LT Update: Site Load Speed Problems


This is just to inform ALL site visitors that the some of the key servers have developed a fault this morning that has led to very high latency, causing the the website to appear to be down or load very very slowly. Our team has been working to fix the problem caused by migration to new servers over the weekend.

Earlier, we posted a message on our Facebook page stating that the problem will be resolved by 15:00 hrs. However, it has just come to our attention that we might need more time to resolve all the issues causing the site to be intermittently available.

We will update you as soon as we resolve the issues.

We apologise for any inconvenience that these issues have caused.

LT Team


  1. +5

    LT you are the number one choice for balanced fair news. Keep it up.
    However in your website there are too many objects or scripts or whatever they call them. Your site has always been slow compared to others. You are trying to do too many things with your scripts. Keep it simple. Many a time pages fail to load because of these same objects/scripts.

    Kudos to you though for keeping us informed and thanks for the update.

    • +1

      Having worked for Lt for 6 years I would like to thank you Kudos on their behalf
      We do an amazing job I accept



    • +2

      Well said @kudos and Mushota (Ph.D)Ba Lsk Times definitely the best site on news to do with our beloved Zambia!

      We as commentators must show our appreciation in one way or the other!

      Let’s see to it that LSK TIMES WIN THE NEXT MISA AWARDS IN 2018!!!

      Tumfweko, mwebantu, Zambia reports, ZWD, Zambianobserver and the rest bali chepa sana utu baiche!

      Job well done and we appreciate the work you guys do!

      May God richly and immensely bless you!

    • +2

      I screened at my internet provider, and terminated contract over LT technical issue??? Man …I should have waited, so I pay termination fee for what reason?
      LT are “OK”, but business is business, I will send them the ” termination bill’.

  2. +1

    I was beginning to shove the problem on my computer. Good to know it’s being worked on. Thanks for updating.

  3. +1

    This site is the worst site …i visit even with installing adware there is always a glitch on my phone. Why do you do thinhs on the cheap…take a long at other websites bloggers are able to edit their posts …this website is still such in 2011.

  4. vote

    I would have expected a migration with a new look LT and not continuing with this archaic WordPress theme

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