China’s digital satellite project to benefit 500 villages in Zambia

Chinese Ambassador to Zambia Youming Yang showing a letter to Journalists written by Chinese first Lady Peng Liyuan to Zambia students under Chinese Government scholarship at the press conference at the Chinese Embassy

Chinese ambassador to Zambia Young Youming says progress has been towards the implementation of the china digital satellite project which is aimed at benefitting 500 villages in the country.

Mr Youming explains that the project is meant to help people in rural parts of the Country to increase their knowledge and better understanding of the world.

He further explains that the project which is under the China-Africa cultural and people-to-people exchange plan will see the free installation of satellite TV receiving devices and digital TV projector sets.

He says in an effort to ensure that the devices are effective they will be installed with solar panels especially in villages where electricity is scarce.


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    My grandmother needs better supply of water, medicine in the hospital not this dumping of junk from China

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    the problem of us zambians too much negative thoughts, some one is trying to bring some thing new, we will start opposing, what a hell are the above comments……………….?

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      We want to know how much we are being put in debt, nothing is for free, and the money they borrow it is all Zambians to pay back not just PF…

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    Its a way if indoctrinating zambian pipo to chinese ways and thinking….why cant our security chiefs see the path we are on..china now controls most of our communication networks…and our economy and ultimately Zambia.

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