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Government warns South Chiefs as HH officiates at Lwiindi Gonde Traditional Ceremony

Headlines Government warns South Chiefs as HH officiates at Lwiindi Gonde Traditional...

HH greeting UPND Supporters e at Gonde Lwiindi ceremony
HH greeting UPND Supporters e at Gonde Lwiindi ceremony

GOVERNMENT has challenged chiefs in Southern Province to forfeit subsidies and other benefits that come with the status of being chiefs if they do not want its presence at their traditional ceremonies.

So far, Government has not been invited to officiate at the Bene Mukuni traditional ceremony of Senior Chief Mukuni and the Lwiindi Gonde of Chief Monze where United Party for National Development president Hakainde Hichilema has been in attendance.

Minister of Chiefs and Traditional Affairs Lawrence Sichalwe said in interview yesterday that it will be difficult for Government to work with chiefs who do not want to collaborate with it.

“Traditional leaders are agents of Government and that’s why we pay them subsidies. Chiefs who don’t want to work with us should forfeit what they are benefiting from Government, ” he said

Meanwhile , UPND President Hakainde Hichilema has called on the country to remain united even amidst divisive calls by those who may not value oneness.

“We are one people, as country we must remain united and work towards alleviating poverty, no arrests on those with dissent will shape our country’s development agenda, even when hate and hurt speech, arrests are done on any of us in the country by those who do not value oneness, we must not be shaken because we outnumber them,” said Mr. Hichilema.

Mr. Hichilema reiterated that the country needs peace for development while emphasising that arrests on citizens with dissent will not in any way foster development but tension.

Mr. Hichilema also emphasized the need to restore the rule of law in the country and enable citizens enjoy their fundamental basic human rights.

“Arresting Hakainde or any one else unlawfully in the country is not development, because the country will always side with progressive and development focused not those oppressing others, our people have no food, medicine, education and all and surely you can’t keep suppressing them because they have rights,” added Mr Hichilema.

Mr. Hichilema who attended the Gonde Lwiindi ceremony in Monze yesterday afternoon also bemoaned poor maize prices and the underperforming agriculture sector.

The UPND President sympathized with the farmers but called on them not to relent but remain hopeful.

Mr. Hichilema added that the country must continue joining hands in celebrating various traditional ceremonies as this will help shape the future.

“We must not forget where we are coming from, history help us as a people to shape our future,”said Mr Hichilema.

The Gonde Lwiindi ceremony which took place yesterday in Monze, was attended by hundreds of people from various parts of the country.

HH greeting UPND Supporters e at Gonde Lwiindi ceremony
HH greeting UPND Supporters e at Gonde Lwiindi ceremony

HH and Chief Mukuni arrive at Gonde Lwiindi ceremony
HH and Chief Mukuni arrive at Gonde Lwiindi ceremony

People at the Gonde Lwiindi ceremony
People at the Gonde Lwiindi ceremony

People at the Gonde Lwiindi ceremony
People at the Gonde Lwiindi ceremony

UPND Leader Hakainde Hichilema
UPND Leader Hakainde Hichilema

HH greating traditional chiefs from Southern Province

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    • EVERYBODY knows how Tongas think and behave. Government are just wasting their own time trying to tame them.


    • Stupid tonga comment….so hh should b guest of honour at kulamba or ncwala or kusefwa pa croc…nice tonga dream…

    • My son will be graduating from college next week can govt please come and officiate. I recall in 1998 LAZ under George Kunda invited Anderson Mazoka to officiate at its AGM. Officiating at events is not a preserve of govt and morons like PF minister Sichalwe should know

    • These chiefs are disgrace and this is an abomination.

      Unforgivable if you ask me. Their lap dog will end up no where if you ask me.



      Nice one, what insolence and acts of insults to the ruling Government!
      Was there any Government official at that ceremony? The writer of the article was at pains trying to portray that this ceremony had attendance from other parts of the country. Was this not only Tongas grouping up in a Tonga ceremony? Why should we care? How Ironic HH! How dare you talk about unity in the container of divisive ceremony. I wonder if this will help alienate or help you win supporters. These chiefs may be doing you more harm than good. What do I care anyway? Like Mushota has put it. What a disgrace!

    • Vodiga Rungu set the standards for what happens at traditional ceremonies when he started using state institutions to bar other people (like HH) from attending them. Let us not forget what happened at the 2017 Kuomboka ceremony. Now he wants to use state resources (subsides and salaries of chiefs) to blackmail southern province chiefs because he was not invited!! PWaaaaHahahaha. The farkin ***** is now getting a taste of his own medicine and does not like it? Sorry mate, chawamila galu……………………………

      If Vodiga Rungu had it in his power he would dethrone traditional leader in national, er sorry PF and his own selfish interest. Bwana, Zambia is bigger than you. You found it, and you will leave it……………….

    • u are not right on tghis one other the tongas are very backwards coz they think HH is the President so GOVERMENT TEACH THSES FOOLS A LESSON SO THAT THEY KNOW THAT YOU ARE IN CONTROLL AND NOT hh

    • If you ask their chiefs to forfeit their salaries, you should ask their people to stop paying taxes too.


    • Leave the Tonga people alone. All PF government officials think about are travel allowances and booze when they go to such functions. GRZ officials including their head teacher, ECL should instead spend more time in their respective offices working and not travelling.

      God bless Zambia

    • I shudder to think what will happen to this country if hh wins. I foresee a country divided into classes and the tonga people will be of the first class followed by lozi, lenje, lunda luvale then kaonde lamba. The rest of tribes will be the scum of the nation and will toil as slaves for the rest of their lives. But then fate is such that the rest of the tribes are in the majority so there will be a lot of unrest in the nation. God have mercy on Zambia.

    • LT stop this nonsense of continually giving your psycho creation Mushota fake votes….it is utterly ridiculous and outright narcisstic

    • Sichalwe is unhappy because of allowances. He was quite when the Bemba chief was busy chasing other people from attending. What do you expect when police fail to provide security? It is only normal to invite one side to avoid what happened in Western province. It makes people of Southern province happy to see HH than Lungu or Sichalwe just like I guess it will make easterners happy to see Lungu and not HH at Ncwala. Create more ceremonies in your strongholds so you can attend. I hope the upcoming Shimunenga Ceremony of the Ila people also avoids inviting any government leader especially that Namwala is already dented for violence. Go ahead and stop subsidies and see if its a solution…you’ll only achieve your goals of further dividing the country.

    • Hmmmm olo ni ku yopa tilizon, please extend formal invitations to the Government of the day; it is the right thing to do. We are not in a two state system mwebantu. If HH has forgiven, who are we to hold on to grudges? No need for acrimony where none exists; lets learn to choose our battles carefully and reasonably.

    • I said it before and I am saying it now. Let us do away with the Chiefs and Chiefdoms because from time immemorial, they have been a source of division among peoples. These chiefs and their ancestors were used as tools of oppression during the Slave traders and in the colonial era. They are the ones who were selling our forefathers for Gun Powder, mirrors, beads and whisky during the slave trade. In the colonial times, most of them were used as tools of oppression. I think we cannot run two parallel governance systems with “equal powers” without some clashes happening at some point. These chiefs are simply trying to get back the political power they lost after independence. Locally, just check what is happening between the Lundas and Luvales, the Ngonis and Chewas, the Lozis and Nkoyas,…

    • @Mushota;
      It’s nincompoops, brainless and useful id!ots like you who have helped destroy our beautiful country.

  1. Ka hh deceived by tongas that he is a president.. all non tongas looked lost and out of place…except *****s like gbm

  2. Lol. This government behaves like little children. When Chitimukulu publicably said he didn’t invite people feom opposition parties or that dont belong to PF they should have been first to advise that he is a cheif of the people not a party.Dont all other political party members pay tax. Stop collecting their taxes then of every one that deosnt belong to PF. PERIOD

    Now they see it. There too many hypocrites, thieves and murders we have leading the nation.

    • “Sichalwe said in interview yesterday that it will be difficult for Government to work with chiefs who do not want to collaborate with it”…
      Collaborate in thieving and corruption? Abuse of office and waste of Taxpayers money by Lungu and his travelling? Accept the breakdown of the RULE of LAW and PF use of the Zambia Police for partisan political advantage and suppression of Justice? Is that the kind of “COLLABORATION” Sichalwe is expecting?

    • Sichalwe said “Traditional leaders are agents of Government and that’s why we pay them subsidies. Chiefs who don’t want to work with us should forfeit what they are benefiting from Government, ”

      We all know that those subsidies were nothing more than BLATANT BRIBES to try and buy PF support in the 2016 election. Now that these Chiefs have shown that their allegiance is to their People and not PF, Sichalwe is threatening to take back the BRIBES?

      Thank God there are still some people in Zambia that have not been corrupted by 30 pieces of silver. Thank God there are still some people in Zambia that put the Nation above their own pockets!


    • the problem is you like yourselves too much so you think tongas are as useless as you are?the answer is no ,so leave them alone after all they have rich guys like milupi,hh just to mention a few,who can continue to provide them with their needs if need be in the crisis and mind you they do also have the support from the lozis to make matters worse the richest zambian a mr sindowe can do alot to them ,they are not like an insolvent whore mushota ,a birch of no choice,

  3. GRZ is bitter only bcuz HH was invited .If GRZ doesn’t like not being represented it can simply stop accepting taxes paid to it from Tongaland.

  4. No doubt, another UPND Rally disguised as a Tonga Traditional Ceremony. Southern Chiefs need to rise above this type of trend. They are sending out a bad message. There is a bigger Zambia out that there whose heart you need to win if you are to have YOUR UNDER 5 MAN in Statehouse. You got to get smarter than this.


    • I support bloggers who claim that HH is under5. Man, the chap has not matured 6 time shots at the presidency. Mmmmmhhhh! amazing. ALIENATE OR WIN Support from other regions? I say he is going bonkers; Bananas; nuts; crazy; wild; ballistic; cuckoo every day of his mis(er)able political career. Sorry but it feels so.


    • @Chief Bootlicker,
      I did not think a regular blogger like you could sink so low.

      So according to you, it is okay for ba Chitimukulu to disguise PF rally as UKUSEFYA PA N’GWENA Bemba Traditional Ceremony? So you are now giving credit to this tribalism nonsense peddled by scumbags and scroungers in our Country?

      Tribalism, like racism, is for small-minded people. Tribalism and national unity are mutually exclusive.

      “We are one people, as country we must remain united and work towards alleviating poverty” – HH.

  5. Where’s Mushota? You’re late. I have waited for 5 minutes for your opinion as it was expected to be the first one. Now you’ll be second to me. Ok let me wait a while before I float my opinion………

  6. Already the government does not upgrade poor infrastructure in the Southern Province – our main roads are death traps ! The Government does not care about the citizens of the Southern Province !

    • Mustafa ubufi naimwe. There are road works going on in Kazungula right now. There are road works in Monze. There are construction works in Chikankanta district going on. Just accept that these ceremonies are a pure indication of the love of Tonga Chiefs to alienate themselves from this greater country of ours if their HH is not president. Imagine what the country will be if all the Chiefs in other areas just invite their own? Let us not support wrong things! These ceremonies are extremely divisive and if you can not see this then we have a problem for real

    • Genetic pathological liar. I believe hereditary passed. Government is on record claiming that a huge chunk of development is currently underway in your land. “Southern province was leading other provinces in various infrastructure developments being spearheaded by the government, Mulusa” That takes me to the question of your HH’s under-pit-cot puppet SP UPND MPs. Absentee MPs. Man, they are lost in HH’s spiritual attacks. SP UPND MPs should be charged for gross incompetence. Maybe they are cursed by the traditional leadership especially greedy Mukuni. Mukuni is divisive. Mukuni is a UPND surrogate/cadre. Maybe Mukuni is the UPND architect. The UPND chief architect. Do you leave in Zambia I wonder? Yes like any other Zambian rural area, Government needs to do much more across the…

  7. Haivotela Humwine! HH kwamene uko kwanu sewo akachione lombe. Zero vote in 6.5 provinces wapusa maningi. Boma ni Boma

  8. It is all wrong for Tonga chiefs to turn their traditional ceremonies into UPND political parties. This is not helping unite the country. It is dividing it. The government of the day should be allowed to officiate at such events. What is going to happen if all traditional leaders in this country only allow one of their own to officiate at traditional ceremonies? Much as PF is in a self-destructive mode and is not helping matters, this is not the way to go.

    • Atase….nga Ka Chitimukulu lintu ka kwete ukusefya pa ngwena iyafwa, what did he say about invitations to non PF public figures?

    • I wonder how HH will feel when he is Head of State and government is not invited to traditional ceremonies in opposition strongholds. Be careful what you start, it might come back to bite you in the a***.

    • comparing govt officials to opposition leaders such as Kambwili is comparing bananas and tomatoes. Chiefs are part of govt. They should grow up. This is what failed to happen at tbe Kuomboka!

  9. This statement by UPND President Hakainde Hichilema where he has called on the country to remain united even amidst divisive calls by those (Chief Mukuni and others) who may not value oneness. This should be supported.
    But this statement {“We are one people, as country we must remain united and work towards alleviating poverty, no arrests on those with dissent will shape our country’s development agenda, even when hate and hurt speech, arrests are done on any of us in the country by those who do not value oneness, we must not be shaken because we outnumber them,” said Mr. Hichilema.} CONDEMNING HATE SPEECH USING HATE SPEECH

  10. Are there no wise people among Tonga royal establishments? People need to realize that GOVERNMENT, though run by a political party, does not belong to the political party in power! Southern Chiefs are busy driving death nails in a UPND coffin and I’m just wondering how that not even HH can see it! Please stop and reflect even for a minute!

    • HH is politically too dull to see what you are politically seeing….the reason why HH will never become president in Zambia, because other tribes, who are the majority in Zambia, are seeing what HH is doing and are scared of his tribal traits – hence it will be impossible for other tribes to vote for HH

    • @ Umwina Nkana

      Unfortunately Lungu and his PF believe that being the Party in power means that the whole of Zambia and all our National resources belong PERSONALLY to them and no-one else!

      That is why they are plundering with impunity! They do not even bother to hide their stealing these days. Theft of public funds, corruption of the Judiciary, all in broad daylight.

  11. Well maybe the chiefs were trying to avoid a repeat of what happened during the kuomboka,,,, same way as the citimukulu avoided the conflict by dis-inviting kambwili. Same difference!!

  12. can you blame chiefs from southern province for being skeptical about inviting government, we all saw what happened and the role played by the litunga at the last kuomboka. we saw how kambwili was hounded out at the Bemba traditional ceremony where no doubt govt officials where in attendance.
    Just because you are in power doesn’t mean you should address all ceremonies, even in the audience you can participate. stop been petty.

  13. If God forbid HH is President and the Eastern, Luapula, Northern, Copperbelt Chiefs only invite opposition leaders to officiate at their ceremonies. What would HH and Tongas say. “DO UNTO OTHER THE WAY YOU WANT THEM DO UNTO YOU”

  14. I don’t want to be tribal. But I think Tonga Chiefs are alienating themselves from the rest of Zambia more and more. The majority of Zambians who voted for ECL are not amused with the way they are behaving. Do you think they will vote for HH in the next elections? I doubt very much. The failure to recognize ECL by HH is an insult to those who voted for him. People who are not satisfied with the performance of the PF govt right now will think twice before voting for UPND because of this behavior. Let those who have ears hear.

    • No evidence is provided that GRZ was not invited. GRZ was just ashamed to attend because of the illegal detention of their child.

  15. let us not be hypocrites here, barely last week kampyongo took his pettiness to parliament and alleged that mukuni was threatening dark science on him. now do you expect such childish leadership to be invited to officiate public ceremonies when evidence already points at them been divisive and intolerant to opposition in what ever form.
    until government behaves in a mature manner, until govt learns to differentiate personal agendas from govt functionaries, until govt realizes that coffers are meant for all Zambians, that these coffers are not pf, when they realize that there are leaders not bosses.
    No wonder there is so much economic sabotage because they think its their money, this type of mentality is retrogressive.

    • What a handful of pettiness! Dangerous thoughts and unprogressive rants. You make me wanna puke big time.

  16. Stop bashing the amazing Tongas all you rabid tribalists and hypocrites .African tribal ceremonies and customs must be treated with respect.

    • Never allow Tongas to rule this country, they will divide us big time. These people are tribalists. I cant believe what I am seeing. When Mukuni, left out gvt officials at his ceremony, I gave him a benefit of doubt being a very close business associate of HH. But now that even this chief is doing the same just confirms what people have been saying about Tongas

  17. From pre- colonial times, colonial times and NOW history SAYS that Tongas are tribalist and has passed that DNA of tribalism to their offsprings.Apart from that, tongos have tribal vigor from the time of white expedition to date, history is very clear like white sands on the beach.This is a main reason KK had never trusted Tongas in his regime,they tried to capsized unip by staging up campaigns that “TONGAS ARE MOST EDUCATED” in Zambia but kk ignored them. Silly ones were dealt with merciless until that resentment ushered them to change unip together with barotses and MMD was founded still more had working by borrowing in Europe from Angro- America as well as other Org.They championed campaigns massively would be a president then and Fred was chosen but with evil motives, hoping if kk…

    • True, I pity GBM because he doesn’t know what these people say when he’s not around. Only bitter people like Nevers can jump in the kraal with Upnd.

    • As voice above says..

      Vodiga Rungu set the standards for what happens at traditional ceremonies when he started using state institutions to bar other people (like HH) from attending them. Let us not forget what happened at the 2017 Kuomboka ceremony. Now he wants to use state resources (subsides and salaries of chiefs) to blackmail southern province chiefs because he was not invited!! PWaaaaHahahaha. The ****** ***** is now getting a taste of his own medicine and does not like it? Sorry mate, chawamila galu……………………………

  18. HH has divided Zambia beyond any normal limits.plus tongas do not help matters by advising him properly.these people are on tribal crusade in Zambia.if tongas and HH wont stop this,we may experience genocide in Zambia like Rwanda 1994(God forbid).HH MUST KNOW THAT THERE IS ZAMBIA BEYOND SOUTHERN PROVINCE!!one or 3 provinces cannot make HH president.those tonga chiefs must know that whether they like it or not,HH is not a Zambian president and he is not a Govnt official,so inviting those in Govnt is a must.WE ALL KNOW THAT TONGAS CONSIDER HH AS A ZAMBIAN PRESIDENT.BUT HOW?WHO DECLARED KAINDE AS ZAMBIAN PRESIDENT?Please you die hard tribalists in southern,stop diving us Zambians.HH WILL DIE BUT UNITED ZAMBIA SHALL REMAIN!!
    THIS IS NOW TOO MUCH!!The PF Govnt also should act unlike just…

  19. If really want to help HH the chiefs need to rise above tribal otherwise if all the chiefs in zambia starts conducting the way chiefs from southern province it will be very difficult for a tonga to rule this country

    • @ Chilu

  20. @ 20 Mr p
    You know man, for once in my life I voted for UPND in 2001, when Mazoka was president of the party. At that moment we were sick and tired by the skims of FTJ and cliques. I did not know then that the massive votes towards Mazoka, mwana mulume, was also stirred up by tribal voting. Until an election later, when it was publicly announced that ONLY A TONGA COULD SUCCEED MAZOKA. My eyes rolled. We managed to keep MMD untill 2011, 10 years later.
    @ 20.1 Ndanje Khakis
    The UPND is s(u)cking the hell outa GBM. HH is stingy. He and the other UPND folks are just using GBM for his Mula. But whether GBM understands this, who knows. His hate for ECL has blinded him. Who cares?

  21. They did well not to invite them, so that some people don’t plot out some silly treason incidence.

    Let there peace and there was peace without them.

  22. @23 Ken
    Honestly man, I understand your bitterness. It is frustrating to know that part of your tax payers money is being used to pay allowances to some ungrateful souls out there.
    Never mind them, let’s see how this unfolds. Let them continue to get paid.
    I am a fun of Zambian Traditional Ceremonies and diversified culture. I love to watch traditional dancers Men, Women, Boys and Girls from Northwestern, Southwestern, Luapula, Eastern, Northern, Central . Man ceremonies make my day but to hear that selfish individuals are blacking out Government and ZNBC gives me immense pain. I will never forgive HH for this.

    • I love it when I succeed in unmasking your hypocritical naive minds with real issues, cowards. I spell it out in black and white you go on rampage shooting aimless insults in tongues. When I raise points, you speak in tongues with ballooned hearts. You will die cursing evil one.
      So anyways, HH is not a politician. He can do better raising cattle and feeding the nation. He lacks political acumen. He lacks political judgement. He is definitely not a unifier. You think uniting 73 different languages is a joke? I have no respect for divisive leaders, no not one. According to the 2000 census, Zambia’s most widely spoken languages are Bemba (spoken by 52% of the population as either a first or second language), Nyanja (37%), Tonga (15%) and Lozi (11%). What can you tell me iwe?

    • …and I always emphasise that point to my collegues. To say hh is a sucessful businessman is an understatement, the guy is a business genius!!! But reality also shows that he is a political amateur. Just look at the people he has surrounded himself with?? In all honesty, do you think GBM would have been Mazoka’s or Mwnawasa’s or even Chiluba’s vice????

    • HH does not mean well for Zambia. He’s interests are purely economical…if by miracle he becomes president, he desire is to amass more wealth through Anglo American and to come and promote his tribe. HH and the Tongas are not pretending by the way they are behaving/misbehaving….these are their true colours. It is up to the rest of Zambians to stop them in their tracts by not allowing HH to become president of Zambia. PERIOD. Let him remain their president in Southern Province

    • I speak good bemba than the chitimugulu himself, that doesn’t make me bemba just like the rest of the lamba, ushi, bisa people’s.

      Torn in the flesh by I, relax.

  23. Money paid to chiefs comes from tax payers not the PF, the same tax payers in Southern province supporting there chiefs the government must apologies to these chiefs after the insults which they poured on them during the arrest of HH.

  24. The chitimukulu decided to keep out Chishimba Kambwili from the traditional ceremony of the Bembas because Kanyanta Sosala did not want the traditional ceremony to be a political event the way we are seeing the traditional ceremonies in Southern Province. Much as I support the issues on corruption that Chishimba Kambwili a fellow Northerner is raising against Edgar Lungu’s government, I never supported the manner he rushed to the traditional ceremony of the Bembas when, as the Chitimukulu said, he never bothered to be there before and never supported it financially but simply wanted to take politics there. The Chitimukulu being the wise leader he is wanted to avoid a recurrence of events at last year’s Kuomboka by stopping his very own from attending.

    • The two events and attendants are not comparable, please do a proper analysis, you are correct in saying Chitimukulu said Kambwili has never attended the ceremony, you cannot say the say the same of HH and Kuomboka. Do not just write so that your PF party can be happy but be analytical about events.

  25. This is a dangerous precedent being set by our South Chiefs. Government is government regardless of whose running it. Today it maybe run by PF but tomorrow UPND or any other party may run it,how would UPND as the government of the day feel if the situation was reversed. A simple invitation to even a minister would have gone a long way by upholding the oneness HH talked about. In the midst of tribal talk left right and center, we need bigger minded men to rise to the occasion and just do the right thing. South chiefs and HH just missed the chance to rise to that occasion here.

  26. The contrast between most Southern chiefs and the Chitimukulu is that whereas the Chitimukulu would want to avoid a politicization of the traditional ceremony of the Bembas, most Southern chiefs have politicized their traditional ceremonies by the decision they made of not holding their ceremonies as long as HH, one of their own, was in detention and now allowing only HH, again one of their very own, to be the one to officiate at their traditional ceremonies. This does not bode well not only for the unity of the country. It does not also help improve the image of the UPND in the eyes of the majority Zambians that the party is nationalistic. In addition, it makes people of other parts of Zambia think Southerners are tribalists. Think twice Tonga brothers/sisters!!!

  27. Yes GRZ should have been invited in the spirit of reconciliation ….but then with GRZ comes PF thugs he’ll bent on causing trouble, telling lies and the bemba chiefs set the president by not inviting UPND to their ceremonies…

    • @spaka like lilo
      In case you missed out on media reports of Ukesefya pa ng’wena and Ubwilile traditional ceremonies, there were chiefs from Southern province, Northwestern and other provinces. It is also up to individual leaders of political parties to attend. No wonder GBM said he was not going to attend any traditional ceremonies in the Northern Province because chiefs did not stand with Southern Chiefs when HH was detained, a clear politicization of traditional ceremonies by a politically naive GBM who forgets UPND and HH needs support more from chiefs in other provinces than Southern. The government of the day was also invited to officiate, as per tradition.

  28. Some of us who voted PF may be fed up with ECL’s frequent international trips and lack of political will when it comes to fighting corruption of politicians within his government, but it does not mean we will vote UPND and HH looking at the manner UPND and HH are dividing the country further. We may just have to look for another party and leader to support!!!

    • That is the real meat of the this political animal or environment. You’re the true son of the Land. Can’t the UPND engage in real issues? HH can even fail to make it to the presidency 20 times setting some unprecedented record. How could he allow chiefs to do his political fights? The level of his nativity is cantankerously baffling. Preserve traditional ceremonies. When Government is invited, it’s not playing politics but when a chief invites an opposition leader, it’s actually a chief politicizing traditional ritual observances. Come on grow up chiefs!

  29. We want to support you but you are always pushing us away, why guys mwebantu !!!!!!!!why don’t you have a political strategy kanshi

    • You come to my house at midnight teargas my family, lock me up for days-on-end without any reason and couple of days later you expect me to smile to you, invite you to my home and fete with you before any healing has commenced. What do you think I’m made out of? Big jokers indeed!

  30. “We must not be shaken because we outnumber them,” said Mr. Hichilema”. Eastern, Northern, Luapula, Muchinga, Copper belt, Lusaka and part of Central make sure come 2021 you are not outnumbered them.

  31. If the condition chiefs from all regions have always put forward to political parties for attendance of their ceremonies is that they do not wear political party regalia and display party symbols, why then are chiefs from Southern Province failing to follow suit this time around? Have we not had political leaders from other regions other than Southern Province incarcerated before? Have chiefs from other regions behaved the way chiefs from Southern Province are behaving today? Does this say something about why chiefs from Southern Province with HH and UPND conveniently chose to be silent when people from other regions were targeted and had their homes burnt down and chased from the Southern Province in the aftermath of the 2016 elections?



  34. Are Southern chiefs telling us any President of Zambia will not be welcome to their traditional ceremonies as long as he does not hail from their region? If this is not divisive, what is it then? This conduct is like that of a child who says, “as long as you do not give me a sweet (the presidency), I will never play with you.” Am even wondering with what is going on if chiefs from the Northern Province are NOW even being invited to traditional ceremonies in Southern Province after what GBM said that he was never going to attend traditional ceremonies in Northern Province because Northern chiefs refused to stand together with Southern chiefs over the incarceration of HH.

  35. Another own goal by UPND

    If UPND was a football team they would be a perpetual loser when playing away!

    Only winning at home in SP!

    HH the number 11 always being sent off for fouls!

    Their team manager Greg Mills from South Africa.

  36. The Supreme leader HH of the UPND has now confirmed that he will never rule Zambia…The majority of Zambians from other provinces have noticed his warped mind…

  37. “Even when hate and hurt speech, arrests are done on any of us in the country by those who do not value ONENESS, we must not be shaken because we outnumber them,” -HH.

    Brilliant speech. Keep it up HH. There are millions of Zambians from mixed marriages, across tribe and across races, some are second and third generation, inside and outside Zambia. Thanks to internet, with dual citizenship in place, the future of Zambia’s trajectory is clearly poised to rise above these petty differences by primitive individuals who only see the World from their narrow minds.

    …next topic please.

    • Zambia ain’t Dreamland for fraudstars. The voting is literal not virtual. It’s in the physical not the Cyber realm. HH will suffer another political casualty on record no.7. This issue will resurface come 2020. Ain’t going away like the Tonga succession tag submission by UPND. I wonder if Sakwiba still votes UPND after those embarrassing remarks. Nawakwi could not hit the UDA presidency because of tribal HH. Apart from Armageddon what other evil connotation are you gonna sail with. Shameless serpents. #PreserveZambia.

  38. HH should be the last person to talk about Fundamental Basic Human Rights, he was in the fore front telling his supporters not to vote for the referendum, so what FUNDAMENTAL BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS CAN HE TALK ABOUT? He should first explain to us the reason he never wanted people to vote for the referendum. The referendum included all the human basic rights that he is now talking about……Fool1sh him. Ba LT you should also be serious in your reporting, which hundreds of people are you talking about? Which various parts of the country do you mean that are not even in your pics? This kind of reporting is rub1sh!!!

  39. I have been around for some time and I havent seen this level of tribal assassination before. Is it a case of one tribe sensing that it is slowly losing its dominance on the political field and start beating the drums of tribalism on other tribes or do we only have tribalists who are heading these parties? The level of tribalism rhetoric is frightening and if we are not careful Rwanda genocide is very close to us and we shall all lose. Please stop beating the drums of tribalism because the consequences are so catastrophic to contemplate.

  40. Traditional ceremonies in our great nation have been and are still a uniting factor in our diverve nation. The Govt. of the day has been instrumental in ensuring the promotion of cultural activities. If the Tonga chiefs think that HH is the Govt. of the day in Southern province then it is very unfortunate. This action vindicates Chishimba Kambwili’s statement that “even Jesus christ would loose elections if he stood against a tonga candidate in Southern province” We are one nation and we need only a leader who is going to persuade the majority of Zambians to be the head of state not just a fraction of the country. And when you loose the election you cry foul. Zambia is made up of 10 provinces. The chiefs in southern province do not seem to think beyond their noses.

  41. The ceremony was peaceful because there were no “other people” who attend with a different agenda in mind. With the State Emergency thing still on, it is best to keep it simple and safe. I see a lot of sense in what these traditional leaders decided.

  42. @ Thorn in the Flesh, kwena ichi chena chakunyokola ayi? Ama post ubwingi! Bush namusendama nokusendama lelo? Oko HH akabela president tatwakamishikefye nokumishika bane? Shame upon you!

      @49 MaryGoRound
      Stick to the topic! You will realize that I am only being patriot! I think I have managed to touch your little vulnerable ego. This is not pen and paper oOh, I am not worried that my pen will go off. I blog when I choose oOh. Mind your own oOh! Political and traditional leadership should be kept at bay (arms length) What’s with you kanshi? Are you possessed? Do me a favour n’ STFU if my posts are too much for you. Tell Mama to clean you before you come running to the elder’s forum. I think you’re soiled, damn!

  43. HH should realize that if he wants to become the president of Zambia he has to think above the narrow mindedness of those chiefs full of hate. Making HH officiate in Tonga land will had nothing to his votes. I wish HH could think out of that box. And you think there can be dialogue with Lungu with such behavior?

  44. Ba under5….when i say that the reasoning of a tonga is not different from a Arab. ..Tongas get upset. These people are selfish and we can’t change them.

  45. Why does everything to do with Southern Province and HH to be looked at through the tribal lenses? It is their ceremony and can choose who they invite and who not too surely? In any case they did not bar anyone from the different parts of Zambia not to attend. The different Zambians who attended did not experience with this tribal obsession being written on in these postings. HH gave a message of unity and hope, did you not expect him to attend a ceremony of his own people? The truth is typical of the real tribalists you want to divert attention away from the tribalism of those exercising power. Zambia has serious problems of poverty and corruption, these are the things that should be worrying people. The dangerous tribalism is from those in power who are victimising those from other…

  46. The nation is greatly divided on tribal lines.Come 2021,the ugly face of tribalism will resurface like no ones’ business.The major culprits are politicians who have towing a line of tribalism and nepotism.This has even permeated to chiefs and other traditional leaders.For a person to get land from these chiefs,he or she has to belong to the same chiefdom.Inter marriages will start disintegrating owing to tribalism.This a recipe of chaos and mayhem in our nation.The values on which this nation were founded,are collapsing.There is to much hatred and hurt towards one another.The wounds of tribalism,nepotism are very strife.It will take divine hand to heal these vices.

  47. friends were joking ati, awe, si government warns chiefs, ati ni bembas and nyanjas warn tongas…..kikikikiki. cos they are the ones controlling……ikikii.

    manje we might have tom and jerry apa ka

  48. The hysteria of some pf kaponya rats is mind boggling if it is to do with anything in southern province…….if the tongas are minding their own bussiness and you are confident you have a majority to win elections , what is the problem ?? Is there money to steal in southern province ? Why are you so concerned with dominance ?

  49. It boggles my mind to hear HH preaching about oneness when his tribesmen the Chiefs are in the forefront of segregation, why do Tongas behave as if they are the elite and yet the are the least people in Zambia. That is why they will never rule Zambia because of their behavior, they only think about the government of the day only when they want something from the government.
    They are the ones who cry loudest that the government should come to their aid but when they have ceremonies they always forget about the hand that feeds them.
    No matter which part of the nation one who rules the nation comes from the chiefs must embrace and respect that person, besides the Tongas have filtered in our provinces and we have welcomed them as our brothers and sisters, some of them have ended marrying…

  50. Believe me or not, HH and his Tonga Wizards of Chiefs have got no timing at all. At a time when he has made a lot of gains after his botched arrest and the fire tender issue, this clear Tonga Tribalism has just taken all that he has gained in the past weeks.
    As Easterners and Northerners, we shall now use ‘ The devil you know’ concept. If the Tonga ‘wizard’ Chiefs and HH can start marginalising others including Govt before they form Government, what more when they come into power. I am also told GBM and the other non-Tonga UPND leaders were also not invited. Im sorry fellow Zambians, I shall not vote for UPND and HH. They have very serious tribal issues to sort out first.
    This is one and the more reason why we need a Convention in UNPD NOW !

  51. I feel sad for GBM, Mutale Nalumango, and broke Nevers Mumba who have just proved that they have been used by HH and the Paramount Witch Mukuni ! They were also shunned at this Tonga-Only ceremony

  52. Its Mushota again the female kitten. U wanted the monkeys and rats from the forest to officiate at Gonde Lwindi? Who tells u that without some poor full to officiate then its not a ceremony? Improve your kanongobility u poor failures.

  53. ECL was in Botswana.
    Please cool down.
    It was just a coincidence that ECL was out of country to attend postponed South Ceremonies.
    HH is the next best invitation after ECL. Face it.
    Jesus WTF is this?

  54. Total madness from hechiHechi thing:” Meanwhile , UPND President Hakainde Hichilema has called on the country to remain united even amidst divisive calls by those who may not value oneness.” Meantime he is busy dividing the country on tribal lines. What a fooool of wasted creation! He is one chap who does not value even an once of oneness… Whom is he foooling with this crap this i.diot.
    What a disaster!
    Pathetic !

  55. The Southern chiefs are not agents of the govt unlike those that are bend to lick govt officials at all cost. Let the chiefs invite whomever they want. I see no wrong, why should govt be so kin on showing their presence at every occasion? Govt must be so hungry for invitations at each and every occasion.

  56. Sorry Siuthern Chiefs.You are not Uniting the Nation.Under what cercmstances, as matured Elderly People,With full of knowledge and wisidom,doing that is more than100% wrong.
    You have shown segregation,selfish,tribalism and disuniting the.Nation.Chiefs are pillars of the Country.You should not siding politicians.They are there today tomorrow they will go.You deserve total respect but you are downgrading yourselves.Think more twice and come up to Zambian people.

  57. My fellow citizens. It’s not privileged information that one must have in order to speculate on the security of Government officials at events in southern province let alone say in Opposition strong holds.
    It is only wisdom that our traditional rulers have employed from lessons of events that occurred at the Kuomboka ceremony. They have been left with no alternative but to isolate the factions by painfully dropping the other when the other party has to be in attendance. In this case HH could not avoid attendance of this event even just in his capacity as a tribal son of the ceremony. Do I need to go further and dwell on what could have happened should ba Hon. Minister been equally in attendance.

  58. People of Zambia,let us learn to separet and differeciat politics from Traditianal ceremonies.Ceremonies plays a sigficance role to bring National unity.While politics is fighting for power and is a dead game.Let us not allow politicians to mislead us.They come and go.Zambia is bigger than politicians.

  59. Clear testimony that HH and the UPND are tribalistic. Any one supporting this Lunatic is a f00l. Do vote for him or you will suffer at the hands of Tonga selfish people.

  60. And I therefore decree that no Tonga has ever ruled Zambia and no Tonga shall ever rule Zambia for many more years to come. Maybe after the second coming of Jesus Christ.

  61. Clear testimony that HH and the UPND are tribalistic. Any one supporting this Lunatic is a f00l. Do NOT vote for him or you will suffer at the hands of Tonga selfish people.


  62. HH is not in select committee to INVITE people for these ceremonies, whoever does not receive an Invitation please don’t complain to UPND ..cry for yourself

  63. As a politician HH should by now have been sensitive to toy the middle ground inspite of the hurdles and difficulties the politics has thrown at him. After all that is what political maturity entails. This is savage tribalism that will entrench animosty towards his party by middle grounders. Why cant he see??? Very SAD and SHAMEFUL.

  64. It is important to note (with sadness) that HH has not found a way out of the paradoxes, struggles and stress (both emotional and physical) that is expected in politics. Successful politicians quickly learn the needful skills and become masters of both rhetoric and public sentiment. Without these vital skills political pretenders vie off into renegades and rebels or else at the earliest opportunity of ‘power’ become despots with a gruesome trail of human atrocity which they inflict on their unfortunate subjects.

  65. Simple common sense tells us that HH rather than calcify public sentiment about ‘Tonga tribalism’ (by attending these ceremonies whose organizers have spurned the government of the day) he should have simply wisely delegated the invitation to one of his lieutenants ( GBM for instance). But he is too rigid and too ‘far right’ to make such a overarching and pacifying maneuver. WHY? Of course for starters, to let GBM officiate alone at a TONGA ceremony would be such a big insult that it does not as much as enter his mind! Well, break this sentiment.


  67. The Post (Lusaka) »
    Tagged: Southern Africa • Zambia
    Forgot your password?
    Having trouble logging in? Contact us . Zambia: Don’t Disappoint Mazoka, HH Tells Voters
    By David Silwamba in Kaoma
    Lusaka — MAZOKA will be watching you as you cast your vote, United Democratic Alliance (UDA) presidential candidate Hakainde Hichilema has told the electorate.
    And Hichilema said Lozis and Tongas are inseparable and they should never allow United Liberal Party (ULP) leader Sakwiba Sikota to align them with Patriotic Front (PF) president Michael Sata, a Bemba.

  68. Tonga’s are tribalists,that’s why they will never rule this country.Don’t even make that regretable mistake.

  69. Darkest hour for Tongas. They have completely lost it. How can you talk of unity at a ceremony you have divided? You forget one thing the President you hate so much also has a Chief. How is that Chief feeling? This has confirmed our fears that should HH win, the rest of the tribes who are not part of the three provinces will be made to pay. For this reason even voting for a frog will be a better option than voting for a self confessed egotistical, narcissistic tribalist. It’s so sad because Tongas are good people who have been brainwashed by a very few misguided dull politicians who can’t read the signs on the wall.

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