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Marketeers in Itezhi-tezhi to receive empowerment funds next week

Economy Marketeers in Itezhi-tezhi to receive empowerment funds next week

PEIF Patron Chanda Kabwe

Presidential empowerment fund patron, Kabwe Chanda, says a number of marketeers in Itezhitezhi district in Central province are expected to benefit from the Presidential empowerment fund next week.

Mr. Chanda, announced yesterday that he would personally travel to Itezhitezhi to disburse the funds to the marketeers.

Mr Chanda, who is also Central Province Permanent Secretary, made the promise yesterday during the official opening of Itezhitezhi Bus Station and Market complex by Vice president, Inonge Wina.

He said the move to empower Itezhitezhi marketeers is meant to ensure that local traders occupy the modern market before well-do and other unscrupulous people occupy the modern shops.

He called on council management to run ensure that they locate the new shops to indigenous marketeers without favour or corruption.

Yesterday, vice president Inonge Wina opened a prestigious modern bus station and market complex, the first of its kind in the country.

Speaking during the commissioning of the modern market, Mrs Wina warned council management against subletting the facility to business men and women from outside Itezhitezhi district.

She also warned that government would not tolerate political interference in the operation and management of the Bus station and market.

Mrs Wina advised the local authority to appoint an advisory board to manage the affairs of the Bus station and market according to the market and Bus station Act number 7 of 2007.

She said the Act clearly specifies who should be members of the management board and warned council management against exercising politics in the management of the Bus station and market.

Mrs Wina also paid glowing tribute to the construction company, Rayton, for putting up such an attractive structure at a cost of K26 million.

And Rayton company project manager, Xiaobing Zhu, donated 250 calculators and thanked government and people of Itezhitezhi district for their patience during the construction period.


    • Cause and effect it is undeniable indeed that the UPND rally has caused panic …. for some reason politicians equate such opposition crowds to potential dismissal or backlash from the caders. This mysterious fund is being abused without a doubt why should a Perm sec be disbursing the funds?? bupuba ubu

    • This is against electoral act and if ECZ had teeth, they would bite. Chanda Kabwe is a shameless semi illiterate characteristic of entire PF leadership.

  1. Now that there is an election and you have to empower the marketeers? Ndochi kubeba get the funds and vote for UPND!

  2. “A massive crowd” in the area that votes 100% UPND cannot be a threat to the president! He knows even if these people were to be helped, they cannot change! Kambwili was right. The president is just being a national leader he has demonstrated and is bringing development to all corners of Zambia. The problem with UPND is that they go by numbers in Southern Province of people coming to support THEIR OWN and think that is national! That is why they are angry and fail to understand the dynamics in the nation.

    • They are no less Zambians and your assertions are misplaced to assume other areas are more Zambian than others. I just cannot comprehend this type of Myopic thinking…… if it was ECL pulling such crowds in “his area” you would be singing a different song. All Zambians Count get your head out of that dark hole

  3. Empowerment of zambians by getting a chineses company to build the bus station. China the new colonial power with the approval of the government

  4. Presidential campaign fund. Pure abuse and theft of public funds being used as a pf fund. Ba Chanda u will be answerable for this fund remember Chanda chiimba, am sure you don’t have immunity against persecution yourself.

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