China’s Gansu Province puts Zambia on list of preferred investment destination


Mines Minister Christopher Yaluma
Mines Minister Christopher Yaluma
China’s Gansu Province has prioritised Zambia on its list of preferred investment destinations in Africa because of the country’s stable political, economic and social environment the Province’s Governor Tang Renjian has said.

The Governor said he is happy that Jinchuan Group Limited, one of the State owned enterprises in Gansu has invested in Chibuluma Mines and Munali Nickel Mine in Zambia.

He said the company’s investments in Zambia are bearing fruit so far mainly due to the conducive environment.

“Jinchuan Group plans to expand its investment portfolio in Zambia because of the prevailing favourable climate in the country,” Mr Tang said when he met Minister of Mines and Mineral Development Christopher Yaluma at the second Silk Road International Expo and Conference in Dunhuang last week.

Mr Tang said Gansu Province is ready to explore other investment opportunities in Zambia and urged Mr Yaluma to identify key sectors which should be considered for joint ventures in the agriculture, manufacturing and tourism sectors.

Mr Tang said due to the good investment experience Jinchuan Group Limited has had in Zambia, he has put Zambia as a priority investment destination for Gansu Province.

And Mr Yaluma assured Mr Tang that Jinchuan Group Limited’s investments in Zambia are safe. The Minister also highlighted the available investment opportunities in Zambia which Gansu Province can take advantage of.

Mr Yaluma urged Mr Tang to encourage Jinchuan Group Limited to expand its investment portfolio in Zambia and various enterprises in Gansu Province to visit Zambia and explore available investment opportunities. He said Zambia has put in place policies aimed at promoting investment.


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      We have no capital even to built a pitlatrin and yet we refer to people that have capital to invest as colonizers. Some of The Zambians in the Diaspora would rather wash beer glasses in pubs that invest in the development of their own country. When foreigners bring money to invest you call then colonizers.

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      Even Mushota is embarrassed! Chinese are literally taking over! First it was Chinese private sector companies; Now even the parastatals are cashing in. Next, they will be asking for a constituency. Yavuta! Mushota, your PhD will look like peanuts when the Jiangsu Province Governor sends his army of fresh graduates to come and take over the jobs available.

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    Ask Kambwili, what impact have these Chinese made in Chimbuluma for the past 20 years? The Chinese are coming here in volumes because of of our useless laws which are not strict; they also need more people to go out of China;

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    Zambia has had high foreign investment since it’s independence but we have literally benefited peanuts. What we need focus on now is increasing domestic investment and a winning law system on foreign investments

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    Is this good news?????? only a fool can be happy with such news! its like a husband being happy that his wife has another man to sleep with her!!!

    wake up Zambia….you are being robbed everyday!

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