Zambia to camp in Ghana for Nigeria clash


Zambia is heading to Ghana to camp there this weekend ahead of their October 7 must-win clash against Nigeria.

The West Africa camp comes after plans by FAZ to send the team to Spain fell through due to operational reasons.

“The local player players summoned for duty will leave for Ghana on Sunday and set up base in Accra where foreign based players will join them there,” The FAZ Media stated.

“On Wednesday, the team will head to Nigeria ahead of Saturday’s showdown in Uyo where the match will be staged at Akwa Ibom Stadium.”

But before then, Zambia coach Wedson Nyirenda is on Friday set to announce his foreign-based call-ups for the game at a press briefing at Football House in Lusaka.

Zambia head into their penultimate 2018 FIFA World Cup Group B qualifiers 2nd and three points behind Nigeria.

Cameroon and Algeria are out of the race in 3rd and 4th on 3 and 1 points respectively.


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    This is a good idea coach though it has come a bit late.
    Why I say so is because Nigeria is not only hot but is very humid and if our players went to Ghana earlier it would have prepared the boys well. When you walk in nigeria, you sweat like no man’s business what more if you are running? I hope the boys will acclimatize quickly within this short period. Go Zambia Chipolopolo. NB for those who failed grade 9 geography, Ghana is in the same line of longitude with Nigeria so they experience similar weather conditions. (line of equator)

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      My Form 2 geography says equator is a latitude. Longitudes are vertical and are normally associated with time (GMT).

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      Juliet, good point about the boys acclimatizing; but please brush up on your GEOGI (as we would call it) Equator a longitude? kikikiki

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    Please coach don’t include Muchindi on the call up list. He failed us at the under 20 tourney when Mwepu was injured but don’t forget the Sakalas, Dakas, Musondas,Mwepus or any other name from those talented regions.

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    I read somewhere that he has maintain faith in the boys that bit Algeria. While it is good but honestly guys like Fwayo should not be dropped anyhow unless he tells the nation that their form is not good at this stage. The number that needs attention is 2 and midfield-you need guys who can run and sustain pressure on the middle of the park and a number 2 position who is stable. Not what I saw in ZESCO confederation Cup and Algeria both games it was number 2 that was living dangerously all the time. This is where you need Billy Mutale stable and resolute.

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    Zambia should forget this Russian 2018 and concentrate on Afon 2019 qualifiers. Nigeria will beat Zambia mercilessly. If you like go and start sleeping in Nigeria 90days before the match day, you will never escape defeat. Nigeria players are still in their respective clubs. They won’t be around until next week Tuesday. Nigeria 3 Zambia 0

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    Your CARE TAKER coach WEDSON HAS Snubbed RAINFORD KALABA, a young brother to Hon. Harry Kalaba hmm.. the coach wont last regardless of results he will collect in GhANA. NIGERIA is humid , rainy HOT (Ntukumila) players be ready to play on a rainy day, oh no sunshine koma its hot (humid)

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    Gentlemen, is it possible for these Chipolopolo to beat almighty Super eagles in Nigeria? The team that taught you soccer right there in presence of your fans in Zambia. Zambians are only playing mind game. Forget world cup please.

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    The Super Eagles have lost to Zambia and the Eagles have been disbanded. The other time it was the Midlands Select and you disbanded the Eagles, I know you cannot remember, however, you will not forget this time when you will disband the Eagles after getting walloped at home.

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    We will hammer the Nigerians! Why should they always be going to the World Cup where they fail to perform! Let Zambia go instead! Dear God above I pray you let my beloved Zambia qualify for the World Cup next year in Russia where we will not disappoint mother Africa! Zambia to hammer Nigeria by 2 goals or over! The combination of the young and older players has made the Chipolopolo team unstoppable! Go Zambia Go!

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