Thursday, June 13, 2024

World Vision to launch a new Child Protection Campaign


World Vision Zambia
World Vision Zambia

World Vision Zambia says it will soon launch a new Child Protection Campaign which will further maximize the current interventions on the plight of children in Zambia.

The campaign dubbed: “It takes a World… to end violence against children” seeks to drastically reduce child marriages, gender based violence and child labour, vices that are prevalent in Zambia.

ZANIS reports that World Vision Communications assistant, Agatha Mali confirmed the development in an interview today adding that unlike other interventions that are basically at community level, the new campaign is expected to work at both community and national level and will be incorporated in the organizations’ global child protection campaign.

Ms. Mali said stressed out that so far, in a bid to address the plight of children in Zambia, over the past two years World Vision Zambia has supported 15 000 children to obtain their birth registration.

She said birth registration is vital as it enables children improved access to government and legal services hence making it easy to them from vices such as child trafficking.

Current statistics indicate that 31 percent of girls in Zambia are married or pregnant at the age of 18 in Zambia.


    • This organization is archaic! And the people running those Zambian offices put most of the money in their pockets. I know what I am talking about and I have evidence. I challenge them to say otherwise. Bye!

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