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Organising CB Inter-Company Relay Tough – Mpondela

Headlines Organising CB Inter-Company Relay Tough - Mpondela

Lafarge CEO Vincent Bouckaert and ZAAA President Mr Elias Mpondela at the Lafarge HO
Lafarge CEO Vincent Bouckaert and ZAAA President Mr Elias Mpondela at the Lafarge HO
Zambia Athletics Association (ZAA) President Elias Mpondela has admitted that organising the inaugural Copperbelt Inter-Company Relay has been challenging.

The event is planned for October 7 at Levy Mwanawasa Stadium in Ndola.

So far 15 out of the targeted 60 companies have confirmed their participation.

“We have been rescheduling the event but this time it is going ahead. We have had challenges,” Mpondela said.

“It is tough for us but we know the Copperbelt community won’t let us down. We need support to organise this relay,” he said.

First Lady Esther Lungu is expected to grace the Copperbelt Inter-Company Relay.

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  1. …that’s what he is only good at…only capable of doing…inter company relay…but stl clinging to the title..ZAAA president…

  2. Ba Mpondela, it’s about time you realise that you have run out of fresh ideas for improving athletics in Zambia. It’s time you passed on the torch, you have reached the end of your thinking capacity. Pave way for fresh brilliant minds, athletics te intercompany relay fye!!!

  3. How you do you start organizing another ICR event before you show the financial report on how you used the money for the Lusaka 2014, 2015,2016,2017 ICR AND . It is high time to stop using the name of Our first Lady and state house to steal money in the day. ICR account is only known to you. How much was in the contract for athlete Siame . Mupopo won U$500O and you got a cut . Where do you take the U$ 14500 GRANT from IAAF. Make the account ICR account public like the build new Soweto market is .How do you 45 coaches who came without athletes. Just leave bakakuka kuntashi. It is better to leave office now. Where is cross country,road races,marathon? Why are we the only amateur athletics association in the world ? You worked day and night to remove the former sports council of…

  4. Elias Mpondela is the exact example of a failed project period. The man does nothing as ZAA president but stealing money. Is he a life time president of ZAA?

  5. Elias Mpondela is only fit to be Madala`s ZAAA president, Please leave the Office you have killed the poor sport. Time for fresh blood.

  6. Elias Mondela is such an ***** and a shame to the sporting fraternity.All he know is Inter-company bla bla bla when we have hundreds of untapped talent in the youth out there which is sadly wasting away.The youths are now engaging in all sorts of vices including sex parties,when if ZAA was seriously focused on its core functions some of these illicit activities in the youth could have been controlled.
    Elias Mpondela selfishly blocked brilliant and fresh minds of the likes of Samuel Matete, and now all what we hear from him is just Inter company relays day in and day out.Of what benefit is this to the sporting fraternity???

    • You are very right. The sex party thing was because the youth have no recreation activities like athletics

  7. Sir, you done your part. Let it go otherwise we’ll become like Robert Mugabe the second. It’s about time the matete of this world take over. We are letting zaaa go to the ? why?

  8. It’s difficult because you’re holding on to the ZAAA position as if your grandmother put it in your porridge as a child. Why do we tolerate this person? Why?

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