Teachers warned against exam malpractice


The Basic Education Teachers Union of Zambia (BETUZ) in Northern Province, has warned teachers against engaging in examination malpractices.

BETUZ Regional Chairperson Obby Chisala said exam malpractices are retrogressive to the education system and national development in general.

Mr Chisala urged teachers to exhibit high levels of professionalism during the examination period and avoid compromising their work.

He said his union will not defend teacher members who involve themselves in the examination malpractice, adding that those found wanting risk losing their jobs.

And Mr Chisala advised pupils to ensure that they prepare adequately for their examinations unlike resorting to leakages.

He further urged parents and guardians to also join in the fight against exam malpractices, by encouraging pupils to prepare adequately for examinations.

Meanwhile, Mr Chisala says there is also need for education authorities to ensure that the Province maintains good performance during examinations.



  1. For real. Our young ones these days are too playful. We used to learn how to read as early as grade three. Not these days when grade seven pupils already sleep around with boys. Some of them are even capable of wooing their male teachers with sexual pleasure for exam favours. It shocks me to see school pupils with phones, cosmetics e.t.c
    I don’t think they have time for their books. That has worsened malpractice vice.



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