FFD asks Dora Siliya ro Explain the FISP Delivery Tender


Minister of Agriculture Dora Siliya briefing Journalists shortly after presentation of of the 2016 Quarterly Report at State House
Minister of Agriculture Dora Siliya briefing Journalists shortly after presentation of of the 2016 Quarterly Report at State House
The opposition FDD has asked the minister in charge of agriculture in the country to clarify a number of concerns regarding some operations in the ministry.

In a letter 22nd September 2017 addressed to the minister FDD Deputy National Secretary Antonio Mwanza has asked Dora Siliya to furnish the nation with information regarding among other things what happened to tender number MoA/FISP/S/0002/2017.

Mr Mwanza explained that the tender was for “Provision of Service for Management of key Process of FISP Delivery, Electronic Input Voucher Management and Payment of Agro-Dealers under farmer input support programme for the 2017/2018 session.”

Further Mr Mwanza asked Ms Siliya to explain to the nation how much government is paying banks in transactions fees on the Visa/Euro payments cards and the mechanisms the ministry has put in place eliminate ghost farmers on the E-Voucher system.

He added that the minister should also tell the nation the practical measures the ministry is putting in place to ensure that farmers are not inconvenienced as well as ensure that FISP benefits the intended beneficiaries.


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    FISP are just looking for something out of nothing

    Dora is not answerable to you. The majority of people are content and happy with Dora.

    This is the word on the ground.

    I maybe in Scotland, the United Kingdom, but I know what I’m talking about

    I hold a PhD



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    Ba LT the heading says FFD instead of FDD. Do you edit your work? Don’t just rush in publishing so that you are the first one.

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      Where were you in grade 3 when your friends were learning how to fill in the blanks when stuff is not making sense?

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