Information and Broadcasting Minister Kampamba Mulenga
Information and Broadcasting Minister Kampamba Mulenga

Minister of Information Kampamba Mulenga says government has designed strategic measures to stimulate the growth of the film and media industry in the Country.

Ms. Mulenga says government has in this vein created a deliberate policy towards improving the film industry which is still in its infancy.

The Chief Government Spokesperson says government will continue to do its best to ensure the film making industry grows and effectively contributes to national development.

The Minister was speaking during the closing ceremony of the 2017 Sotambe film festival at the Kitwe Little Theater last evening.

Ms. Mulenga also said cabinet recently approved the film policy and is currently working on modalities to operationalise it.

The Minister further stated that government intends to introduce a landing charge right at a 3-thousand 1-hundred and 50 kwacha for television channels which have less than 35 percent local content as stated in the 2018 National Budget.

She urged local producers to invest in quality production that will attract television stations.

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  1. When the English prime minister asked scientist Michael Faraday what the usefulness of his electromagnetic device was, Faraday replied, “Someday you can tax it.”

    in something government, should keep their hand off to the private sector they’ll gain by collecting taxes.


  2. This ministerial position is irrelevant, its a total and pure example of waste of money. We all know that PF as a party and government at present doesn’t and cant coordinate their dissemination of information.
    Everyone on their own as soon as they see an ant hill will find something to shout about. Mama be humble this is just a temporal job, we all know what you did to get that position so relax.
    You have sunday chanda here, kampyongo there, chanda there also in the copperbelt, our mother whose on maternity leave deputy SG and you also shoutig and repeating lies, mmmm no matter how much you repeat a lie it will never be the truth even though you may succeed in convince yourself.


  3. Dear Mr President: An Open Letter To HE Pres. Edgar Chagwa Lungu
    Bwembya Mutale | October 2, 2017
    Mr. President, this is indeed a bitter pill for me as a returning Zambian who heeded government’s call to come back and invest in the country. For many years, Zambians cried that they were taking very little ownership in the management of their Natural Resources like Mines and Forestry. Our getting of the Concession License made us believe that finally government had realised that Zambians needed to be at the centre of controlling their Natural Resources. Our plan as a company was to acquire all machinery needed to go into not only semi processing for export, but also further into finished products locally for both local and international markets. However, this is never going to happen…



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