Kampyongo hails 2018 Budget

Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo
Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo

MINISTER of Home Affairs Stephen Kampyongo says the 2018 National budget has answered a lot of anxieties saying everyone in cabinet participated in its formulation.
He said the 2018 budget has brought a lot of hope and increased safety nets for poor Zambians.

He said Patriotic Party (PF) will continue to uphold its pro poor agenda in order to improve the lives of the people.

“We all had an input as cabinet, starting with His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu,”. He says.

And Mr Kampyongo said the 2.1 billion kwacha allocated to his Ministry in the 2018 national budget will help to clamp down crimes and improve the country’s peace and security.
He has applauded the allocation saying, no form of development can take place in the absence of peace and security.

The Minister said the funds located to his Ministry will help address security challenges so that the country can concentrate on its developmental agenda without leaving anyone behind.

“I must state that neither of the pillars of development can come to fruition in the absence of peace, where peace has been discarded and where law and order has broken down, you can never talk about any meaningful development, ” he said.

During the budget presentation last week, Finance Minister Felix Mutati announced that the 2.1 billion kwacha is to be allocated towards maintenance of public order and safety and recruitment of security personnel.


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      How do you expect to say anything when 29% of our GDP will go to debt financing and 51% to government wages? It is a waste of time to complain or praise what is going on. How will the 20% back up the growth being talked about? The government is trying to raise money by continuing sacking the same cow until it stops producing milk but blood. Personally, i am worse off in 2018 if i look at what has been presented. Specifically the excise duty which will like hike cement prices.

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    From the heart the tongue speaks with abundance. one thing that is evidently abundant with Kampyongo is bad language, lack of respect and pomposity.
    To have leaders like these who seem not to have ears but only mouths is dangerous, it is morally and biblically incorrect to praise yourself, we know that a budget on its own is nothing significant.
    is it our money funding this same budget NO?
    will this same budget be implemented NO?
    will this budget alleviate poverty NO?
    so why should PF government behave triumphantly about a piece of paper which will gather dust after a few days cause we all know its contents are only meant to hoodwink and f**l sponsors and poor citizens.

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    @2 at least you have received it whole heatedly which means it is a good one even if you think it will gather dust after a few days.

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    Peace and security can only be guaranteed when people’s needs are met by those in government. They say, ‘a hungry man is an angry man’. Kampyongo and his clique should have increased money in social sectors that benefits the general population at large than worrying about implementing the POA. Give that money to farmers

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    “The Minister said the funds located to his Ministry will help address security challenges so that the country can concentrate on its developmental agenda…”

    No amount of money will “address security challenges” until the culprits caught on video trying to throw stones and burn a helicopter are arrested and put on trial.

    And we have an unbiased, uncompromised, unbribed Judiciary that puts criminals like this behind bars where they belong.

    They are the biggest threat to our security and our Nations future.

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      Only in Zambia!

      This is the man that tried to kill Zambian citizens by his criminal actions that were against Aviation laws and normal Criminal laws at Shiwangandu.

      In a “normal country” he would be in prison for ATTEMPTED MURDER!

      Here in Zambia he is appointed “Minister of Home Affairs”

      It proves that to get a position in this Government, YOU MUST BE A CRIMINAL!

      Lungu being the first example!

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    Kapyongo you are running away from the reality of fire tender by commenting on issues that you have no clue about. Can you explain why you bought those useless second hand vans at an inflated price of 1million dollars when we have schools operating and using pit latrine ? Your government is a joke from top to bottom and for sure you are included on that list of people who are running government from state house pub.

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    Stephen Kampyongo is happy poor
    people are paying more, opposing the ts pro-poor policies that the PF Government campaigned on in 2011

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