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Cabinet was not meeting to discuss Kambwili’s Corruption claims, but next week’s budget

Headlines Cabinet was not meeting to discuss Kambwili's Corruption claims, but next week's...

MINISTER of Information and Broadcasting Services Kampamba Mulenga
MINISTER of Information and Broadcasting Services Kampamba Mulenga

Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services Ms Kampamba Mulenga has said that the cabinet meeting held today was not to discuss Roan Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili’s claims of corruption in Government.

In a statement made available to the media, Ms Mulenga, who is also the Government’s chief Spokesperson said that Saturday’s cabinet meeting was necessitated by the fact that the 2018 National Budget will be presented next Friday and it is inevitable that Cabinet meets to review and approve it.

Below is the full statement

Republic of Zambia

Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Services


23rd September, 2017

Government finds Roan Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili’s recent flurry of accusations against Government outlandish and a case of sour grapes.

Yesterday’s statement by Mr Kambwili that Cabinet was meeting to discuss his claims of corruption in Government was yet another example of an unsubstantiated claim by a former Minister who seems to be seeing things using new lenses after leaving Government.

Just to put the record straight – yes, Cabinet met today and to the uninitiated, it is not strange that Cabinet met today or that Cabinet met on a Saturday. Cabinet can meet any day and after today’s meeting there will be another meeting next week because Cabinet meets weekly as Mr Kambwili, an erstwhile Minister knows and can attest to.

Today’s meeting, to the contrary, was necessitated by the fact that the 2018 National Budget will be presented next Friday and it is inevitable that Cabinet meets to review and approve it.

Therefore, Mr Kambwili’s information was yet again misinformation meant to mislead the people of Zambia.

But being a Zambian, Mr Kambwili should know that Zambians are not gullible and they are good at sieving fibs from facts and very soon the MP’s political rhetoric will be ignored with the contempt it deserves if that is not already the case.

Many people have questioned why Mr Kambwili’s venom is being spat now when he never saw anything wrong when he served in Government, and they are right to question this sudden ill feeling about Government.

Rainbow Party General Secretary Wynter Kabimba is right when he is quoted in the media as saying Mr Kambwili will help the country if he backs his corruption allegations with evidence.

Government is saying if Mr Kambwili indeed has evidence, he should go to the relevant security wing so that his claims are investigated. It is not enough, as a seasoned politician, to scandalise people baselessly.

His Excellency the President Edgar Chagwa Lungu has already encouraged those with evidence over corrupt claims to report to the Anti-Corruption Commission but it seems Mr Kambwili finds greater joy in scandalising people through the media.

Mr Kambwili maybe a good news source for some media houses for now but it will not be long before they too realise how dangerous it is to follow the former Minister’s trajectory of defaming people because they will end up in court with him and he will not pay for their legal costs.

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  1. I believe her.

    A round of applause everyone for the great work she has done since taking over a very difficult position!

    I hold a PhD so I tend to see things in different way to you.



    • a woman who wakes up, asamba and then puts that stinky weave in her hair and as if that is not enough. she takes amatika,they call it ati make up olo foundation yaba MAC, matika yalya olo amaloba and then she puts on the face she has just washed. then the same people look at elephants and rhinos in the mad and call them savage beasts with animalistic behaviour olo they see a kid playing with the dirt ati ichi chafiko. Am like whats the difference between you and the kid? really laughable!!!!!!
      Black woman rise above these things and come home.you either african or you not.we can embrace amatika like the himba of namibia do,but you have to be wholistically african.you cant be both white and black.

    • Nanga iwe matika yamene suna zole yakubaba bwanji?
      If you don’t like make up and wigs leave those that like them alone!
      Are they using your money to pay?
      Ni wigi ya nyoko?

    • Kambwili is in a confused state, a state of disillusion.

      He is still figuring what hit him following his firing.

      How do take me if I say “the orange is very sweet let us share it.” But after I am told am not among the beneficiaries of that orange I begin to say, “that orange is bitter and poisonous, don’t eat it”.

      Am I a serious fellow or am disillusioned?

    • Whats this now.. Please. And that’s a government spokesperson statement.
      Everybody should be with families and in bars. No wonder Kampamba almost undressed over Kambwili, is she not supposed to be with her lover on Saturday? Forget about budget, which you can discuss on Monday.
      Make love…

    • @carlos-the problem with you is that you have lost the sense of community.the sense that africans in their unhindered state lived for one another.you think her actions are solely her own and have no effect on the community or society in which she lives.that is why we see people in our motherland behaving the same way they do.once rich,build a house and buy a car from japan or the UK and wear ifimatika sana pamenso.
      We need strong black women who will speak to our children that they should get comfortable with their african side first and foremost.noti lilya mwakwatako utupiya you take that money to foreign countries to buy artificial hair and makeup.this is why our money circulates only once in our communities hence no jobs.we always give and trade our money away easily because of such…

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    • @zagaze the proplem with you is you always see things in terms of them vs us .
      Which is primitive thinking. YOU obviously have issues with girls using make up gosh! Move on man. Go to your village and stay there! Wake up people have moved on in today’s world.
      Let women do what they want no matter how much you stop them they will still do it.
      Things have changed baba!
      Zambian women look very beautiful with or without make up its their choice!

    • @carlos.you seem to want to make me feel that primitive is bad, but i agree.i am primitive and am one of the lucky few who still embraces their primitive side.go and slave yourself in the white mans world.all the best at being second or third.if you dont realise that its us against them,then you will never understand.ask yourself why the UN security council has no black people as permanent members.and dont throw that economic or govt superioty bull crap because wisdom is not a preserve of a super power or rich.africans too can contribute to the decisions in the security council.also why is it that all religions are abrahamic in nature and not african.am sure you went to church but you will never worship your own ancestors why?why is it that also the governance systems are all european…

    • ….society based and not african?why is it that all the discoveries are told from the white mans perspective and never from the other people.columbus discovered america which was already full of native aboriginal americans.so what discovery exactly did they make?from all these examples i have given you,you should be able to see that they push themselves first in all naratives because it suits their agenda of world domination.thats why we are here conversing in english,because they european domination is working,but to a simple soul as you.you will say things have changed and we are now advanced to use english.what you dont realise is that we are killing ourselves because we have lost our culture.culture is at the base of all innovation and development.think febana think please.dont be a…

  2. Ba under5 is just an empty tin. He is a bruised boy because he has failed miserably countless times to deliver the Presidency to the “region”as per the mandate that Ackson Sejani announced when under5 was selected (not elected mind you) to replace Mazoka. That is the reason why he has to make maximum noise and weird claims to hoodwink his U.PNDonkeys that its not his fault. The prospect of being replaced if he went to the long overdue convention is too ghastly and too ego bruising for him to contemplate. That is why under5 remains “committed to democracy” while not allowing democratic elections in his party of Donkeys. You can rest assured that his “commitment to democracy” is the same as his “commitment to fight corruption. With fellow corrupt people and tenderpreneurs like…

  3. …..You can rest assured that under5’s “commitment to democracy” is as strong as his “commitment to fight corruption”….. with fellow corrupt people and tenderpreneurs like Running mate. I mean the vice president who is not permitted to be acting for under5.

  4. Ifwe twaishiba ati position of vice president includes acting in tye place of the incumbent when the latter is not available. Anyway we are not U.PNDonkeys so we cannot know how Donkeys have defined “vice” in their “constitution”, especially if that vice is a bemba monkey.
    I remember either Patrick Chisanga or Sakwiba Sikota used to act as president whenever Mazoka was out of the country even for three days to South Africa.
    Mazoka must be annoyed in his grave no wonder under5 has no blessings. Next time God can inflict more pain on under5 by making him lose by ten votes….I actually fear for his life given the likely pressure on his heart.

  5. Chishimba Kambwili will cry and regret whatever evil things he is doing.days are numbered.after losing 2016 elections,HH went on rampage demonising the PF Govnt until he crossed the red line in Mongu and found himself in mukobeko where he spent 4 solid months.the rest is history.Kambwili is inviting exactly the same hell!!PLEASE KEEP IT UP CK (YOUR EVIL ACTS) BUT NEVER CRY ONCE YOUR DAILY NONSENSE LANDS YOU IN JAIL SOON!!
    as for president Edgar Lungu,please focus on developing mother Zambia and we shall surely reward you with massive votes in 2021 once you deliver splendid results!!

  6. Kambwili is in a confused state, a state of disillusion.

    He is still figuring out what hit him following his firing.

    How do you take me if I say “the orange is very sweet let us share it.” But after I am told am not among the beneficiaries of that orange I begin to say, “that orange is bitter and poisonous, don’t eat it”.

    Am I a serious fellow or am disillusioned?

  7. If this government was an honest government then indeed parliament should have immediately arranged for an urgent special sitting to follow up on Kambwili’s corruption claims. President himself should have cleared the air thru holding a state of the nation address. There is a lot of truth in Kambwili’s claims. Kambwili has been in this rotten system. He knows how really rotten it is. Give Kambwili chance to expose these thieves. Don’t condemn him.

  8. What route did Kambwili use to enter the field of politics? This man’s intellectual capacity is worse than that of the primates conserved at Chimfunshi Chimpanzee Orphanage. Besides, What are the real motives of some foreign Universities that grant Honorary Doctorates to such human or primate species as Kambwili and GBM. It is rare that such Universities ever grant PhD degrees to their white folks. It is a pity that many gullible African students find themselves registering at such strange Universities.

  9. This woman looks like a certain American adult film star.She’s probably one of the most corrupt PF cabinet ministers too.

  10. The gang of theives regrouped to oversee the next borrowing spree and plan the next corrupt tenders………..they go to these cabinet meetings to share contracts.

  11. CK has really unsettled den of corruption……CK that is your only defense , the inside knowledge you have about the den.

    They will not arrest you….they have too much to lose if they do. That is why they are issuing threats from every corner……even threatening media who carry your revelations.

    • When lungu stops sacking, jailing and threatening any one who has presidential ambitions……if he is a true leader he be open to be challenged to prove hevis popular..

  12. This “terrible “fellow is an OP operative ! Be careful with what we do or how we react to his contributions ! It’s evil from his evil mind . We are all in politics , serving our motherland . HH and all those in other parties contribute to the betterment of this country ! We are not here to insult , ridicule , down grade each other , but to build each other! Ofcourse differerncies will be here , but not the way this terrible punkass puts it ! Let our tongues be clean ,even when under severe pressure ! Long live my bro HH , GBM and others who love peace .

  13. What makes you thinking that terrible guy is op member? Then if he is a secret agent what has that to do with you, mukuni, hh and etc?

  14. CK is fighting a loosing battle ! Why didn’t he spilled the beans of corruption when he was in government ? This shows that he too was corrupt now his off the grid, hence finds courage to dispose his former mets…! Mind you all dust has been settled his case will end up no where!!

  15. Minister you don’t even have to explain why you met as cabinet on Saturday.You have every right to meet whenever you want. As cabinet you have very important national issues to attend to.Kambwili should not be a factor to you.

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