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Over 1,500 people attend the first annual Oktoberfest in Lusaka


PR Girl Media hosted the inaugural ‘Oktoberfest Lusaka’ on 15 & 16 September 2017. The colorful event was attended by over 1,500 people who mingled in a well set-up beer garden at Chita Lodge Park in Olympia.

The event has been introduced as part of PR Girl Media’s calendar events to integrate cultures and traditions. “Oktoberfest is a German beer festival dating from the 1800s. We will host the event every year alongside the original event in Munich.” Said Monde Nyambe who is the Event Coordinator at PR Girl Media. The Public Relations and Event Management agency is offering a chance to attendants to win a trip for two to Munich in Germany. “This event is more than just a party, it’s an opportunity to integrate German and Zambian culture. Therefore, we believe that the winners’ experience of the original Oktoberfest in Munich will be a step towards this mission.” Explained Monde Nyambe.

The winner of the competition will be announced today via a Facebook Live draw on the PR Girl Media page. Details can be found on PR Girl Media social media platforms.



    • It’s not yet ‘Oktoberfest’, was it? Germans in Zambia, impressive! 🙂

      Anyway I guess it doesn’t have to be in October and you don’t have to be German… so enjoy and call it whatever, anytime of the year.

    • Everyday is Oktoberfest in Zambia! Insuko and alcohol is what Zambian chicks are made off and now they are wearing traditional German wear. Is there pride in Zambians?

    • We Germans dont behave like that Hure on stage!
      The Munich Oktoberfest attracts around six million visitors a year and is the world’s largest Volksfest (beer festival and travelling funfair).

      The event is a celebration of Bavarian history and was launched in 1810 in honour of the Crown Prince Ludwig’s marriage to Princess Therese von Sachsen-Hildburghausen.

      It wouldn’t be Oktoberfest without barmaids in the numerous beer tents being dressed in the traditional dirndl dress and guests donning traditional Bavarian gear including lederhosen.
      the event sees people drink beer and consume signature German sausages, chicken, giant pretzels and wild oxen.

      Celebrations traditionally kicked off with the Mayor of Munich tapping the first keg of Oktoberfest beer.

      After this, parades…

  1. another sex party in hidden detail why mother ZAMBIA do we always copy other pipo culture honestly.No wonder in the arab world there nothing like that coz those pipo are original the dont copy as we zambians and as well as africans

    • The real beer festival in October in support of the Octoberfest has been held in Lusaka since the early 1990s. Trust me, I was there!

  2. ‘Kudala, girls used to cook like their mothers, but manje, they drink like their fathers. Do we really have to copy everything because nivakubazungu!

  3. Great, this is an opportunity for RATSA and Zambia Police to breathalyze drunkards and charge them. Another opportunity for Ministry of Health to distribute condoms and also offer HIV testing to willing people.

  4. THE COMING OF OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST IS HONESTLY NEAR NEAR…..mmmmmmm. First, sex party by the juveniles now its this…..aweeee

  5. I was there. It was worth every Kwacha of the K150 entrance fee. Keep it up PrGirlMedia. Already looking forward to next year’s fest. To those that didn’t go, or see no point in going, it’s fine, your preferences aren’t ours. We don’t criticize you for doing what you’re into, so let us also be, please. Let’s be civil. And liberal.

  6. Kumo mu nyonkha moba ma Zambias.

    What a version of a Christian Nation we are! Or did we mean to say Zambia a Sodoma Nation but lost it in translation?


  7. I would have attended but was caught up watching local football. Pretentious stuff like this isn’t for me – I like my events a little bit ghetto, bantu ku nunkako tu chibe chibe so ninshi ah, ya passa.

    • The Oktoberfest and other similar events are actually a great source of income for the German economy. They rake in millions of Euros in beer sales, hotels, tourism etc. It is not by coincidence that Bavaria and Munich, where it takes place has become the richest (and most expensive) part of the country.

  8. As far as I remember from my years of stay in Bavaria, the Oktoberfest is held in September and ends just before October 1. However, Zambians need to be original. Given the history behind the Oktoberfest, it is of no meaning to Zambians unless people just want to drink like Germans who proudly claim they drink alcohol like horses (Wir saufen wie Pferde). As I stated before, we need a carnival type cultural festival that brings together all the numerous beautiful cultural ceremonies in Zambia at one time and in one place with the varied cuisines and traditional beverages we have. This is what would attract tourists. No a mere mimicry of the German culture. The Germans must be laughing their heads off at our cultural bankruptcy.

    • disagreeing with your last point but your suggestion for a carnival type cultural festival is excellent!
      p.s St Patrick’s day is celebrated in many places, but originates in Ireland. Irish don’t “laugh their heads off ” at celebrants ” cultural bankruptcy.” I think a key question to ask is do we know who we are? Also, do we know what we are doing? Finally, do we know where we want to go? The future’s in our hands, vote for UNIP and KK! 🙂

  9. What about a festival incorporating all traditional ceremonies with their foods, dress, and of course katubi, imbote etc?

  10. Some Zambians are so busy obsessed with tribal hatred, insulting certain tribes and even killing and yet very quick to take on foreign cultures such as this one. Why don’t we have a Zambian carnival like the African Caribbeans have here in UK where all island people of the west Indies come together to celebrate their cultural heritage? Us Africans here also take part in the carnival as one black party.
    Events planners need to organise Zambian events which aim at uniting Zambians because our leaders have failed us big time !! There is evil coming out of our leaders mouths and this is spilling out on to citizens

  11. This is the shame of a black man. partying , dancing and playing. Whilst our friends are pounding their heads to make mobile phones, cars, stoves, fridges, microwaves, etc a blackman thinks only of leisure, be it those in the corporate world or those in politics. Africans even those in europe and america there pre-occupation is partying. No sense of inventions and innovations. How can a country which produces engineers from UNZA and CBU on a yearly basis be importing razor blades, nails, fencing wire, screw drivers, etc. Its shameful.Zambians get drunk before midday during the week. Even if Obama became our president how much can he do with a people given to alcohol like this. Thats why we are told Kaunda threatened to resign due to alcohol abuse.

  12. Why not come with our own Beer fest…..Oh I forgot,there is a beer fest everyday in Zambia.
    .Vima cup at Uncle T’s na michopo.No other recreational activities other than pretending to be Holy and illicit sexual habits.
    Just ask ECL…

  13. The girls are doing a great endevour to our cultural and social growth and diversity. Anything positively stimulating to our social consciousness and inspire us to dig deeper into our own authentic roots as well as add to our commerce and the arts is welcome. Enjoy what you will, stay away from whats not your cup of tea. It takes immagination, courage effort and money to organise these things. Give credit where it is due. Look at religion. Not all beliefs are authentically Zambian! All they need is to incorporate Zambian booze, dishes and Sex.

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