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UPND still studying the 2018 budget

General News UPND still studying the 2018 budget

Gary Nkombo
The United Party for National Development (UPND) says it is still studying the 2018 national budget.

UPND Mazabuka Central Member of Parliament Gary Nkombo tells Q News that his party is still studying the budget and will give its reaction to it when it fully understands the contents of the document.

Mr. Nkombo however states that the budget may trigger the cost of living in the country even higher.

He has charged that it is the small things such as the TV Levy which will amount to the high cost of living in the country.

Mr. Nkombo who is also UPND parliamentary chief has further explained that the increase in the prices of cement in the country will also increase the cost of rentals and other social amenities.

And Economic, Equity Party (EEP) President Chilufya Tayali has described the 2018 National Budget as a punishment to the poor.
Mr. Tayali says this is because government has increased tax on a lot of items in the 2018 national budget.

He says in as much as the taxing may appear to be microscopic, they are going to have a huge negative impact on the cost of doing business next year.

He says the K2 which has been placed on cement may appear to be small, but will have an impact on people who depend on low income to construct permanent structures.

He says a lot of stakeholders have bemoaned the increase in poverty levels in the country, but nothing has been done by government to cushion the impact.

Meanwhile Mr. Tayali has described the failed protest by some political players at parliament before the budget presentation as ill-timed.
Mr. Tayali says it is unfortunate that some political players will use any opportunity to gain political mileage even if it lands them in problems.

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  1. Probe ,probe and probe this budget some more ba UPND,MMD and other parties cuz this govt has shown us the face of some very shady contracts.

    • The only area that a sickle cell greedy MP like this Nkombo cretin can study or be interested in is the part which concerns MPs salaries and gratuity! Such lowlifes are just a shame to their constituents!
      When has Nkombo or his fellow UPNDunderheads ever debated any aspect of any budget properly and intelligently??? When??? Such MPs are a curse onto the nation as a whole-selfish individuals- should they ever rule this corruption people are seeing will even grow exponentially!

      Ba Peter Sinkamba is a better person to provide checks and balances than these fake opposition MPs!

    • @2020 Vision, is it PF policy to stigmatise people born with sickle cells? You should withdraw the comment above unreservedly if you are a compassionate person. Sickle cells affects people regardless of political affiliation

  2. @obatala I apologise for mentioning sickle cell in the comment! I’m saying sorry- something which many of the UPND guys have failed to do after saying much worse towards leaders in govt (not all leaders are corrupt) but I won’t apologise for calling abena Nkombo what they are! Such have failed lamentably in providing checks and balances and are only in politics to eat and are hoping to eat even more should they one day enter plot 1!

  3. @2020vision
    You are true visionless ar.sehore! Do you even know what you mean by checks and balances and what that can achieve! For your small brains, you should know that NO checks and balances can stop the outright day light robbery and theft carried out by the PF thugs that you support!!
    HH and GBM have been calling for the cancellation of the $1.2bn contract every day but to no avail!!
    In fact checks and balances are not for the opposition alone – the civil society can do that also and that is what Laura Miti and Pilato and many others did over the weekend!
    How about you ar.sewhore…what have you done about that corruption and theft by your PF party? You should not be yapping – at least do something! After all you the one supporting the same thieves!

    • The arse.flea aka chiyaya has returned from its inner hairy arse dwellings ..ati HH and GBM??? You dunderhead keep on following the likes of GBM a known crook – only yesterday when he was in PF you a brainless dunderhead was calling him a crook which he is and which is why he left and joined your dustbin party! When has your party ever called for a reduction in MP salaries and gratuity??? It was only a PF MP Given Lubinda who is on record of doing that! Keep getting it big time from behind from the likes of Nkombo ba daala ..

  4. There is nothing sensible that the likes of Nkombo can utter- how? Which miracle will occur for a dunderhead like Nkombo to analyse the budget properly??? In Parliament for how many years what has he done for his constituents of Mazabuka? Zambia sugar continues to make millions but does little to improve the town- Mazabuka remains backward thanks to an MP who enriches himself while his consituents continue to suffer but sadly remain brainwashed and end up voting for him just because this so called MP is a member of their tribe. So sad but true!

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