Chinese firm partners with local contractors in Kafulafuta dam project


China National Complete Engineering Corporation, a contractor engaged to construct the 450 million dollar Kafulafuta dam project in Mpongwe district, has allocated twenty percent of the works to local contractors, as earlier directed.

Special Assistant to the President for project Implementation Andrew Chellah disclosed this information to ZANIS, during an inspection of the two hundred housing units for families that will be displaced, following the construction of the dam.

Mr Chellah said awarding twenty percent of work to local contractors, will not only be a means of empowering locals, but also encourage good workmanship between the two peoples.

Mr Chellah has however urged local contractors not to compromise quality standards during the construction project.

“Please local contractors when you get these contracts, stick to quality, let’s not do shoddy works because we are local contractors, let’s do works according to the specifications.” he said.

The Chinese company was engaged to construct the multi-million dollar project which will see improved water and sanitation in Ndola, Luanshya, Masaiti and Mpongwe.



  1. What disease is this that zambians suffer from really what is wrong cant we manage what belongs to us , why dont we appreciate what is ours how can we deveop if all we know is to steal let us show some maturity in what we do.
    Let this vindicate us so we can also boast that we can do it and retain money in the country .


  2. A dam to cost US$450million dollars , give us specifications, capacity, and who awarded the Job to china ..with a fake name ati complete engineering, please mwebena Zambia let us empower local contractors by giving them the whole project, constructing a dam is not like making a chip for computers


  3. Need to work up.And appreciate the wealthy of this country and let’s empower our own people . this people we trust are doing well in their countries from the same resources they get from zambia.



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