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Police arrest UPND cadre for brutal attack after voting in Itezi-Tezhi District

General News Police arrest UPND cadre for brutal attack after voting in Itezi-Tezhi...

A -24-year-old United Party for National Development (UPND) Councilor suspected to be part of a group of UPND cadres who beat up a Patriotic Front (PF) cadre on Thursday’s Council Chairperson By-election in Itezhi Tezhi District has been charged and arrested.

Itezhi Tezhi District Commissioner Hendrix Kaimana has confirmed today that police have charged Boyd Musangu who is a UPND Itumbi Ward Councilor for allegedly assaulting Osward Hampota, 38, a PF Youth Chairperson in Mulilabanyama area.

Mr. Kaimana says that Musangu , who is the youngest Councilor in the Itezhi Tezhi district council, was reportedly in the company of people suspected to be UPND cadres who brutally attacked and assaulted Hampota.

Mr. Kaimana said that the suspected UPND cadres are at large and the Itezhi Tezhi police are pursuing them.

He said that it was sad that generally peaceful by-election has been dented again with political violence.

The Commissioner has appealed to political parties to be tolerant of divergent views as politics were not war but just a game where the victors and the vanquished should shake hands and move on.

“The past By-election was peaceful except for this isolated incident which has just emerged today. Electoral violence should be stopped because, it intimidates people and has potential to cause voter apathy” Mr. Kaimana said.

Meanwhile the Victim, Osward Hampota has told ZANIS in an interview that Musangu and others allegedly approached him after he came out of the polling station and started interrogating him about who he voted for and when he told them that he belonged to PF, they attacked him.

Mr Hampota said that suspected UPND cadres later bundled him up and threw him in a white Toyota Hilux Van and sped away to Namasuntwe area in Masasabi area where he was made to lie on an anthill as they took turns , flogging him.

He narrated that they hauled insults at him and beat him up.

“When they made me lie on the anthill, they told me to call President Lungu to save me, ” Hampota narrated

He said that the suspected cadres allegedly told him that Itezhi Tezhi was a no go area for PF and claimed that no Tonga person can belong to PF.

“They told me that I was a traitor and that I was not supposed to support parties other than UPND.” Hampota narrated.

He said that Musangu allegedly started hitting him with a stone he was holding in his hands.

Explained said that cadres also threatened to put him in a suck and throw him in Kafue River if he was not going to cooperate.

Hampota narrated that the cadres also stole K160 from his wallet and told him that it was for riding their vehicle.

He further said that he was only rescued around 02:00 hours by his brother Wiseman Hampota who rushed him to Police and Itezhi Tezhi district Hospital.

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    • Imwee ba pro-PF media Lusaka Times can you also withdraw the heading below;

      PF cadre attacked by UPND supporters in the just ended by-elections dies

      These are all lies but you just go with it minus making any investigations, you are losing dignity too like your pay masters PF. In the long line if you carry on like this..following these P f000ls cadres like Chanda blindly in this manner, you lose alot of your followers.

    • This sounds like a true story.
      But not Sunday Chanda story, why is he not arrested yet? Did Sunday even attend his young brother funeral?

    • iwe leka ukutekunya, muno chalo cha Zambia takwaba majority tribe, we are mixed up i know mulengas who are practically tonga, just like i know hampotas who are practically bemba, so sh ut your duodenum iwe.

  1. Tonga people with your tribalism you cry in 2021 . After all it’s a well known fact no Tonga will ever be president of Zambia . From now to the future


  3. During the fights between Unip and ANC, it was too dangerous to identify yourself. You meet guys shaking their hands (Chisokone ) Unip style and you follow suit on to realize too late that ba Maibuye (ANC ) and they would beat until you died. Unip would also do the same. The safest way was not to move outdoors after sunset.

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