PF used money to entice people to vote for them-Mulongoti

Mike Mulongoti addressing the media at the conference
Mike Mulongoti addressing the media at the conference

Peoples Party President Mike Mulongoti has charged that the Patriotic Front (PF) enticed people using money to vote for them in the Lunte Council bye-elections yesterday.

In an interview with yesterday this morning, Mulongoti said the PF have no popularity in Lunte as they have not taken any development there.

“The Patriotic Front (PF) enticed people using money to vote for them in the Lunte Council bye-elections yesterday” he said

Mulongoti further said the PF’s popularity has declined to an extent where they cannot penetrate the strongholds of the United Party for National Development (UPND) adding that if they call for a general election today they can lose because they have failed to fulfill their 2011 campaign promises.

“PF is no longer popular, that is why they cannot penetrate the strongholds of the United Party for National Development (UPND)” Mulongoti said


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      If Jesus can not penetrate UPND strongholds you think PF can? Dont just buck give us evidence that money was used. MMD used all tricks in the book we all know it.

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      Ba Mulongoti, please mature up and learn to conduct professional postmortem. Can we hear researched opinions than this tired whynning business? What you guys have been doing in your eccentric rhetoric schemes around the clock against the ruling party and Chagwa is self disconnecting from Zambians who vote. You have unwittingly turned yourselves into fronts of foreign interests than Zambians. Whatever you do is inimical to the votee period.

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      Ba Mulongoti, and where is your party’ s strong hold? You are talking about strong holds of other parties…!

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    Is this what Zambia has now fallen to? An illegal President from a stolen election now using our taxpayers money to bribe voters so that PF can stay in power and steal MORE borrowed money that ZAMBIANS will have to PAY BACK ????

    When will Zambian wake up and see what is happening in front of their eyes? When they are starving? When it is too late to do anything about it?

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    Mike Mulongoti is very dull.where on earth can a politician reason like this?if PF used money to bribe voters,why didnt the two rich men (HH&GBM) leading upnd fail to bribe voters too?Mulongoti answer me,so all these years, PF has been bribing voters in its strongholds because upnd has been losing there since 2006?plus if PF has failed to penetrate upnd’s strongholds,HAS UPND DONE SO?kikikikikiki.from these by elections,a wise person will conclude that regional voting for political parties has continued.if this happens in 2021,PF shall retain power because its popular in 6.5 provinces!!SO ITS HH’S UPND TO WORRY TOO MUCH BECAUSE REGIONAL VOTING WILL SURELY FAVOURS PF IN 2021!!

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    Suddenly this chap Mulongoti has to champion upnd causes in Lunte (of all places) and not Mpongwe or thereabouts?

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    Mulongoti claims PF is not popular in Lunte because it has not taken any development there. For the record, the Kasama-Luwingu road that passes through Lunte Constituency was not tarred under Mwanawasa’s rule when Mulongoti was in government. Secondly, Lunte had not even a single secondary school. Today, under PF, Lunte boasts of the first technical secondary school for girls. The Kasama Luwingu road has also been tarred. Therefore, is it surprising that PF won in Lunte? As I speak, there is a new farming block that has been surveyed in the area under the rural resettlement scheme and land is being given out. I am one of those who applied from Lusaka and is being considered for land in the area. This is the place of my paternal ancestors.

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    Comment: I do not agree with what Mr Mike Mulongoti has said because I was on the ground campaigning with the PF team in Lunte and no money was used as he is saying. The PF won fairly moreover Upnd & indeed his party is not & will never be popular in Lunte and will continue losing for the next century.

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    True this government has failed only a blind man ? can support this government,they are using money to pay people to beat others instead of use that for developmental projects,and here a stupid man ? saying pf is working,wake up you fools.

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    Mulongoti you’re sharp but a let down politian. Be strong like President Chishimba Kambwili. The Zambian messier. Please support this simple young man.

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    mulongoti poverty tefintu ,katuka must be carefull otherwise one day you woke up mulongoti inshi ni spokesperson of upnd

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