Govt welcomes the Kunda speaking people for their initiative to translate the Bible into their dialect


Government has commended the Kunda Bible Translation and Literacy Project(KBTL) for commencing the translation of the Holy Bible into Kunda language.

National Guidance and Religious Affairs Minister Reverend Godfrida Sumaili says Bible translation is the foundation of Christian mission to preach salvation adding that it is therefore gratifying to note that 80 percent of the New Testament has been translated and published into Kunda Language.

Rev. Sumaili in a speech read on her behalf by Ministry Permanent Secretary Katongo Chifwepa at Anglican Cathedral of The Holy Cross in Lusaka today, said the gospel can be best proclaimed in the native language.

She stated that the initiative by the KBTL must be commended as it is in line with her ministry’s mandate, adding that Bible translation the best work for the church in Zambia.

The minister bemoaned the limited number of Bible translated in local languages saying that only 20 out of the 72 tribes have the translated bibles in the country..

Rev. Sumaili implored the church in the country and all people with good will to support Bible translation as it has the positive impact on the morality of people.

Meanwhile, Kunda Bible Translation and Literacy Project fundraising chairperson Frida Kazembe said the translation exercise has given the Kunda people an opportunity to thank God in their mother tongue.

Brigadier General, Dr Kazembe said the project will not only make it possible to preserve the Kunda language, spread the gospel but enable the children in schools in Mambwe district to learn their native language.

The KBTL fundraising chairperson pointed out that enough resources are needed to make this project a reality adding that a lot of fundraising programmes have been put in place.

“ The committee needs k1million to pursue this project in 10 years and we have a lot of fundraising ventures, but we are calling upon the well-wishers to come on board,” she said.

The Brig.Gen further said that it was gratifying to note that 80% of the New Testament has been translated into Kunda language and several Kunda proverbs have also been collected.

The mass celebrated in the Kunda language was held under the theme: “ God of Success. “



  1. Biggest business in Zambia! People think all you need is a prayer and a bible haha Most white people in the west don’t even believe in the Bible, it was a way of controlling the masses especially with a white Jesus. I believe in a creator but not the one sold to me by my oppressors #wakeup #doforself



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