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PF cadre attacked by UPND supporters in the just ended by-elections dies

Headlines PF cadre attacked by UPND supporters in the just ended by-elections...

Sunday Chanda
Sunday Chanda

Patriotic Front (PF) supporter who was allegedly attacked by United Party for National Development (UPND) supporters in the just ended by-elections in Chilanga has died.

In a statement to the media today, PF media Director Sunday Chanda announced the death of Teacher Kalaluka of Chimanja ward in Chilanga constituency.

Mr. Chanda says Kalaluka was violently attacked by UPND cadres during the Chilanga Local Government election campaigns last week and was admitted in University Teaching Hospital and the family has moved the funeral to Lusaka’s Kanyama Township.

And Mr. Chanda since called on Zambia Police to expedite their investigations into the violence which has resulted into the death of Teacher Kalaluka as the PF mourns with the bereaved families.

Mr. Chanda further called on all political players to engage in issue-based politics because that is what the Zambian people have always demanded for.

“We regret to announce to the nation about the death of Teacher Kalaluka of Chimanja ward in Chilanga constituency who was attacked by the UPND cadres” Mr. Chanda said


    • Condolences to the family of the bereaved MHSRIEP.

      In the spirit of reconciliation let no PF cadre, member or supporter retaliate!

      Let the Law handle this matter and let peace prevail.

      Those who wish to start anarchy will be disappointed as we in Zambia say no to political violence in all its forms!

      Press Green if you are for peace and Red if you are a blood thirsty animal!

    • Yes, this was criminal and must not be tolerated. It must be investigated and culprits brought to book. Retrospectively, those PF cadres and the Police Officers who shot and hacked opposition cadres to death must be found and brought to book. That’s the right and fair thing to do.

      The rule of law must apply to and visit all equally.

      It’s expected that Sunday will in future speak for the opposition as well when they encounter similar treatment from his party cadres.

    • Hello! Iwe ka Sunday Chanda, what about the PF cadre young brother to PF thug Kaiser seen in the video punching a police officer, statement kaili

    • @Ndobo, are you telling us that boy who bought Edgar’s hat using state house money punched an officer, and nothing happens?
      They better behave on their UN visit here in New York, umo aleponokwa.

    • Political violence in Zambia is a result of the Commander in Chief having failed and sleeping on duty. If he police were left to operate independently and deal with violence perpetrators regardless of political affiliation there would be no political violence.

    • Kalaluka I heard is actually UPND supporter not PF. Sunday chanda is trying to twist facts so that the PF can have a reason to arrest UPND members and yet it failed to arrest those who attacked mourners at the grave yard.

      Shame on Sunday I have always said what ever PF says the opposite is the absolute truth. Very soon by end of the day the truth will be verified.

      PF believes in violence, deception, corruption embezzlement, vote rigging ,murdering UPND supporter with pangas ,and treachery.

      Zambia shall will be free of all these PF *****s. We shall cage them and throw the key away.

    • Lets call a spade a spade. We all know the party that has brought violence. Since when did cadres hack each other in the history of Zambia to the point of death? The problem is we have someone calling himself the Alpha but does not care about the ordinary citizen. He only cares of swindling an election regardless of the process. How many people have died so far while he is on the helm of controlling the deteriorating situation? As long as its opposition members who have died he doesn’t care. Even though they are both Zambians. We only have one Zambia to defend and never let politicians to use you. This tells you that you should vote on credibility not on tribe.

    • Normally the pF starts these Fights. Sure UPND were in self-defense. Let these leaders stop corrupting our people to turn on each other just because of votes.

    • PF cadre Munir Zulu and his boys on Friday fought with traffic police officers from Garden Police Station when they requested to see insurance for a foreign registered vehicle he was driving.

      But Zulu, after seeing how viral the video of the incident has gone and the condemnation it has attracted, has said he cannot engage in a fight with the police.

      In a video clip of the incident, Munir and his ‘boys’ identified as Wayo and George, were seen exchanging punches with traffic police officers in Lusaka’s Roma area on Kasangula road near Mahak Restaurant.

      “This is an embarrassing situation. You cannot have cadres behaving like they are above the law. In any case, if our colleagues were wrong, there are other ways they could have engaged them to get the licence for Munir back, than…

    • so what ka chikalor ka Sunday. Its Probably not even UPND but people upset with your criminal looting behaviors out of cobtrol. yes the President stole a widows money and his licence got stripped. purely the man has not repented. in fact he has exacerbated his character. where do you stop please

  1. Of course no revenge BUT CULPRITS BROUGHT TO BOOK!! Like TREASON, MURDER IS NON BAILABLE!! We need to treasure human life above everything else!!

  2. we told you. Dont release him.

    we enjoyed peace while he was inside

    the dollar was stable

    now that he is out watch the dollar

    there is panic and high demand hence


    Cursed is the day HH was released from mukobeko.we enjoyed total peace,Kwacha kept on gaining,fuel prices were droping,etc when HH was in jail.but after HH’s release,our kwacha has started being weak,soon fuel will go up,mealie meal prices will increase,etc.SURELY,WHY SHOULD ZAMBIANS SUFFER DUE TO ONE TONGA MAN HH’S DESPERATION FOR STATE HOUSE?WHY CANT GOVNT CAGE THIS NIGGA ONCE AND FOR ALL?
    As long as Govnt keeps on treating HH’s upnd cadres with kid groves,many innocent Zambian souls will continue dying at the hands of die hard tribalists found in upnd!!!HENCE, ITS HIGH TIME GOVNT CAGED ALL DANGEROUS UPND CADRES!!

    • @Njimbu let’s leave tribes out of this! We are one Zambia one Nation we have Tongas who are PF supporters we have Bembas and Easterners who are UPND supporters leave tribe out of this please! Not all whites are brilliant and not all blacks are fast runners! Not all Chinese know martial arts and not all French people are romantic.

    • Stop this bull crap of equally inciting others to do the same. Thank you at flag 202vision for wise counseling. You just said my thought. You kids have never been to Rwanda or Burundi talk like you know everything. I was in between two different tribes. Please, stop formenting violence.

    • Njimbu; let us be fair in our blogging. this is a sad developement and our politics here should not lead to murder nor fighting. May I politely remind you of some PF incidents against UPND. THERE IS THE CASE OF THE GIRL THAT WAS SHOT. THERE IS the case of PF hacking off ears of UPND supporters; there is a case of PF going to fight UPND members being attacked by the PF at a buriel. need I say more? Let us not condone the evil that is called politics under the PF regime. After all even if we belong to different parties we are all Zambians.

    • Well, I never….! This is a great show of decency coming from you Spaka. I am very pleased to see that you do have a sense of wrongful conduct even if it’s pointed at UPND.

      This type of empathy should be an emotional intelligence all Zambians show in these difficult Democratic growth period.

      I’ll give you one star under, likeable, actually I’ll give you another under, almost tolerable.

  5. @6 Spaka like lilo, coming from you that IS a pleasant surprise, very nice. We seem to be speaking the same language for once!

    But I will tell what SG for UP.NDonkeys will say tomorrow. “UP.NDonkey is a peaceful party. He was hacked by PF cadres dressed in U.PNDonkey attire”, said Stephen Katuka. According to Katuka, the same PF cadres were torching markets and destroying Zesco pylons……

    • It would be more fruitful if we all try to get more mature with our comments and use reasoning with less rhetoric like being on Donkeys in every posting. Our Police are capable of arresting criminals but of late something has definitely gone wrong there. It seems for some crimes, they have difficulty arresting the culprits. Those who torched Zesco pylons and several markets, how many have been caught by Police??? It is clear that Police will only make an arrest when crime is committed by some people and not others.

    • @Nkhata bay, give him a point then. In fact why don’t all Readers give Spaka, a Point to encourage good humane conduct.

    • @Terrible, give him a point then. In fact why don’t all Readers give Spaka, a Point to encourage good humane conduct. Let Spaka glow in his points bounty gained for good conduct!

  6. UPND is a demonic party! It belongs to Satan! Look at the Nose demon is saying! These guys are evil! I am glad Zambians know them from such attitudes. If you win your tribal leaning provinces of Southern, Western and North-Western, logic should tell you that you have not won the elections. The rest of provinces will make sure that failures and leaders who amassed wealth from selling the country’s assets are never given any chance to be in state house.

  7. Their leader must become chief of Namwala District. That is all they do and know! Look at their supporters @Nostradamus, JayJay, Spaka like lilo, etc.! They are all full of hate for those who are not from their region and are champions of violence! No wonder they will live to see a loser every time, all the time!

  8. @12, no you are wrong, she was killed by UP.NDonkeys aa a sacridice to cause riots in the country. Surely as a U.PNDonkey you what the strategy of your leaders was? What do you think the torching of markets was meant for? To cause riots and make the country ungovernable – under5 called it armageddon remember? Fortunately this is Zambia the land of peace ans unity so U.PNDonkeys cannot succeed with their evil schemes. Locking up under5 also helped the country’s Donkeys come to their senses.

  9. The way you are feeling imwe to ba pf pure fools that s how it painted as when you killed our people during 2016 election,so this man called Chanda he only know death ? pf die,?shameful

  10. Kalaluka, a teacher and civil servant, how and why did you turn yourself into a cadre for a political party? Your death is unfortunate and hope your family wont have any benefits as a result. Civil servants, stay away from active politics, leave that for those without a job. He must have been a known cadre even by those in leadership. However, mhsrp even though civil servants do not need to be cadres of political parties

  11. This sad re-occurrence of political violence should not be allowed to take root in our Country. Ulubuli fiko. MHSRP. One life lost in such circumstances in political violence is one life too many. Police must be seen to do their job and not take forever. What happened to that equally sad case of a UPND supporter who was killed for wearing party attire?

  12. How was a teacher a cadre at the same time. Wasn’t he a civil servant who should not have involved himself in active politics.

  13. May the deceased soul rest in peace. But if dialogue is to work, there’s no need for retribution you all cadres. Let the police handle this issue. Take other people’s lives will simply make things worse. Trust me, no one wants to see our special forces (commandos) on our roads, in our residential areas, let alone in our faces because we will lose to them.

  14. This senseless loss of life should come to end.Enough is enough, we can’t continue on this path.People charged with responsibility to run the country should take introspection and see if they are discharging their duties with deligence

  15. What happened to commission of enquiry into the violence before elections and voting patterns?
    If results can’t be made public let lungu and pf pay for the cost incurred as this was a pf agenda whose intentions were meant on fixing HH but plan back fired when witnesses pointed the finger at PF leadership as being the masterminds of violence.

    • Our tax money was used by the hastily created commission of on electoral violence, and we haven’t bothered to get their findings, it’s business as usual.

  16. What was the teacher doing during campaign? This shows that everybody can fight back.Let us stop this violence from all political parties

  17. Situation in Kenya. ..the supreme Court has to give details of its election nullification. ..in its judgemt the court simply cited “irregularities and illigalities ” without explaining these. This must be done by 22nd Sept and the election will be held on 17th October. It’s on the explanation of these irregularities the electoral reforms will be based. The contention is that will there be enough time for these? RO is threatening to boycott the rerun if this is not done including the replacement of some Election Board members. The situation is very worrying. Petitioning is one thing, but what follows is dangerous. Meanwhile IT experts have confirmed that the system wasn’t hacked in any way.


  19. Many others like HaJayJay, HaLombe, Nose demon, Dark alias “Bright,” etc, their ending will be bad and must not be as ignorant as them? #24.

  20. For a moment I thought we had gone past this barbaric political conduct, but no, I was terribly mistaken.Nyau dancers and Banene Yaba!!!!


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