Increasing noise pollution in Livingstone negatively impacting on the tourism industry

Southern Province Minister Dr Edify Hamukale
Southern Province Minister Dr Edify Hamukale

Government says it is concerned on the increased noise pollution in Livingstone city saying the trend is negatively impacting on the tourism industry in the tourist capital.

Southern Province Minister Edify Hamukale says government in concerned on the noise pollution mainly emanating from bars, night clubs, taverns, and churches’ overnight prayers, respectively.

Dr. Hamukale says the development is discouraging and forcing tourists to desert the tourist capital’s hotels and lodges in preference for quitter areas on the Zimbabwean side.

ZANIS reports that the minister has since directed local authorities in the province to consider effecting the Local Government Act that regulates operating hours in order to curb noise pollution.

Dr. Hamukale said he has been prompted to issue this directive following confirmed numerous reports from members of the community on the continued generation of noise pollution.

He issued this statement in Choma today.

Bars, taverns, night clubs and churches that conduct overnight prayers should be responsible and consider notifying the councils if they wish to go beyond stipulated time, he said.

Commenting in government curtailing the freedom of worship by regulating noise generated during overnight prayers, the minister said government was not frustrating worship but wants churches to be responsible and follow the concept of prayer and worship.

And the minister has urged bars, restaurant, taverns, and nightclub owners to exercise optimum hygiene.

Dr. Hamukale said government was aware that the named entities were among the generators of solid as well as liquid waste and has since urged such business entities to put up litter bins in order to keep their environments clean.


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    Yes Bwana Circumcised Minister

    Noise Pollution has been made worse from mouthing nothings from politicians. How was it for you last night?

  2. +1

    He Is Twisting Facts. We All Know Problem To Why Tourists Are Shunning L/stone. Its The State Of Emergency. Hamukale Please Tell Your Collegues Some To Revoke It As Soon As Parliaments Resumes.

    • +1

      Talking from without. Tourists are more free in Zambia than in Zimbabwe. Ask people who stay in Lstone.
      The problem is exaggerated high prices in Lstone. Some lodges charge more than US$1,000 per night. So tourists stay in Zim and only make day trips to Lstone.

  3. +1

    Actually it is the tourists that make a lot of noise in those clubs. Many of them drink a lot and go on to sample zambian ‘fruits’ they pick in night clubs. It is us local residents who are complaining.
    Let the council control the situation and help us enjoy our nights.

  4. +1

    Livingstone is no longer the quite city it used to be. Noise pollution has become worse and yes the tourists look for quieter lodges and hotels near the river or better still go to Zimbabwe where activities are far much cheaper than here in Zambia. We have seen tourist spending nights in Zambia but doing all their activities in neighboring Zimbabwe and these are the same activities we have here in Zambia. It’s a shame.


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