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I am not afraid of anyone even after my 127 day incarceration -HH

Headlines I am not afraid of anyone even after my 127 day incarceration...

UPND President Hakainde Hichilema
UPND President Hakainde Hichilema

UPND President Hakainde Hichilema says he is not afraid of anyone even after his 127 day incarceration.

And Mr. Hichilema says the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) should be dissolved because it has no value to the people of Zambia.

Speaking at a joint press conference with other alliance partners in Lusaka today, Mr. Hichilema said he had not been intimidated after leaving prison.

“People are saying no, HH is afraid after being jailed, someone who was taking care of cattle when he was young can be afraid? No we are doing our job and you better do your job as well. We better do our work together that’s the message. I was incarcerated for the highest offense (treason) what can I fear now? They will arrest me just for one day on a bailable offense, the following day I will be home. Again I start working, they arrest me and again I come out, just like that. So what are you afraid of?” he asked.

“Now that we have identified where the corruption is, the first thing is to come together as citizens and say no to corruption. We should not fear, there is too much fear in you people, I don’t know why God gave us such a nice country but then put a bunch of cowards in it. You will achieve nothing through cowardice, you will achieve everything through courage,” said Mr. Hichilema.

And Mr. Hichilema said his party is already preparing papers to go to court to challenge corruption deals happening in government.

“The message is that ACC you are incompetent, you can’t say ‘the procedures were followed’ even if the price was too high, $1 million dollars when we should have paid US$150,000 to US$300,000 thousand dollars. Who is pocketing US$700,000? ACC must be dissolved because there is no value,” he said.

He adde, “You cant say because the procedure was followed, a tender was issued when information was being shared that three, four companies are owned by the same people tendering for the same tender, then you say there was competition. The last bid, its the same person, the middle one its the same person, still the first bid its the same person, then you write that ‘procedures were followed’ procedure yabanyoko yebo (is is your mother’s procedure) charged Mr. Hichilema said.

He described Housing and Infrastructure Development Minister Ronald Chitotela as a knowledge-limited Minister for defending the $1.2 billion-dollar Ndola-Lusaka dual carriageway project.

“I think today we have contextualized this debate on how much money is being stolen from your pockets because the debt that they are acquiring, nindalama zanu (its your money). So I think we have made the point loud and clear, at minimum they are stealing $3 million, at maximum they are stealing $3.350 million dollars on the Lusaka-Ndola dual carriageway road project,” Mr. Hichilema said.

“The other day I was watching Chitotela on news and I said ‘how can this guy be so limited in knowledge?’ and he was arguing that what they were saying is true because they were constructing curves, now am told they are building hotels along the road between Lusaka and Ndola.”

He added, “Who tells you that hotels are constructed by government while doing a road? Its a private sector job, they are the ones who identify the opportunities and in the tourism business. We operate the largest tourism business in this country in case you don’t know with the largest employer in the sector, single employer. We know what we are talking about. There is no business to construct a hotel between Lusaka and Ndola, it doesn’t exist. There is no business along that road to justify that expenditure.”

He said that his party would also conduct some peaceful demonstrations when need arise.

“We shall be going to court, we are already drawing out court papers now, to stop certain things. If the Judiciary stands in our way, we will ask for those elements of the judiciary to be removed from the judiciary. If they don’t get removed, we will remove them sooner or later. Because it means they are supportive of the PF corruption isn’t it? We should demonstrate peacefully when we think its necessary the way Laura Miti and our other colleagues did it,” Mr. Hichilema said.

He further commended the 57 UPND and independent members of parliament for petitioning Speaker of the National Assembly Dr Patrick Matibini to appoint a select committee to investigate the procurement of fire.

“Our Members of parliament have put a request to the speaker of the national assembly to constitute a select committee, they did this on the 29th of September. We asked them to do it, we have asked them to petition the speaker to set up a select committee to investigate the scourge, the cancer of corruption one amongst others, on the fire tenders, and on the Lusaka, Ndola road. And we expect that the speaker will act correctly, he should act correctly,” said Mr Hichilema.

Meanwhile, People’s Party President Mike Mulongoti said former Minister of Local Government Stephen Kampyongo escaped the fire tender deal after realizing that it was going to hurt his integrity.

“If you see what is going on, on the procurement of these fire tenders, the current Minister of Local government is more on the quiet side. Its the former Minister who is being asked questions to explain what happened. I saw the current minister cultivate diplomatic tactics, trying to defend the thing but he realized how he was going to hurt himself, I think he escaped because he knows that it will injure his integrity. I can assure you that something went wrong in this fire tender. But along the way, you will discover that many other people have benefited from this deal.”

“So there is a lot more that we are going to discover, lt’s not panic, the matter is going very well. Am sure we will get to the bottom of this and am sure we will all be happy in the end,” said Mr. Mulongoti.

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  1. And this is our undoing,the cancer of 365days politicking fronted by self centered politicians is corrosive to Zambia.

    • He rubs me the wrong way.

      He doesn’t work – where does he get the money to campaign 24/7 for 5 years.



    • YES this is good! Finally some sense is entering the head of HH! These are the checks and balances we are talking about! Rather than keep crying over 2016 elections better you take up the role of a real opposition and not just an opposition by numbers! Put the State to account on issues of corruption, expenditure, other issues are there such as the maize floor price, prison condition and hefty pay of all top govt officials – MPs-opposition and rulling party!
      Raise the points to put the govt to task and deal with issues and not petty politics!

    • Don’t be scared of a ma faka that breath the same air as you. HH is my PRESIDENT , who is your president?

      “I don’t know why God gave us such a nice country but then put a bunch of cowards in it.” Tell us who you are referring to as cowards, HH? The electorate? Why? Your voters? Are you inciting your people? Is it because we have refused to buy into your devious schemes. Do you want to realise a failed Armageddon call? How do you achieve a nice country without good people in it? Really, HH, a bunch of cowards? All of us including your chiefs? Lord have mercy! We told you that the failures of UPND will not be the final chapter of Zambia. I think you HH are the biggest coward Zambia has ever begotten. Now I believe that you’re upto no good. By the way good to hear that you are going…

    • court.
      Let’s us here it. This time it has no 14 days ultimatum but very much in need of evidence. You see young man HH, courts operate professionally. In the judicial setup, a culprit or suspect can walk his/her way to freedom on account that the witness had enormous emotions or simply a drunk. Get sober and exonerate your poor suspecting soles by proving to us that the ECL government has corrupt elements. Not just innuendos without the head and the hype of hate. Advice, don’t dare make it a UPND case, we will lose interest.

    • @Mushota, I think there is rigging at LT , just 90 viewers read HH article so far, but Mushota got 210 votes total.
      Now I agree ACC is useless.

    • @thorn in the flesh -“If i throw a rock into a pack of dogs, the only dog to bark is the one who got hit”. the cowardice statement has you riled up ayi muntu wandi. Now he got you barking lol.

    • @Mushota;
      It’s nincompoops, brainless and useful id!ots like you who have helped destroy our beautiful country.

    • Why does he think he has to tell us this? To show that he is a brave person? Such things will only backfire. Zambia wants peace

    • For one to say who pocketed the other amount, it should follow that he has been to where the trucks were bought and found out the actual price spent! Right now its a comparison more like ‘why didnt you buy from shop X which had cheaper trucks than shop Y which made you pay more’! These cries are very genuine and i support the public outcry however its the manner everyone is going about it simply complaining without real actions. Step1. Where is the actual tender document to this process,any company that participated should have this. Step2. What were the Instruction to bidders for this tender? This will tell you whether that bidder that won was qualified or not. Step3. Technical specs in the bid. We are told the trucks are custom made,custom made things are expensive.Did the bidder…

    • Ah!!! Somebody get this Huba huba a job please…. Is he going to besiege us until 2021? There is no vacancy in state house sir. Please do some work on your agenda for 2021, lets those us find meaningful discussion for now. But you’re not one of them. Please

  2. We need more select committees to also investigate the terrible prison conditions and the issue of the maize floor price!

    Zambia for all Zambians let us make this nation better!

    If it means changing govt in 2021 for a better alternative if there is one so be it but let’s do so in a civil manner- let the opposition raise REAL issues to put the govt to task! Addressing corruption is the right way to go but there are many other issues to be raised!

  3. The Halpha and Homega of UPND Kaponya (HH) continues to deceive his followers like a blind man leading Oxen.
    What a hateful spiteful morron who has betrayed the trust of the innocent Baroness.
    This sodomized Ex con biggot needs to go back to Mukobeko boarding school.
    He’s capable of dividing our people. Ackson Sejani and Mutinta Mazoka look at the monster you’ve created

    • “procedure yabanyoko

      What a putrid foul stinking mouth. that gutter trash coming from a purported leader?

    • Mudala was HH the reason your mum dumped Dad ayi? Coz your hatred for this guy is really quite personal. It is real hate. Lungu is a greedy little visionless corrupt !d!ot yes but even we his critics do not go this far. Chill.

  4. An Independent audit of this Firefighter Tender will show that there was massive corruption in this supply contract. The price of $1 million per truck cannot be justified. Kampyongo did not eat alone in this deal.He ate with the Powers that be and thats why the President is failing to make his former Minister of Local Govt account. The Chinese govt maintains a zero tolerance against corruption while in Zambia there is 100% tolerance of corruption. The fish rots from the Head downwards. No wonder ECL is now filthy rich at the expense of the people.

  5. good one… u cant justify the expense of the road to building hotels and other luxury building bcoz that is not the aim of the road.. so why waste resources… people are stealing aimlessly and they need to be brought to book. Otherwise I am disappointed witht the response from government on many issues… In any democracy the government was supposed to facilitate the investigation of these claims in a way that is satisfactory to all stackholders even if they knew that process was not flawed and that is what democracy is about.

    • Who will be the target market for those hotels, foreign tourists don’t spend nights in Zambia, we saw will Smith do that, most of them after viewing tourist attractions they go to sleep in zim or south Africa, for the local Zambians, they would rather spend nights in their cars, in fact Zambians love to reach their destinations no matter what, i remember coming from nakonde and 30 minutes to. 21 the bus driver said, we will spend night in kabwe, boy every one including me jumped out the bus and hiked on smaller vehicles, so which hotel will be given business?

  6. …. And the PF sycophants continue to blindly defend their humble leader. PF created this monster and they keep feeding it. Take a step back and wait for the rest of us to ask questions and get to the bottom of this mess!

    • They have been inspired by mswat’s reed dancers, maybe they want to bring bang kok style s ex tourism.

    • Because i don’t get it how they will fill up those hotels. Except for grumpy old white dudes coming for. s exploits.

  7. If you want to catch a thief send a thief. Now we see the plunderer of privatisation using his skills to catch thieves. Chiwamila galu kuluma mbuzi .

    • Old story and Boring…Hearsay…HH is Just a hard worker moron.Jelousy i guess ba Godfather just keep on suffering pa Zed…You Just came to Know HH yesterday.

  8. Thank my President for enlightening the citizens on the corruption happening in our country. Trully these thieves shally surely pay one day. Continue fighting for a good cause and the wise are with u.

  9. Lungu pocketed $ 5 million from this corrupt fire tender deal…….we lead the narrative. We will be vindicated.

    Kambwili is sueing kapoyongo and lusambo for calling him a theif because it is a matter of integrity…….lungu is being called a theif yet is too afraid to sue anyone incase more is revealed about his corruption.

  10. The Minister of Finance said that the highway will be financed by Public Private Partnership. So, how do you do you remove other expenditures for other accompanying infrastructure such as hotels if this is what the partners have designed?

  11. Yayaya, my opposition leader has left one very important item to investigate. This is the sale of mines and other national assets, such as Lima Bank assets, Hotel Intercontinental, Pension Fund, etc. While we appreciate the concerns of Overvaluing the works, we hear the Assets during Privatisation were Undervalued. Therefore, my President in Opposition should call for a probe in this. In addition, the investigation should also extend its mandate by establishing the Balance Sheet of individuals that were involved in privatisation, before and after Privatisation. When this is done, then Zambia will be a Heaven on earth.

  12. This is the right move b UPND. They are finally joining the fight against corruption. The more of us are involved the more pressure we put on President Lungu. He is currently feeling no pressure at all and behaving as though everything is normal in the country.

  13. Coward, you should have refused to be released without the case being exhausted by courts of law. But of course the jacuzzi was beckoning.

    • How was he supposed to refuse??? The State had entered a nolle. Did you expect him to go to Chimbokaila and demand to be let in!!!!

    • Mandela refused to leave prison until all his conditions were met. …27 solid years not a mere weeks.

  14. Blasphemy, Blasphemy, Blasphemy, Blasphemy, Blasphemy, Blasphemy, Blasphemy, Blasphemy, !!!! How can a normal thinking person doubt Gods arrangement by saying, and i quote,,, I don’t know why God gave us such a nice country but then put a bunch of cowards in it….end of quote.
    Is this chap really a Christian as he claims? I have a lot of doubt on this claim. Lets leave our good Lord out of this…our Lord is a perfect Lord, He has never made any mistakes. HH is growing into a very big criminal…he should be taken back to Prison for Heavens sake!!!!!

    • Your reasoning is shallow boyi.

      Its like you are asking on why people suffer if at all God loves them and life is pre-destined? Some problems come as we adopt certain characters such as cowardice. For your level of reasoning, HH is saying God did everything well but human beings chose to adopt a personality of cowardice. For real he had a point. A t places of work, learning institutions we leave unions to fight for us while we hibernate. Something is definitely wrong with a human mind. We love to demonstrate through others.

    • “If i throw a rock into a pack of dogs, the only dog to bark is the one who got hit”, Malcolm x said that. yakutacha ka?

  15. HH has no respect for people. By the way, why is he fighting tooth and nail just to rule a “A BUNCH OF COWARDICE”? This is where I surely hate this man, he is self-centered. Why doesn’t he use his children and family members to fight what he calls injustice, but instead he is busy using the poor people to fight for his benefit. Don’t preserve your children and use use others. Shame!!

    • Wrong thinking. Does it hurt when you are addressed as a coward when in fact true? How many people are complaining about corruption yet only 7 people went to demonstrate at parliament? you demonstrate from your bedroom yet you want to earn praises? for what, remind me? at places of work, you are not happy with conditions of service yet you hibernate and leave your union to fight for you? COWARDS I call you again! I would not have found any better way to address people.

  16. In the first place one is not supposed to be afraid if you stand for the truth that is all you need. Prison sentence is just another thing all together….but I do accept that your friends are a bunch of cowards because some of them disappeared. Lol

  17. HH has never impressed me and all my family members and close friends.
    HH should be the last person to talk about corruption because we know how he corruptly got rich via “PRIVATIZATION!!”

    • I know. It hurts a thief when they are addressed as one. Prove to us those accusations are not mental illusions by filing a case against him in the court.

  18. now this is the kind of politics we have wanted for a long time. i heard him this morning on radio saying a committee must be set up to investigate the fire trucks tender and the ndola lusaka dual carriage way.this is what we want,let them feel you this time around.by the way they cannot arrest you again,so you just have to continue pushing them for answers.We need accountability for our money.i also concur with him when he says matibini is a compromised speaker on the NA.

  19. I just wonder weather he is any better , as every zambian of my age know better we start from 1995 the recoverly of all government money through to date , the enventory must start now .

  20. The Supreme Leader HH of the UPND should have realised that majority of Zambians are not cowards as he allegis and his rant on same about Zambians will haut him for the foreseeable future…The Supreme Leader HH must know that the majority of Zambians do not subscribe to his group think rantings…

  21. Just look at the picture of those attending hid so called press conference…..they are not confortable with what he is saying

  22. Continue living in poverty as you get blinded with that evil spirit called pf. You support anything as long as its done in the name of pf at the end of the day it’s you suffering alone at home. You can’t eat right, yr children can’t afford quality education, you are jobless or earn shoprite change ….there you are defending those stealing from you. It’s so surprising how pipo can think so low. Viva HH

    • The Supreme Leader HH of the UPND has refused to explain himself in the Privatisation of State companies in the mid 1990s and the man really gets annoyed when that subject is brought to his attention both by local and international media…Why is the Supreme leader HH and his Minions so apprehensive once this subject is brought to their attention…


  24. I hope Scotland and the Catholic bishops are listening to this unrepentant man. next time don’t interfere and let the course of justice completes its cycle

  25. Ba HH this time around scortland will not come to your rescue,Thank the catholic bishops coz your unknown leader from SDA went into hiding in Dundumwezi

  26. HH was indirectly shooting people he was addressing for been cowards, the time he was in jail no one bothered to protest ……they all went into hiding. His second in command only resurfaced after the men of God and Scotland pleaded on his behalf.
    Now that he is moving freely he has started insulting the people of been cowards and yet it’s him who is a coward who resorted to motor rally with his entourage on the Mongu – Kalabo road.
    Instead of debating issues which affects the nations he is always on the negative side, why cant he first get the BOQ from technocrats over the Ndola – Lusaka road Project before running to the media. By so doing he will point out the grey areas in the Project ……. he should also do the same with the firegate scandal, let him check how much those…

  27. This is the problem with this old fellow he has limited understanding of fundamentals because he is very bitter and angry. Please no one fears you also we only offer you respect which is a true hallmark of leadership. 2021zedforward.


    • As soon as DPP announced that a Nolle was going to be entered HH became jittery hoping that the state was not going to say “we wish to amend the charges and the accused remains. ….”

  28. “People are saying no, HH is afraid after being jailed, someone who was taking care of cattle when he was young can be afraid?”,
    Interpretation: I am a proud tonga tribalist, others are just monkeys and rats.

  29. ” They will arrest me just for one day on a bailable offense, the following day I will be home. Again I start working, they arrest me and again I come out, just like that. So what are you afraid of?” he asked.
    Interpretation: I am not a common man like you poor poverty stricken voters. I am a rich man and I can buy lawyers and justice. I am also a leader therefore the Commonwealth or Maimane can fight for my release. But for you poor hunger stricken people or voters, once arrested you will rot in jail and I will not waste my money to bail you out.

  30. “You cant say because the procedure was followed, a tender was issued when information was being shared that three, four companies are owned by the same people tendering for the same tender, then you say there was competition. The last bid, its the same person, the middle one its the same person, still the first bid its the same person, then you write that ‘procedures were followed’ procedure yabanyoko yebo (is is your mother’s procedure) charged Mr. Hichilema said.
    Interpretation: That sounds like a description of his running mate GBM when he won tenders at ZESCO for supply of poles under four company different names. So, honestly, how can under5 fight corruption when he surrounded by corrupt people? Is the boy serious? Or he thinks that we are foools like his UP.NDonkeys?

  31. Believe me or not, HH and his Tonga Wizards of Chiefs have got no timing at all. At a time when he has made a lot of gains after his botched arrest and the fire tender issue, this clear Tonga Tribalism has just taken all that he has gained in the past weeks.
    As Easterners and Northerners, we shall now use ‘ The devil you know’ concept. If the Tonga ‘wizard’ Chiefs and HH can start marginalising others including Govt before they form Government, what more when they come into power. I am also told GBM and the other non-Tonga UPND leaders were also not invited. Im sorry fellow Zambians, I shall not vote for UPND and HH. They have very serious tribal issues to sort out first.
    This is one and the more reason why we need a Convention in UNPD NOW !

  32. The funny thing is they have been burning down Markets and other people’s properties and yet they are complaining about expensive Fire Tenders! Please, how ironic!

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