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The public told to report police officers who abuse their powers

Zambia Police officers move in
Zambia Police officers

Zambia Police officers move in
Zambia Police officers move in
The Police Public Complaints Commission is appealing to members of the public to report to the commission, police officers who abuse their powers.

Police Public Complaints Commission Chairperson, James Mwanakatwe, says it is the duty of the public to lodge complaints to the commission whenever they feel mistreated or offered a poor service by the police.

Mr. Mwanakatwe says the government’s vision of building a professional, service oriented and trusted police can only be realised if the citizenry lodged complaints to the commission.

He says the commission will always ensure that police officers who abuse their powers are held accountable to the citizens and that the erring are recommended for disciplinary action.

Mr. Mwanakatwe has however bemoaned the lack of public awareness of the existence and mandate of the commission.

He said this when he paid a courtesy call on Southern Province Minister, Edify Hamukale, in Choma district.

And Dr. Hamukale has appealed to the commission to help in identifying hardworking police officers that can be seconded for promotions.

Dr. Hamukale said the commission should not only focus on erring officers but help his office appreciate hardworking officers.

Commissioners from the Police Public Complaints Commission are in Southern Province to conduct hearings of complaints from the public against the police.

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  1. Am reporting inspector general Makanja for illegally invading, arresting and destroying the residence of one HH. How about that?

    • @Umwipwa wabo, I suppose you think that stealing cash, eating someones food, smashing his house, defecating on his bed is “not abuse” ???

      Do unto others as you would have done unto you. I invite anyone to treat you the same way.

    • Well done to the Police Public Complaints Commission (PPCC) however what the people need is for this PPCC to notify the public of their existence and make access to them easy as well as provide a TOLL FREE LINE for members of the public to call them on issues such as ILLEGAL ROAD BLOCKS WHERE TRAFFIC OFFICERS DONT EVEN PLACE TRAFFIC CONES for motorists to know that there is a road block ahead.We are tired of these road blocks for heavens sake they are not serving their purpose, for public service vehicles on spot inspection at stations is more effective than mounting ATMS (A Traffic Money Stop) at awkward traffic points. The PPCC will expose senior officers that have condoned these illegal Road Traffic police roadblocks.

    • What a joke. Reporting to fellow undisciplined jokers. Police service in Zambia is very indisciplined starting from the top.the whole system needs a total overhaul. Everything about police is dirty.officers,offices, camps,minds,language and the list is endless.Give police officers a new police station it will be dirty within 2days. You don’t see such indiscipline with soldiers and other uniformed services.

  2. @Mafikizolo:this is a very serious issue and no jokes over your Kainde here.
    We have suffered a lot at the hands of Zambia police traffic officers who are very corrupt.ZP should get rid of this department and let RTSA officers who are more educated and professional control traffic on our roads.
    Am very glad with the Lusaka man who beat up that corrupt officer from Garden police last week.he did a wonderful job.even those who beat up two traffic officers in kitwe yesterday did a nice thing.we are sick and tired of traffic police officers who call us motorists ATMs!!enough is enough,if Hon.Kapyongo wont remove these corrupt officers from the roads,many of them will be getting beaten by the public on daily basis!!
    As for you Mr Mwanakatwe,please spare us because you know too well that ZP…

  3. ati report the errring officers. So far you have not seen the ones erring. Kanofye twalipota!!! So in your own wisdom, police can never arreat a robber unless someone reports. Hehehe. Mwilansekesha. Some job descriptions have no purpose whatsoever.

  4. This is what you call a box ticking organisation…utterly useless since when has it published of cases reported and where officers have been prosecuted!!

  5. There is this traffic cop in Ndola who drives a hilux van painted in blue and white. He has no regard whatsoever for traffic rules. He would be driving on a wrong lane without a siren or those flashing blue police lights. He will park in the middle of the road without warning signs while he is talking to another driver. He crosses the pavements just to chase a motorist. Why not just record the vehicle registration number than put a lot of road users at risk simply because one wants to get a bribe.
    He is a big shame.

  6. W can’t internal affairs investigate these things? Just drive around Lusaka and see traffic police operate. Let’s not be fools.

  7. They have come in huge numbers especially in town in Lusaka during lunch time. But where can one report police officers who do wrongs in the name of the president. This is a joke. A drunken police officer along kafue road who was seen drunk on social media quarrelling with MP Nkombo was shielded by the same police. Mwata is on record to have protected the police officer even when seemingly drunk. Ton date nothing has happened to that police officer. Son this is just nonsense.

  8. We report and then what? All state institutions have been “captured” and you want us to waste our time reporting. Which state institution any integrity to talk about? ACC, Judiciary, Police, etc???Why was that traffic cop clobbered? Because these chaps are corrupt and unprofessinal

  9. this group is fake wants just some allowances are you sure you dont have some names of erring officers or you are just testing the public. be serrouss you guys. all state institutions can be be found wanting.

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