we are here to teach and help.

    • Africa shall Rise? Misplaced optimism. We can’t even construct a road without stealing from the funds. 20 generations maybe from now.

    • But still rise, never the less. Some of us are here just to lay the foundation, i know i might never see it in my life time. but i owe it to our future generations to start making the change now. loving myself and my fellow Africans first before i see an asian,indian,european or whatever else there maybe out there. how can you love your neighbour if you dont love yourself first. we shall rise,i have no doubt with that

  7. Truth be told capitalism is a better evil than any other ideologies that has ever been implemented and that never worked. At the end of the day money talks loudly. USSR and and other previously fanatical adherents to Communism have abandoned the unprofitable ideology in favour of capitalism. Look where commerce has taken China suddenly, the second most economically powerful nation on earth! There’s no excuse for remaining poverty stricken after being taught by the capitalists themselves how to manage resources. We are in charge of our destinies or aren’t we? How come we still blame the colonists who are no longer holding any power in Africa? The article seems to suggest that despite our independence capitalists somehow still wield some invisible power that prevents us from succeeding…

    • Cont’d
      ….without their intervention. Africa’s economic woes are our own making. We have failed to utilise our vast resources to improve our economic conditions. Leaders still shamelessly flock to Europe and America asking for alms decades after independence. I sometimes wonder whether the so called freedom fighters knew the meaning of independence. You kick somebody out of power but still beg him to feed you!

    • you clearly are white mans boy. did you not read atleast some of the article. who really controls africa if i may ask you? you think it is edgar lungu.edgar lungu was trained where in which institutions?dont you see that the black mans mind is under siege and therefore he who controls his mind controls the nation? to this date most of what we know, the information at our disposal is white inspired.columbus discovered america is a cliche example.Jesus is white and only christianity leads to salvation.dont you see that when you are not yourself, you will make mistakes in the administration of your affairs?Africans dont get an education,we get a miseducation.Socialism and communism did not fail.Men failed the system.just like when the Christians fail,you dont blame christianity but the…

    • Spaka-you are miseducated.read the works of Olaudah Equiano,”The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano, Or Gustavus Vassa, The African” first published in 1789,where he gives details of the clothing the igbos had long before they came in contact with the white man.the silk and cotton the kemites and nubians wore since atleast 4000BCE.that is way before the white man wore a shoe or lived in a house that had a window.infact things like pyjamas,seasonal clothes were brought to the europeans by an african moor called zeriyab.these are historical facts.So clothes are not a preserve of europeans.you can only fault me if you see me in european type of garb which i dont wear.y shud i?i have my dashiki e.g.

    • @zagaze
      Surely knowledge is power. You mean lungu and his fellow African leaders are aware that they are powerless against the white man!? How? May be the white man, after realising the defeatist attitude of the African decided to grant them so-called independence, knowing the wealth of Africa will still be controlled by them. Could be they were correct in their assessment and estimate of the African mind, because decades later we still can’t feed ourselves without them subsidizing our budget! You mean armed with this knowledge of how the white man controls the world it’s still impossible to do anything about it? You are saying we are held up in a grip that somehow we just can’t break? Some powerful spell that makes thinking an absolute impossibility!

    • wantanshi-there grip is on our minds.and to clear ourselves from white rule we must love ourselves first.we must love our languages,our culture and not try to parrot the western way of life.because it is in us running after their trinkets of deceit,like they lied to shaka in that mini series,that we lose true power.but chagwa has been trapped like a monkey into believing that good life is owning a range rover.his salary cant buy him one.so he chooses to sell his people short in exchange for money to buy that range rover.mailo ni bugatti,after katwishi.man is always beholden and subservient to that which he desires and will always be until he attains it.but in a white world,the goal is elusive and rarely attained.our freedom lies with loving african everything first.

  8. We must not subscribe our selves to ideologies but to premises that have long being proved workable and practical to advance the living condition of our people.No economic model is perfect but capitalism has proved to sustain human life.Lets borrow what has worked for others and add on to make it more efficient in delivery to the people.Ba Chitimukulu naku China nomba balilabako communism since deng xiaomping became leader in the reform era.KKs socialism impoverished us.Lets not just hate the whites,but lets learn from them on how to advance our lives.

  9. This chief is just an empty tin trying to sound like an intellectual. Is he insinuating that the nationalisation of the mines and other parastatals was good for the economy? Does he support the dictatorial regime of Mugabe? He quotes certain books to look like he is widely read but he is such a myopic reader that does not read other books with diverse views. In other words, Chitimukulu Kanyanta Manga is just an empty tin trying to sound intelligent!

    • @Zambian citizen at least Mukuni has exhibited the bravery expected of a chief by challenging injustices unlike Chitimukulu who has decided to side with the oppressors for the sake of his bread and butter.

    • Ka Mukuni is just a conman in HH’s pocket. Where was he when Mwanawasa incarcerated Sata for 90 days on trampled charges.

    • @Joe…Mukuni in Zambian folklore: part 1-THE CHIEF WHO DISCOVERED BUNGI JUMPING…AND SHOULD HAVE WORN A DIAPER!! part 2: TALES FROM THE GRAVEYARD…kwekwekwekwekwe….that’s “bravery” my guy…kwekwekwekwe…

  10. Communism is dead. China, Russia and the rest are experiencing free economy. The Chinese have billionaires, so is Russia and India. Nationalisation of mines was wrong. This King of tribes is lost in his chitemene shamba.

    • But Russia and China are ruled by diehard communists. The people have become billionaire because they have worked diligently and remained patriotic. You deliberately avoid to mention how free thinkers are are arrested and eliminated in these two countries.

    • Mutati,
      There is a lot of poverty in capitalist countries because capitalism focuses on money on humanity. Kaunda was forced out by regime change done sublely so the dull chaps like you would not even realise it.

    • Ok tell me which chinese or indians own the mines in zambia. who is behind all the major mines in zambia? whites if you did not know mdala. dont confuse the user of the resources who in this case are mostly chinese. the chinese are just buying a product reaped off from zambia by the whites. White supremacy is tactiful in this day and age how it rears its head. they put an indian CEO and you think the company is owned by indians when the owners behind the scene are the same colonisers.

    • @ Masalamuso

      Forget about ZAGAZE, he smokes fwaka. You chaps like @ ZAGAZE stop reading books written in the 1960s and ’70s PLEASE. You have your own book called ZAMBIA being written ‘LIVE’ in front of you and you still go around hallucinating. FWAKA MULEKE, MUKAPENA!!

  11. …and so it is, just as our great leader the Chitimukulu has put it, the colonised minds will disagree and condemn him.
    “We have been taught never to see beyond the white man. This hypnotizing mentality has subverted the African personality like no other ideology since you can never outperform the self-portrait you have of yourself.”

    We are grateful for today’s life lesson, your highness. I can’t wait for part II!!!

    • @Spaka,

      Let’s look at this together.
      We descended from Adam and Eve, right? Soon after the two allegedly sinned, god instructed them to kill animals and use the skins for clothing. FF, several millennia later we have the tower of Barbel characterized by people clad in expensive robs splitting from the middle East due to language problem. FG we find ourselves in a country called Zambia, most of us our immediate past address being Kola, where we traded with “other” people for years.

      Now tell me, at what point on this trek did we decide to shed our garb from the middle East and switch back to wearing animal skins?

      If you believe the bible stories to be true, you would parrot the Iris Kaingu argument for immorality.

    • @Spaka the colonised, Spaka the fringe citizen, spaka the whiteman’s kaboyi: why would I wear skins when my chaps in Kamwala can turn clothing material into any style I want?? My friend quit his job in a bank and now runs a full time tailoring business making designer suits for his banker friends and civil servants. You see, ba spaka, you run to the muzungu to eat his scraps because you have no ambition for your country. A foreigner in his land, he will never accept you as his equal. Here, young men and women are taking charge, my guy!!!

    • Zambian citizen

      You are the monkies moaning and condemning the white man but but you use everything from him including his language !

      FYI I work when I feel like, only when I get board or see an intresting project ……and Zambia sickens me to the core with your corruption and hypocrisy where you have stinking rich politicians stealing day and night and you have people dying because they can’t afford the basics of life…..shame.

  12. I am just reading comments that make sense and are relevant to the article. Ifyabupuba, I don’t read them, I go half way and I discover it is rubbish I go to the next

  13. Maybe Sata had his own good reasons for blocking him. Reproducing long and boring quotations in newspapers will not make him a hero. Inteligent people are beginning to see through him for the hypocrite he is. He’s fake in real terms.

  14. Same old nut case nationalists as Mugabe, this chief……can you tell us why we have millions of zimbabwean refugees all over the world and why most countries including Zambia survive on forigne aid and bailouts from the same imperialists ???

    And for good measure google ” lungu meets openhimers ”

    I think the chief is feeling irrelevant at his silence on the budding dictatorship of lungu…

    Ba Chitimukulu, with due respect, is living in the past. He seems to be the only person not to have learnt from the disastrous experiment with socialism/communism which Kriminal Kaunda subjected us to. The fact that Chitmukulu has not learnt from that painful history and infact yearns for it, is both shocking and disappointing. If he hates Capitalism that match, including all of you who hate capitalism, then get rid of your computers and get off social media because they are all creations of capitalism. Infact many of you are blogging from Europe and America, what the hell are you doing there? Why don’t you go to Russia or Cuba? Anybody who hates capitalism is…

    • I totally agree with you. An African’s failure to transform his surroundings surely can’t be blamed on the white man who left us to our own devices decades ago. Can’t these myopic leaders just admit that they are incompetent to manage their resources. Countries that adopt capitalism inevitably achieve economic success.

    • And where do those leaders come from ? From among yourselves. Therfore you can also become a leader and show us what you can do.

    • @Ndanje khaki
      Actually it’s extremely easy. Today, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Nothing complicated. Replicate what works and voila! you are on your way to prosperity!! We all know the economy of this world is based on commerce, trading. That’s how prosperous nations make money! Zambia has no reason to blame the white man for it’s poverty. The country is saturated in wealth but amazingly they don’t know how to convert it into hard cash. How does the white man prevent us from making money from our natural resources? When KK allowed maize to be destroyed by rains year in and year out creating unnecessary hunger in the country was it the white man pulling some strings? To me it seems stup!dity is the main cause of our misery!

  16. Thier we go again, back to the brain thrust foundation which again branches to the Anglo American, the very whites HH is so keen to bring to ZAMBIA.. Should we let such a man rule


    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE…..STOP WRITING!!! Muletusebanya – Silence is a Virtue in most cases! Freedom of Speech does not mean Freedom of Sabaila. Or Else, please stick to historical topics, like how you became the Chitimukulu and where the Bemba tradition originated from etc. Leave sophisticated socio-political topics to academics and researchers.

  18. This is a senior chief who was almost not recognised upon ascending to the Bemba chiefdom throne.
    This is a senior chief who mingles with politicians of the day upon being presented with brown envelopes.
    This is a senior chief who barred some of his subjects from attending his traditional ceremony on account of not contributing to the organising costs of the same.
    This is a shameless senior chief who confers with a dictator president in the nation despite his rhetorical, nationalistic and patriotic views expressed in the article.

    • Can you confirm seeing him receiving a brown envelopes? Your worry I’m sure is HH’s connection with the Brenhurst organization.

  19. When a f00l becomes wise then the game is over because there’ll be nobody to play the game. Muamar Gaddafi died brutally because he looked beyond the white man and called the same shots.

  20. HRH Mwine Lubemba had/has a serious psychological problem With FTJ.
    The article is about attacking FTJ, but he starts quoting from elsewhere to disguise the motive.
    Please let him rest In peace. He is long gone in case you have forgotten.

  21. This chief must tell us the origins of ukusefya pa ngwena ceremony. It was not there in the 1960’s and 1980’s. Let him explain how it started. Our grand parents never told us about it!

    • It was KK’s idea. He saw that Kazembe – Luunda had Umutomboko, and the Lozi had their Kuomboka and decided to “install ” an educated man as Chitimukulu. He picked on Mr Lackment Ngandu who then Manager Administration at Nchanga NCCM (later Zccm ). If you want more information just go to the palace and ask for correspondence between the two.

  22. @Obatala #1.2, you missed who the fake heroes are! That is the problem with a lot of you! It is a cultural thing! Good and informative piece of work, Chief.

  23. What’s the role of a minister in the President’s offers? Obviously not what Freedom Sikazwe is doing. He behaves just like Hichilema in the presence of his sponsors

  24. Ndanje you’ve got it wrong on Lakement. KK wanted a user friendly Chitimukulu. He wanted to have access to the Red Book left by Luchele Ng’anga, that’s why he brought Dr Ranganatan the Indian linguist. We knew about that scheme beforehand and moved ahead of them. Lakement joined the list of those who have ascended to the throne without seeing babenye, tatuli ba kupulishishako amasushi


  26. I remember a Zimbabwean Scholar in RSA(2008) say that Shagarai a tea boy can never rule Zimbabwe. He regarded him as a stooge for the west.

Comments are closed.

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