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Friday, February 21, 2020

Davis Mwila congratulates President Lungu and Inonge Wina for well run one year in office

Headlines Davis Mwila congratulates President Lungu and Inonge Wina for...

PF Secretary General Davies Mwila
PF Secretary General Davies Mwila

PF Secretary General Davis Mwila has congratulated President Edgar Lungu and Vice President Inonge Wina for a well-run one year in office.

Mr Mwila has since encouraged President Lungu and Mrs Wina to ignore detractors bent of sabotaging the progressive works being rolled out for the benefit of the people in the country.

He says the PF is in a hurry to create a diversified and resilient economy for sustained growth and socio-economic transformation.

Mr Mwila has called on all Zambians to remain supportive of President Lungu’s administration if the country is to attain development.

Below is the full statement




Lusaka, Zambia, 14th September 2017 – Patriotic Front Secretary General Hon Davies Mwila has congratulated His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu and Her Honour the Vice President Mrs. Inonge Mutukwa Wina for what he termed a “well-run” first year in Office. Hon Mwila has encouraged the Republican President and Her Honour the Vice President to ignore detractors bent on sabotaging the progressive works being rolled out for the benefit of the Zambian people and country at large.

PF, through its 2016-2021 Election Manifesto and aligning with the Vision 2030, 7NDP and Smart Zambia Transformation Agenda 2064 is in a hurry to create a diversified and resilient economy for sustained growth and socio-economic transformation driven, among others, by agriculture, tourism, manufacturing and mining”, he has observed.

The next 365 days are crucial for the Patriotic Front and we are asking all Zambians to remain supportive of President Lungu’s administration if the country is to attain more. Our call to Zambians is for them to ignore armchair critics and enemies of progress,” Hon Mwila said.

Hon Mwila has also said that under the PF manifesto, infrastructure was the cornerstone of the economy. “It is crucial for our PF government to step up investment in this sector if poverty is to be eliminated in Zambia.  Zambia, like the rest of Africa has undergone fundamental changes over the last decade which in turn has fuelled demand for infrastructure services including energy, transportation, ICT, water supply, growing agriculture and urban infrastructure. So those who seek to sabotage Government programmes are directly attempting to undermine what Zambians rightfully deserve and that’s development”, he said.

“We will continue to pursue the goal of increasing the wealth and income in the hands of marketeers and all those in the lower brackets of the economy such as the domestic workers as we demonstrated when we just got into office. We remain a Party that is a friend of the workers and as the economy grows so shall the benefits accrue to the hardworking civil servants and the working class in general. Our objective is to actualise the aspirations of our founding fathers captured in the national anthem – A land of Work, and Joy in Unity”, said Hon Mwila.

The PF Secretary General has since reminded those spreading falsehoods on development projects that they were gratuitously insulting the intelligence of Zambians on whose behalf the PF Government was acting.

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  1. Talk about boot licking!
    One year of random international trips,
    One year from broke to millionaire, inflated road contract estimates
    One year of unprecedented hell for the opposition,
    One year with no clear direction, other than the haphazard construction projects directed from state house,
    One year of restricting freedom of speech-social media,
    And so on and so forth…….

    • Congratulations to edgar lungu for the erosion of the rule of law in Zambia, for denting the country’s image abroad, for the reduction in tourist arrivals and for all the corruption in government tenders.

  2. To be honest, at the rate we were going, HH would have easily brought chaos to this country. HE ECL handled the situation firmly and now all that nonsense is gone. Had the President not handled the situation firmly, even today those good-for-nothing MPs were going to boycott Parliament.

  3. Just after Lungu steps on faeces, Mwila licks all the faeces from Lungu’s shoes, that is how disgusting Zambian politics are. Sometimes I wonder whether people like Mwila, Mumbi, Kaizer, Si\unday, Amos, Kampyongo, Chitotela and Kakunkubiti are indigneous Zambians. How can a normal Zambian keep singing praises on someone who is stealing from them?

  4. Ofcourse Mwila, you have to sing for your supper. What good governance etc? You must be looking very short sightedly at the situation in our country or maybe you wear rose tinted glasses, from my outlook it is like we have an eclipse permantly in Zambia now.

  5. So far you have done well and I wish you all the success with your plans for the country. Please take care. We have sadists among us who do not want others to succeed.

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