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Zamtel, Barclays Plc partner to launch online payment solution


ZAMTEL Acting CEO Sydney Mupeta delivering his remarks during the launch of ZAMTEL Kwacha
ZAMTEL Acting CEO Sydney Mupeta delivering his remarks during the launch of ZAMTEL Kwacha
Zamtel and Barclays Bank Zambia Plc today announced the launch of online payment solution to enable Zamtel customers pay for various communication products and services.

In a statement released to the media today the two companies said that together they bring together years of experience and unique expertise in telecommunication and financial services to deliver a payment solution that is safe, secure, reliable and efficient and is consistent with provisions of the National Payment Systems Act (2007).

” Through this partnership, Zamtel customers will be able to pay for their data accounts on ADSL as well as purchase credit for pre-paid mobile and fixedline numbers from the comfort of their homes or offices using an e-Commerce platform,” read the statement.

Using the e-Commerce solution, users will be able to purchase credit, data bundles on ADSL, check credit balance and view payment history.

Commenting on the partnership, Barclays Bank Zambia said in line with its strategy, its focus was on delivering innovative products and services to its customers that is anchored on the effective use of technology.

“As a trusted brand in banking with over 100 years existence in Zambia, Barclays Bank Zambia has continued to focus on providing its customers with financial solutions that not only meet their needs but exceed their expectations,” read the statement.

“Globally, the banking sector has been no exception to the ever changing technology trends and for this reason, we have continued to invest in our technology platforms in order to provide our customers with superior banking services that offer them the convenience to transact anywhere and anytime. Therefore, for us at Barclays, the digital agenda is part of our DNA and as a way of transforming our customers’ experience, we constantly seek partnerships and alliances such as the one we have entered into with Zamtel in order to leverage complementary competencies that benefit customers.” said Barclays Bank Zambia Managing Director Mizinga Melu.

Commenting on the partnership, Zamtel Acting Chief Executive Officer, Sydney Mupeta said: “ This strategic partnership clearly demonstrates the confidence that both Zamtel and Barclays have in the Zambian economy and are committed to cashlite and risk-free payment solutions.”


    • We are so behind. This is not something to brag about; western countries have been doing this for decades. Our priorities are misplaced.

    • Another milestone by this Great Government of President Lungu.

      These things were never there during Mwanawasa all the WORLD BREAKING events in Zambia and including the correct decision to procure the Fire-brigade Trucks are all events that are happening at his tenure.

      When you vote in 2021, please remember who is responsible for these events that have all the naysayers’ chins dropped/

      I live in Europe and have a White fiance and I can attest that as much as we WERE behind in the past we are catching up the most exciting and fast growing country in the UK and Europe in Scotland.

      Only President Lungu will ensure this growth and world class turning of Zambia into a third world country without corruption.

      Our gift from above – President Lungu so I know what I’m talking about…

    • Is this the way we pay bills with debit card, check bank balance on phone or send money to Zambia with MoneyGram or Western Union online?
      What is this you are discussing?

    • @Mushota you forgot to mention you’re also a mental patient apart from having a fake PhD and an old white cockroach for a fiance..!

  1. @Ntaulu, #1.1, so what? WHy are you guys always so negative? Africans are the sole killers of themselves. Yes they have been doing and we have started too and are going somewhere. Wow! Congratulations Zamtel! Please keep on working hard and find solutions to half or overtake other cell phone providers’ number of clients in Zambia! They are raking in millions at the expense of Zambia and customers.

  2. Progress PF. But Barclays Africa …….going or staying? Did they not announce closure of the Africa business?

    These Westerners!

    • When shown a billion dollars for a road stretching a few hundred kilometres… I suppose they’ve been given enough reason for wanting to stay in THIS country.

  3. WeChat/Alipay online payment.

    You have a bank account. Let’s say with standard chartered bank.

    You download WeChat/Alipay .

    Thereafter you make an account that has the same names as your bank account and put in your phone number

    You scan your bank card. And put in your account number plus the phone number linked to your bank account

    You can have two different accounts at the same time E.g one stanbic bank account and the other Barclays.

    you can choose to have your money on WeChat Or directly in your bank account.

    So if I want to send “Chanda” money. I go to her wechat. And select transfer.
    I choose the amount. The bank card I want to use to send her money. Put in my code And send her money just like that. And she receives it instantly.

    When she gets the…

    • When she gets the money. She can keep it on WeChat. Or withdraw it into her account.

      If she withdraws it to her account
      It will take two hours before it reflects in the account

      You can buy airtime
      Train or plane tickets onlines using this app

      Plus buy anything from a shop using these apps as long as the store has a WeChat account. You simply scan their barcode and pay for your goods.

      That’s were we should be going. Not this. Must we always be behind in everything.

  4. PF the pro poor party encouraging the 78% of pipo living in povery to bank and then lose 40kr a month for the privilege of having their money in a bank and then ZRA tax the same money. Good udea for the MINORITY in Zambia,

  5. @Mushota. This is adaptive technology. How will you catch up? investment in science and technology in Zambia is as shallow as you are. Listen @Chishimba, suggesting progressive Apps!

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