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Pathfinder Number 2: The Public Order Act Amends the Holy Bible in Zambia!

Headlines Pathfinder Number 2: The Public Order Act Amends the Holy Bible...

Heritage Party leader Brigadier Godfrey Miyanda holds a note and pen during the meeting to demand for the release of the draft Zambia constitution
FILE: Heritage Party leader Brigadier Godfrey Miyanda holds a note and pen during the meeting to demand for the release of the draft Zambia constitution

By Brig Gen Godfrey Miyanda – 24th August 2017


I was angry, very angry, when I drafted my initial reaction to the raid on the Cathedral of the Holy Cross. I could not fathom the Zambian Government, a professed Christian Government, blockading a place of worship in this Christian Nation, once again preventing and disrupting a Christian prayer gathering. The difference this time is that the chosen battle ground was the Cathedral of the Holy Cross instead of, say, BIGOCA or the Cathedral of the Child Jesus!

I wrote furiously and never stopped till I slept in the chair. When I came to in the morning there was a voice telling me not to release documents written in anger. I believe that my anger was justified under the circumstances but I checked myself and postponed releasing the statement on 24th August 2017. My only consolation is that the Lord Jesus Himself once acted in anger to save the honour of His Father’s House. Yes he whipped those robbers and hypocrites using His Father’s name in vain. Instead of worshipping God they were playing “njuga” in the church. I rebuked myself and I have repented of the language I used but not of the message which is still the same though heavily edited. This is the heavily edited version which relies and is inspired by the Holy Bible.


The Government meant business and was flexing its muscles to show who is “Boss” over Zambia. But preventing worshippers from worshiping God is not just bravado, it is the highest affront to the Christian faith. Such conduct led to the fall of that once favoured angel Lucifer. I am surprised and disappointed that some of our usually vocal Men and Women of God have acquiesced to this abomination. What happened at the Cathedral must not be allowed to happen ever again.

Just what happened at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross on 24th August 2017 that calls for further attention and frank talk? On this day the Zambian Government, using their horses and chariots instead of Bibles, raided the Cathedral of the Holy Cross, barricaded it and prevented the planned Thanks Giving Prayers to take place (they may have even entered the sanctuary). Those responsible were not just mocking God; they were challenging Him. You cannot have your cake and eat it; you are either for God or against God.


Prayer, for a devout Christian, is as blood to the human body. The Bible (otherwise also known as The Word) is the lifeblood of a Christian. In Zambian political language it would be better understood as The Christian’s Constitution, except that it is never amended, for it is sacred, sacrosanct; it is also a potent, multipurpose first aid box. It houses all of God’s secrets for and about life. To deliberately stop or prevent a believer from praying is an abomination. Further the Cathedral was desecrated because the agents of the Zambian Government chose to ignore that they were standing on Holy Ground. They claimed victory of the Public Order Act over the Holy Bible; they celebrated the shaming of those hungry for the Word of God: ‘Go back to your God and let us see what your God will do for you. We have taken over the Cathedral’ they proclaimed.


Apart from biblical concerns what does the Zambian law say about that Battle for the Cross on 24th August 2017? What happened on that day is contrary to public policy as expressed in our statutes. On that day religion in general was, and Christians in particular, were insulted. It is a criminal offence to do what the Police did in the name of Article 31 which allegedly operationalized the Public Order Act which the Police used as their excuse to desecrate the Cathedral. Sections 128 and 129 of Chapter 87 of the Laws of Zambia expressly provide, inter alia, as follows:

Section 128 (Insult to Religion of any Class): Any person who destroys, damages or defiles any place of worship or any object which is held sacred by any class of persons or with the knowledge that any class of persons is likely to consider such destruction, damage or defilement as an insult to their religion, is guilty of a misdemeanour.

SECTION 129 (Disturbing Religious Assemblies): Any person who voluntarily causes disturbance to any assembly lawfully engaged in the performance of religious worship or religious ceremony, is guilty of a misdemeanour.

[Note: to escape condemnation the Police must disclose who sent them to do what they did at that Holy Ground otherwise we shall conclude that they willingly obeyed the Public Order Act instead of the Holy Bible].

By their act the Government had purported to banish God from His Citadel. In answer to the question “what power are you using to prevent Christians from giving thanks to God?” Big Brother retorted “We are using the Public Order Act”. In answer to a follow up question by that gallant Pastor Chileshe Kangwa, the Police Agents proudly revealed that they had used the powers under the Public Order Act and justified this action by declaring that those who planned to hold Thanks Giving Prayers to God had NO PERMIT; and that they needed prior permission and give Seven Days Notice for them to be allowed to gather for prayers!

The last time I checked the scripture God had declared that “for where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them”. This is the real meaning of church; church is not a building nor is the edifice known as the Cathedral of the Holly Cross. It is the presence of two or more people gathered IN THE NAME OF THE LORD. Such people do not need the permission of any Government, let alone that of the Republican President or any other Government official. By their conduct this Government, while continuing to proclaim Christianity, has shoved the Bible down Christians’ throats and equated it with the Public Order Act, amended the Holy Book by ordering Christians to obtain permission before assembling to give thanks to God!

Prayer is the pathway to God’s Heart; prayer makes followers of Christ stronger and focused on the Almighty God and not on a mortal being. This public display against prayer is aiding and abetting Satan’s evil plan for Zambia. That act by the Government was well calculated and selfishly targeted against a hated particular class of people; further it was to show who is in charge; who is the Boss; who calls the shots, and even who fires the bullets. Although the Government has distanced itself from the diabolical act of the Police it is a mere excuse. I call this the Pontius Plate leadership. No one can stop prayer in Zambia in the name of “government”!


For purposes of order and transparency God has created an appropriate governance system, thus: Individual or Self Government; Family Government, Church Government and Civil Government. Each of these structures has its special place in the biblical design and none of these is subservient to the other. You just need to be conscious of when to apply the principles of each one of them.

An accountable leader usually, if not always, takes responsibility for the outcomes of his or her acts. But in Zambia leaders look away from their erring ways; they do not take responsibility for their errors; they always pass the buck. When the Executive part of the Zambian Government was caught re-handed barricading the Cathedral of the Holy while menacingly prancing around on their well-fed and well-groomed horses and chariots, they were quick to blame the Police; yet it is them who are in charge, in control of the Zambia Police Force! This is a typical Pontius Pilate characteristic.


Several of the Men and Women of God have suddenly gone quiet. This is not surprising because that is always the effect of intimidation and even bribery. Just because the Government stopped prayers which are not of your congregation you have kept quiet when there should have been one shrill sound from all Christians for the Devil to be reminded that he is NOT God.

Yes intimidation is a powerful weapon which works almost all the time; that is why Satan uses it. If you succeed in intimidating people you remove their will to resist evil, suspending God’s inbuilt mechanism for personal free judgement and decision-making, and instead you influence them by remote control whereby they keep looking over their shoulder, to see if “Big Brother” is watching. Yet some of our Shepherds use the excuse of “supporting the Government of the day”; please leave such slogans to political sycophants whose tongues are conditioned for churning out slogans, even those they do not understand or believe in. There is no such instruction in the Bible; this understanding of ‘government’ is rather shallow. Instead you are supposed to support what is righteous and rebuke what is evil. There is no middle ground. Genuine Men and Women of God know why Lucifer was demoted and booted out of the presence of God because He (or it) was discouraging the worship of God. So what transpired at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross is an abomination.

All Christians must object to the brazen impudence displayed at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross, a place of worship open to all Christians. The Silent Shepherds will be judged for their silence; speak up. Belief in God and prayer must not be fettered or be expunged by any power other than God. The Public Order Act exists to address public disorder, whereas the Bible is faith-based and addresses spiritualisation and mobilisation of believers including those in the security services; more importantly the Bible has commanded believers TO PRAY WITHOUT CEASING. This cannot happen if there is an artificial fetter for Christians to seek prior permission from the Zambian Government before praying! Simply put the Government, using its Zambia Police Force, used force to stop prayers; ever since that day there is no definitive explanation for the behaviour of the State Police; there is total silence of the Government. This is a bad seed that was planted some time ago and is sprouting and will continue to grow because there is no loud and clear authoritative sound condemning that act and previous ones such as at Bishop Peter Ndhlovu’s BIGOCA and other places of worship. This bad seed must be uprooted and burnt forthwith.


The Bible guides by asking “if the trumpet does not sound a clear call, who will get ready for battle?” Those in leadership must blow the correct trumpet sounds; they must not bend the rules at will but must set the example for their followers to emulate. Correct sounds have a bearing on whether we shall succeed in finding the elusive unity being advocated for. Such unity cannot be attained when leaders are engaged in Double Speak and promoting hate messages!

Our Shepherds must take heed: the Bible has prophesied that there will come a time when there will be a generation that did not know Joseph. Only a non-believer or an agent of Satan can trash prayer and desecrate any place of worship. Stopping prayer is contrary to God’s Command to pray without ceasing. Jesus says “if you love me obey my commands”. Between Man and God believers must choose God; for He only is the Alpha and Omega, above Him there is no other!


POSTSCRIPT: the last time I checked the head of the Anglican Church was Her Majesty the Queen of England; so that religious insult has crossed the borders of Zambia!


    • That’s the the truth!
      That’s the kind of knowledge that will set Zambia Free.

      The incident was the reincarnation of the party cadre of the second colonialism slogan of ” Lesa kumulu, panshi bakateka”.
      In whoever’s name that action was done, should have come out strongly to condemn the action if they hadn’t issued the embarrassing order.
      Thanks General.

    • “I am surprised and disappointed that some of our usually vocal Men and Women of God have acquiesced to this abomination”…….I guess it’s not in everyone to rebuke the government in the open, some do it quietly. The evil general Miyanda that you’re trying to paint the current government can’t equal the evil that you unleashed on UNZA students when you were Minister of Education. Instead of using the police to close the institution you used soldiers. One of the students ended up breaking her backbone and I wonder whether you even bothered to make a follow up on her.

      No one can with the right frame of mind condone Police’s behavior on that particular day. Government too did not take kindly the behavior of police that day. I don’t remember, perhaps, I missed Kanganja’s follow up on this matter let alone I must have been too busy to listen to the line Ministry of Home affair. What i know albeit is that Government apologized to HH. Bless you.

    • If Gen had written this day after the sinful day, Christians would have carried crucifixes in streets of Lusaka.
      Next time PF should try chase people from Kamwala mosque.


    • @ Ba Sebenza, as much as you are eating and stealing with PF, learn to criticize where it is due. General Miyanda’s article talks realities with facts than emotions. The problem that you PF cadres have is that you always never want to listen or look at things with different perceptive. Zambia is for all Zambians not PF alone. Who is evil? Miyanda or your leadership that asked the Police to stop a thanks giving prayer? Stop being hypocritical and accept mistakes. PF will pay heavily on their deeds because you cannot fool God.
      Well Written General Miyanda. Wonder why we can’t have many former leaders of your caliber many side with every rubbish just to eat with the Government in power. You have always stood by yourself than being dependent on the crooks in Government, just like…

    • Contnued……..

      Well Written General Miyanda. Wonder why we can’t have many former leaders of your caliber many side with every rubbish just to eat with the Government in power. You have always stood by yourself than being dependent on the crooks in Government, just like Kavindele and RB who are a shame to our country.

  1. Can somebody translate/simplify above article to the members of PF “intelligentsia”?
    If not, they may accuse our Lord to be “cardre” of UPND

  2. I expected a well balanced sermon from the General…..

    But I say to you that everyone who is angry with his brother shall be guilty before the court; and whoever shall say to his brother, “Raca,” shall be guilty before the supreme court; and whoever shall say, “You fool,” shall be guilty enough to go into the fiery hell. If therefore you are presenting your offering at the altar, and there remember that your brother has something against you, leave your offering there before the altar, and go your way; first be reconciled to your brother, and then come and present your offering.

  3. The Pharisees were intent only on the external act in worship. They looked not at all to the internal state of the mind. If a man conformed to the external rites of religion, however much envy, and malice, and secret hatred he might have, they thought he was doing well. Our Saviour taught a different doctrine. It was of more consequence to have the heart right than to perform the outward act. If, therefore, says he, a man has gone so far as to bring his gift to the very altar, and should remember that anyone had anything against him, it was his duty there to leave his offering and go and be reconciled. While a difference of this nature existed, his offering could not be acceptable. He was not to wait until the offended brother should come to him; he was to go and seek him out, and be…

  4. . So now the worship of God will not be acceptable, however well performed externally, until we are at peace with those that we have injured. “To obey is better than sacrifice,” 1 Samuel 15:22. He that comes to worship his Maker filled with malice, and hatred, and envy, and at war with his brethren, is a hypocritical worshipper, and must meet with God’s displeasure. God is not deceived, and he will not be mocked.

    • I hope and pray the know-it-all General can comprehend this honest statement! That intended prayer gathering was just a guise. More blatantly, it was done as way of avoiding the application for a permit to hold a rally. Thanks giving should have been organised by HH and his family with invited guests at his home

      Thanks, E B Hibalwa

    • [email protected] HIBALWA: I am surprised that @David N has totally misunderstood your posting. Simply put @Hibalwa is saying God is not interested in your gifts or humbleness if you do not go to make up with the person offended. The quoted scripture actually confirms that the Bible encourages dialogue with no pre-conditions – just go and reconcile!I pray that @David N reads your posting again with understanding///

  5. Ati… “Kumulu ni Lesa panshi ni Lungu epela”
    This situation of ignorance of the word is worsened by cader priests like the rev Chewe of Mpatamatu church said when Lungu donated funds to his house building project
    That type of partisan preaching has brought into the church the calling of PF churches, Christians for Lungu.

  6. Unfortunately, General Miyanda, the blocking of the meeting was completely wrong, but that intended worship was a political meeting in a church. Church is a place for exaltation of The Almighty God only. Let political parties take their battles elsewhere not in the church, not even disguisingly. Let the true men of God stay above board and not hibernate in politics.

    • This General he picks and chooses what he wants to comment on…. why have you not spoken out about Nevers Mumba since he is now the UPND spokes person? When are you going to hold elections in Heritage Party, ever since kuma early 2000 you have been President!!!

    • @David, the blocking of any gathering is a sin against humanity (not all people are religious ). This includes the shooting of Dr Kaunda and Dr Roger Chongwe in Kabwe. Just as mentioned in the article the police must also tell the nation who sent them to Kabwe, disrupt the meeting and shoot the two leaders. The declaration of Zambia as a Christian Nation was not done with honest intentions and that’s why the Catholic disassociated itself from this. Disrupting any meeting whatever its form, muslims, Christian, Buddhist, Shinto, political etc is inhuman.

    • @ndanje that’s a good reminder to this rtd gen who thinks we all belong to the party for under5s who started politics when the tribal hh was installed as their leader more than 10 years ago. We are very much alive to the fact that the leader of govt the veep gen Godfrey miyanda at that blessed the shooting and disruption of a rally in kabwe at kabwe grounds injuring kk and many cadres scampering in all directions. All these were happening when gen was veep and today he wants to pretend as though he us hollier than thou. That political gathering at the cathedral celebrating hh release should be condemned by you for using the holy place for selfish gain. You are the live example of those who were whipped by Jesus for turning the house of prayer for political gain.

    • @6 David and @6.3 HH OVAL HEAD: since the gathering was disrupted BEFORE anyone said any prayers how do you know that it was a political gathering? Why did the Government stop an intended prayer meeting using the Public Order Act? And you two repent of your hatred spirit; you will soon get ulcers!

    • Gentlemen, what’s the fuss about? Government issued an apology. This story is in reverse gear. It is done and dusted. Lessons were learnt but as the General rightly put it. The story was delayed and so dununa reversed.

    • It’s politicians like the Gen who are a big disappointment to the political landscape in Zambia, they are not honest enough to remain objective. This is very sad to mother Zambia.
      The Devil cannot condemn evil…most of the so called political commentors in Zambia, including the Gen, are not genuine. They committed worse political blunders than they current GRZ. They have not confessed their sins and yet they want to sound like they are the remedy to the Zambian current problems, and yet they are the cause…shame on them.

    • Gen @6.4 I am disappointed that you assume we are so dull as not to see that this was just a political gathering. When HH poured scorn on prayers, where were you? Your polarized approach to commentary on Zambian politics is so sad for a man many of us have held with so much admiration. You will do well also to castigate the actions of the opposition under HH – if we are to view you as a nation builder. As a highly trained security operative, does it surprise anybody that you have conspicuously remained mum over HH’s behavior in Mongu?

    • [email protected] 6.6 Thorn and 6.8 Abilima: 1. @6.6 Thorn: sorry I am NOT aware of apology. If there was then it ddnt qualify for the usual Big Headlines in the Daily Nation, Daily Mail, Times, ZNBC Radio and TV. Who apologised and for what? 2. @6.8 Abilima, my article is not running a competition on dullness and/or cleverness, PLEASE. Comment on my topic: do you approve that before Zambians gather to pray they should get permission from the Government after giving seven days notice? Prayer is the lifeblood of ALL WHO CALL UPON JESUS CHRIST AS THEIR KING AND SAVIOUR; in the end God will be the ultimate Judge of who has been a good Christian or not. You cannot unite people while despising and hating them.

    • @David; so you’re saying these people were gathering at church not for prayer but for something else!?! My brother, you need God in your life. In any case, you were proved wrong because when the go-ahead was given, those people went in and prayed. Perhaps you can tell us what else they did in there!!

    • General @6.9 Apparently the first part of your response to me gives me an impression that your article is really testing the dullness/cleverness of bloggers here. Let me answer your question in 6.9: Zambians should not use the church as a political platform, under the guise of prayer. Let us all respect the House of Prayer. If you noticed, in my post I did not condone the action of our Police.

    • Thank you David. Every christian including this failed politician in a general, ought to understand that the house of God is just that.

    • There is no Christian Nation on earth.. that is a lie from the pit of hell started by Chiluba…. we must take off our religious lenses… Jesus Christ did not die to redeem any land, He died to redeem man…

  7. ba miyanda, we are just a country and not necessariry, a Christian country. It is you and chiluba, who with intent to deceive Zambian, declared us as Christian country. We have respect for God, and for Christian values, but that does non christianise the whole country or its citizens.

  8. Let me give him this one lol: POSTSCRIPT: the last time I checked the head of the Anglican Church was Her Majesty the Queen of England; so that religious insult has crossed the borders of Zambia!

  9. F**k you to hell Godfoolish Miyandering, you hypocritical menace to society. Zambians honestly have such a short memory because if they could recall, the supreme court outlawed the Public Order Act as being ultra vires the constitution and it was no other than this most evil and stupid menace to society who as VEEP within days brought it back to Parliament and had it thrust down our throats. Rodger Chongwe and Kaunda were subsequently nearly killed in Kabwe under the guise of the same law, while Miyanda was all of a sudden incidentally acting as president. The man is such an evil hypocrite and dangerous menace to society, he deserves to be tortured before being shot, mambala wa kantu.

  10. The purpose of the meeting was to thank God for the release of HH. The general has decided not even to mention the name of HH? Why because the article will sound political? General always try to write in context.

    • @11 Amagenge: Read the title of the article again. I did not mention HH because I was discussing the amendment of the Bible by the Christian. They have decreed that before you hold prayers you must apply seven days in advance for permission to pray; the Police relied on the Public Order Act which has gone agaginst the two Sections I have cited. That decree must offend every Christian and not HH; obviously you are not Christian so do NOT bother about the article///

    • I thank the general for finding time in his heart to respond to my posting. I am humbled. Of course I will not argue with the General’s assumption that I might not be a christian. I have no problem with General’s article but I always have issues when intellectuals decide to ignore the context in which they write. This does not in anyway suggesting that General’s opinions are.

    • @Amagenge at 11.2: 1. I apologise if you are a Christian, you sounded as though you had issues with Christianity. I hope you will join the crusade to prevent further abuse of the law against prayer and freedom to worship. Why give seven days notice to a policeman before gathering to pray?
      2. I am very much in context in my article; read it again including the title: I am discussing why the Government, using state organs, must not interfere with prayer and NOT use the Public Order Act to achieve their agenda against prayer.

    • The Bible like all bemba proverbs can be manipulated by people. Personally I’ve submitted that the preamble of our Constitution should be gotten rid of in order to allow freedom of worship without conditions.

      If an apology was issued in good faith, what’s the point, why mumble. Anyways they General lowered his temper in reacting to the intended prayer’s ordeal or fracas. That’s what matters. ZAMBIA REMAINS A CHRISTIAN NATION; this does not in any way mean that then we shall have a sinless society.
      Jeremiah 17:7 “But blessed is the one who trusts in the LORD, whose confidence is in him”
      Psalm 146:5 “Blessed are those whose help is the God of Jacob, whose hope is in the Lord their God.”
      Psalm 33:12 “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord; and the people whom he hath chosen for his own inheritance”
      2 Chronicles 7:14 “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their…

    • .. sin, and will heal their land.”
      So relax and only as (Philippians 3:14) press on towards the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus. It’s gonna be a rough road though. Not even the General here is sin free. If he claims so then he is a liar (1 John 1:8)

    • It’s sad to note that just because a political gathering was held in a church building then it should qualify for a worship gathering…according to the Gen. This is wrong, Gen. Stop misleading us. That gathering was nothing but a political campaign rally…look at the outcome of the chap that your paraded and praid for! There is nothing renciliatory coming out of his mouth…! Be objective, Gen. If not careful in the manner people like the Gen are misleading us, there will be no Zambia left yo talk about. People in the position of the Gen should be more concerned with how to unite Zambia than divide it…

    • My only agony Thorn in the Flesh is, you can’t insult your own only to say, after all I will simply say sorry. And that is what general miyanda does. I am glad Dr Kaunda has been silent on all his tantrums. Wisdom sometimes entails that.

  11. Indeed Lucifer was thrown out of heaven for one cardinal sin: pride. The word of God is clear on this sin – God resists the proud no matter who they are. In the last one month Kabwili made a trip to Southern Province to apologise for his use of derogatory language. I haven’t yet seen a southerner going to northern province to apologise for 2001 – 2008 persecution of bembas. If we are to talk about humbleness, someone must apologise. Can a chief from Southern province please go to luapula and offer sincere apologies for the persecution of bembas and any other tribal misdemeanours.

    • @ 12 Designer tribalism

      A concocted figment by the wildest of imaginations – Tongas persecuting Bembas? That sounds implausible.

    • You tongas or supporters should face this reality instead of denying everything. People died and mostly bembas and we have never retaliated and reasoning being we are intermarried. But trust me that does not make bembas stupid.

  12. You should’ve listened to that voice which told you not to release the story with I’ll intentions. Gen do you still believe that those who gathered at the cathedral were there to worship God or it was an just an assembly of tribalists supported by a few people for political expediency. Moreover the nation was mourning Dr kasonde when those politicians went to assemble at the cathedral celebrating the release of a prisoner.
    They even made the announcement clear…..to celebrate the release and not to worship God. Actually it was the govt who overturned the decision of the police and allowed those tribalists to go ahead with the celebration . GEN your psychometric test is overdue please you need to visit chainama before we loose you.

    • @13 Oval Head: it is you who should take yourself to Chainama because you do not understand what you are reading and you do not understand what you are writing. The Cathedral gathering was advertised publicly before Dr Kasonde’s death. Christians give thanks to God for everything and anything that God has done for them such as birth of a new baby, a bumper harvest; a new job; a criminal pardoned by President Lungu; etc etc. I thank God that I listened His Voice that is why I revealed that I DID NOT PUBLISH THE ORIGINAL DRAFT! Go to Chainama and chill before coming back to enjoy my article!

    • @13, I would not agree more. And the Gen was VP at the time when Chiluba together with the releaded prison were busy looting Zambia…Zambia and Zambians went thru torturous economical dodrums because of people like the Gen who were in positions of influence but decided to cast a blind eye to the looting by Chiluba, HH and company…Today the Gen is telling us to support the parading of a released prisoner in a church! Gen, stop insulting our intelligence…

  13. Instead of: “…went to assemble at the cathedral celebrating the release of a prisoner…” you should for once be truthful in your miserable slave like life and say: “…went to assemble at the cathedral celebrating the release of a INOCENT POLITICAL prisoner…”

  14. [email protected] Sebenza: u have lied!1. Check the government and newspaper archives. U will find that I was on leave when that sad incident took place. When I became aware of the young lady’s fate thru the press I went to UTH to visit her. Ask UNZA to give you her details and then go and interview her about my visit and chat by her hospital bed even though I was on leave. 2. During my whole tour of duty under Dr Chiluba I never had anything to do with Defence and Security matters in spite of my knowledge and experience. No matter how many times you reproduce your lies they will never turn into truth. @Sebenza, stop re-broadcasting lies and research before you disgrace yourself furthers. Sebenza properly!

    • Ba General you cannot hide under “being on leave”. When those riots where going on at UNZA, you cannot claim to have been in the dark inspite of you being on leave considering that UNZA was the biggest learning institution under your ministry. Even though you were not the one in charge of defence, there is no way you can claim that you were not aware that a decision was arrived at to close the institution using soldiers. Why did your government choose to close a learning institution using war men instead of police men who are trained to handle riots?

    • There is what is called collective responsibility….leave or no leave the Gen was part of the governance then and collectively agreed with what was taking place, otherwise he should have resigned and informed the nation accordingly…

    • [email protected] Ba Sebenza and 16.2 God shall not allow:
      1. @Ba Sebenza: It is said those who lie have a challenge to remember their lies; you have shifted goal posts because I have exposed your lies; truly evasive! 2. @16.2God shall not allow: you have wasted your effort supporting nothing. Read @1.2 above and note that I was answering what Sebenza had posted. You are mistaken about about collective responsibility. To be bound by this principle one has to be aware of the specific decision. I urge you to implore Government to reveal who was involved in that UNZA incident. I will be shocked if my name will appear; and if it does appear it will be a forgery.

  15. Can Godfrey please add a word or comment to what The CHITIMUKULU wrote that the 1991 regime change was sponsored by the whites in order to rule us indirectly? He was there and has the information.

    • [email protected] pink toe: I respect HRH Mwine Lubemba and appreciate his articles. But I reserve my comments on his latest two-part article as I am NOT privy to a lot of the information he has disclosed. My one disappointment is that HRH has seemingly relied heavily on my former favourite paper the Daily Nation, whose credibility to day is questionable as it has become partisan///

  16. The general would probably do more justice to this article by making reference to historical facts that up unto day remain grim reminders of the church- state confrontations; the invasion of a Sikhi temple by Gandhi’s army and the massacre of innocent Tusis right inside the sanctuary of a religious temple. The question is do the walls of the church provide immunity against crime? The key word under section 129 should be ‘lawfully’ (assembly)

    • [email protected]: you have introduced an “academic” dimension for the simple question of the need for faith-based organisations to seek prior permission in order to exercise their right to pray and worship. Facts in the Sikh and Tutsi examples are NOT the same as in the Cathedral example. We shall never know whether the gathering was lawful or not as no one was arrested, no one was allowed to enter the Cathedral and no one said any words apart from Pastor Chileshe Kangwa asking why they were being prevented from assembling for prayers. The government released HH and are calling for National Prayers; what a contradiction and hypocrisy!

    • @ 18.1 Godfrey Miyanda

      Satan is evasive, and often times escapes our attention. The questions being raised by Academio @18 are frighteningly relevant. Any place where God is worshiped is sacred and ought to be respected. But history is replete with incidences where that sacredness of God’s place of worship has vehemently been desecrated. The very idea of trespassing the place of worship to go and slaughter those who are gathered there is devilish. What happened at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross recently is, by character, not different. It is the reason you have written to condemn it, I presume?

    • @.18.2 Mange ta Munya Upa: I affirm that I did write to condemn what happened at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross, one of the many places of worship in Zambia; there is yet no justification for the assault on the Cathedral by the Government, through the Police. I mentioned BIGOCA where a similar assault took place and the then MP for Matero Constituency took some money to pacify the Church. After BIGOCA has followed the Cathedral of the Holy Cross; later it may be SDA, Catholic, Presbyterian and it will not stop until blood is shed. The government has not said they suspected that the Cathedral was being used to commit crimes. Why the raid? Mine is just an early warning call///

  17. Christianity is not appropriate to the future of our Country it is a colonial inheritance which has no place in our future, it won’t bring us any progress or prosperity, its something which missionaries from England that were of the opinion that we are somehow a savage people gave to us to reform, in actuality it was to prime us ready for wholesale exploitation and British imperialism which is the case in every African Christian nation.. all Christian nations in Africa are chaotic, divided and poverty stricken, Nigeria leading the way in all this mess.

    However, this isn’t to approve the government act of disrupting a gathering of citizens even tho it’s the practicing the none progressive colonial religion.

    One Zambia One Nation.

    • Of course, abuse of power is unacceptable, our constitution as well as natural law caters for the fact that all citizens are free to gather, to pray etc etc.. even tho they may be praying to God within the confines of an imperial religion consigned to us by the imperialists.

    • Thank you for your Service by the way General Miyanda, may the quest for justice and national decency keep you strong Sir!

  18. Well spoken, Brig Gen Godfrey Miyanda.

    As a matter of fact, the unprecedented blasphemous manner in which ‘Big Brother’ went about raiding a sacred place of worship of God Almighty to prevent prayers, and the lack of remorse todate, clearly puts ‘Big Brother’s faith in God Almighty into big question.

    We reap what we saw. Any genuine Christian would find what happened disturbing, but also revealing.
    I mean, if a genuine believer in God Almighty hears that an opponent of his/hers is on his way going to the place of worship of the same God Almigthy to pray, would he/she react by blocking him?…. Or would he/she react by encouraging the opponent to go right ahead in the full belief that God Almighty will be in control? In fact that would be prayer answered, wouldn’t it? Unless of…

    • Cont’d… Unless of course that ‘believer’ is only a pretender to hoodwink citizens.
      As the scripture says, you shall see them by their works.

      The works of Big Brother thus far are all clear for all to see.

  19. Gen: I know you are gone. I like the way you articulate your articles. However, next time please write an article when no particular person is involved. This article has been written because prayers were called for a thanks giving for an individual. Therefore, it is being viewed with contempt and you are having issues with some of the guys here. How I wished you had written this article before any form of prayer was called to thank God for anything or anyone. You are fully aware of this POA contents and this was not a surprise package. Secondly, I would like you to research and write an article on the deception of man in using Gods name and Ministers. Remember how God hated Abel and loved Cain. Some people say God loves us all.



    • [email protected]: I take note of your strong posting which qualifies to be a hate message. I decline to comment further save to thank you for at least agreeing that the Police (Government) were wrong, double wrong, for amending the Bible and replacing it with the Public Order Act – thus saith the Lord “WHERE TWO OR THREE ARE GATHERED IN MY NAME THERE AM I ALSO”, Let God be the judge of us all!!!

  22. Imwe stop troubling the general who has tried to conscientise you. To the general keep up the good work polarised people do not appreciate information they only want praises for their beloveds action’s good or bad.

  23. When MMD was formed by Aka and Derrick, Miyanda was a cadre with Reverend Mumpashya’s NADA party so he would be clueless about who sponsored MMD. Further, when it was clear Chiluba was trying to gerrymander the system to curve out an illegal 3rd term for himself, Miyanda was the only living soul in Zambia not aware that FTJ was angling for a 3rd term. When KK and Chongwe were nearly killed in Kabwe while Miyanda was acting president, he said it was not him because he was in Lusaka. When UNZA students were tortured while he was Higher Education minister, he was conveniently “on leave”. With the re enactment of the evil Public Order Act which he as VEEP presented to parliament, it was collective responsibility! When Captain Solo took over, Chiluba called Miyanda but the phone was silent,…

  24. once the coup was fouled he called back to claim he was in the toilet! While Shamwana, Sikatana and Mumba all claimed Miyanda was part of the coup, he claims he was found innocent so he does not know what they are talking about. Now I hear while he was Education Minister and UNZA students were being tortured by police, Miyanda was on leave! The man will never ever own up to anything he has done, he is indeed a MENACE TO SOCIETY!

  25. In my own opinion much as I respect your iterations, you need to keep quiet as someone who indirectly ordered the killing of Dr Kaunda and Dr Rodger Chongwe in Kabwe as acting president just because you were locked up for treason by Dr Kaunda. If I had a way, I would even strip the one star you were given as a brigadier general so that you remain a colonel. Wish late tthree star General Tembo or four stars full General Malimba Masheke or Kingsley Chinkuli could say something since they were your seniors. Stop pretending just because your aspirations of becoming president went into the toilet and you formed your non functional Heritage Party. God never makes mistakes general and that is why you are not, cannot and will never be president of Zambia because he has seen what you have in your…

  26. [email protected]: I usually DO NOT respond to irrelevant postings but let me expose your lies (when cadres fail to reason they resort to character assassination and lies) 1. 3RD TERM: I was one of the 22 MMD senior NEC members “expelled” for opposing the 3rd Term, you liar! 2. Kabwe incident: you liar, KK is still alive. Contact him and remind him about my written complaint to him and he assigned his son, the Hon Panji Kaunda, MP to be the go-between. The Col even issued a statement in The Post confirming the assignment. Contact Gilbert Banda KK’s office or Col Panji to remind KK that I await his response. Time is running out. Lie Nimber 3 continues next page///

  27. [email protected]: 3. Lie Number 3 “When Captain Solo took over, Chiluba called Miyanda but the phone was silent”. I was in Scotland sent by Dr Chiluba to the meeting of Heads of State. ThereI had the rare privilege of dining with Her Majesty the Queen, Prince Philip, Her Royal Highness the Queen Mother, King Mswati, etc and I sat with Ghana’s President Jerry Rawlings and his dear wife and Princess Margaret. On return to London I learnt of the Solo issue and it was I who called Dr Chiluba. 4. The amendment that I presented to Parliament on the POA formalised the GIVING OF NOTICE TO THE POLICE AND NOT ASKING FOR PERMITS. This was in line with the Supreme Court judgement in the Mulundika case and DID NOT INCLUDE churches.What a pathetic liar.

  28. [email protected]: You say “Now I hear” – so you are not just a liar but a prolific rumour monger; you have disqualified yourself from a credible discussion or debate. You may even be one of those convicted in the Shamwana case, chewing sour grapes. I bind your lying spirit in Jesus’s Name. Get thee behind me///NB: Just a friendly and timely advice. I won the defamation case last year after 13 years regarding what you have published although you are using a fake nme. The Judge held further that whoever publishes afresh defamatory matter becomes the new author. For now I will ignore you but it is in your interest to consult a lawyer; but better still keep quiet///

  29. [email protected] mulenga: 1. Read @Godfrey Miyanda 32, 33 (and ?34) above which comments apply to you. 2. Wrong: General Tembo was my junior and once trained and served under me. Even though he later attained a higher rank he remains my junior on the Military Seniority Roll. Clearly you are uninformed about military customs. By the way its NOT easy to ‘strip’ a commissioned officer of his rank (we call it cashiering NOT stripping which follows a formal charge and Court Martial). 2. I was with Gen Chinkuli a few days ago during the funeral of Dr Bright Chunga. In the presence of Gen Mibenge, he reminded me with approval about my contributions to the Defence Force. He had handed over to me the 2nd Battalion as CO. I was surprised to learn that my seniors also follow my writings. Speak for…

  30. [email protected]: thanx for encouragement. Contrary to what some think, I dont write for votes or political gain(nothing wrong to do that anyway). I am a patriot and have no partisan interest when I write. That is why I do NOT sign myself as a political party or leader but a concerned Zambian. Long before the Commonwealth involvement in the dialogue issue I had published on LT that there should be dialogue WITHOUT PRE-CONDITIONS. Our Government did not listen but listened to the Commonwealth; despite being ignored at least there is hope for a dialogue. I have moved to other topics and nobody will stop me from writing no matter the insults and lies. I appreciate your words of encouragement///

    • @35: this is the right time and place to sign off unless there will be a real compelling reason to resume blogging on this article; many thanks to all who have participated. Remember to continue fighting and defending your rights BEFORE they are taken. Also re-read my LT article on Captain Sir Basil Liddell Hart. I am done until the next article. Godfrey Miyanda///

  31. Miyanda,
    You will never admit to anything you menance to society. Of course you were hiding in a toilet in Scotland prestending not to know what was happening back home until you arrived in London only then to call Chiluba. With friend like you, who needs enemies? The provision of only notifying the police was a trsap and you know it, its abuse started right with you once you created it when Chongwe and Chiluba were nearly killed for so called not notifying the police. I’m glad your own creation came back to bite you in your stinky backside where it never shines!

  32. You are the one who once claimed Chinkuli destroyed your career in the army, why? It’s because you are a lumpenising menace to society. And I want you to deny that Chitomfwa brought you back to Zambia in the boot of a Peogeot 504 from Katanga where you were hiding Katele Kalumba style, when the military intelligence tortured you and brought vimbuza to dance fwemba with you, cimucembele coonse iwe you defacted in your own combat, mambala wa kantu iwe! And why did Mwana wa Kwitu Tembo leep frog you? Tuulo awe sure Miyandering uleke. Your treachery too stinks, Aka fished you out of NADA and yet to show ingratitude you were the first to have him kicked out of his own creation until FTJ’s oil of annointment missed your afro gurumuthu and landed on a slumbering Levy in Jesmindine. Two last…

  33. Questions, please confirm or deny partaking in the Shamwana coup plot? Secondly, Alexander Chikwanda alleged whenever Chiluba was out of the country, you would leave cabinet office and start operating from State House and bring Sangomas to shower with you there, mwati ndiwe mfwiti?

  34. If you have no answers, just shut up mister or else nizaku ulula! Stop kuzionesa ati you’re a good military man when you were discharged from the army for alleged dangerous coup plotting. Kaunda and Chongwe refused to talk to you after they were nearly killed, and I never said they died because kaili bakali umoyo! That incident happened under your watch mamabala iwe so we are right to say it was done at no other than your behest. And proposing to meet Chongwe & Kaunda, who wants to get back into the water to cozy with a crocodile after a near miss? Other MMD guys left for FDD and refused to join your confused HP because they all said you were impossible to work with. General Tembo too said, and quote: “I don’t know what’s wrong with the chap because he is not returning my calls”

Comments are closed.

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