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Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Kambwili says Davies Mwila is worst SG in PF’s history

Headlines Kambwili says Davies Mwila is worst SG in PF's history

Chishimba Kambwili addressing Journalists at his house
FILE: Chishimba Kambwili addressing Journalists at his house

Roan PF Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili has described Party Secretary General as the worst in the party’s history.

And Mr Kambwili has apologized to PF Deputy Secretary General Mumbi Phiri over his comments that she was so poor that she could not even afford to buy toilet paper.

In a statement, Mr Kambwili said Mr Mwila’s behavior of encouraging violence in the party makes him the lowest IG Secretary General.

“I hereby present to you the lowest IQ Secretary General. Davies Mwila’s behaviour is totally unacceptable because there is no way a CEO of the party can encourage violence,” Mr Kambwili said.

He added, ” I now see why the people of Chipili rejected this backwards thinking man, first he encouraged cadres to grab land and share amongst themselves and now he is encouraging cadres to turn violent and beat those with divergent views as if this country belongs to him. I am not insulting the President. I am merely asking questions as to how he has acquired so much wealth in a year.”

” If this was in a country where the President is in total control and his subordinates fear and respect him then the SG would not have the guts to promote violence during the “fasting” month of national prayer and reconciliation,” he said.

“Davies has just shown the whole world his true colours and why zambia’s democracy is in real danger with thugs like Mwila being at the top of leadership, this is not leadership this is cowardice and it must be condemned by all well meaning Zambians. I don’t think the President will keep Mwila as SG because just this statement alone has the capabilities to bring chaos in the country.”

Mr Kambwili said the Secretary General is a mirror of the President adding that he does not think the humble leader of the country can turn to violence during the month that he suggested should be for prayers and reconciliation.

“If President Lungu does not act and fire this illiterate overzealous political lightweight who has zero following then the people of Zambia will know that violence stems from the top,” he said.

“When Mwila lost his election he looked like a lost child on a maize field, he could not believe that a young man like Chabi could knock him off his perch, but now it is clear for all to see that here is a man with a family promoting violence instead of condemning it. The police should take keen interest because this isn’t the first time Mwila is promoting criminality.”

He added, “President Lungu take this from me, this is the worst SG in the history of PF, his thinking is enxtremely shallow and pathetic which is making PF more unpopular by the day, the grassroots don’t like him nor do they support him, the only reason why he is tolerated is because you appointed him. It is now time to take affirmative action because I do not expect you the President to condone such thuggery.”

Mr Kambwili said the statement equally confirms that Kabushi Member of Parliament Bowman Lusambo did indeed physically attack me.

“Although I may not be your favourite citizen you still have to protect my rights as a voter. People of Zambia let us wait and see the action that will be taken by President Lungu on these adults behaving like toddlers.”

Meanwhile, Mr Kambwili has apologized to PF Deputy Secretary Mumbi Phiri for his remarks that she was so poor that she could not even afford to buy toilet paper.

Mr Kambwili on Wednesday attacked Mrs Phiri and claimed that he started buying her toilet paper after he discovered that her household was using old newspapers in the toilet.

“I would like to unreservedly apologise to my sister and friend Hon Mumbi Phiri for my sentiments yesterday. To error is human and to apologise is Devine. I exceeded the mark with what I said and it was wrong of me, it was a spare of the moment thing and I would like to retract that statement,” Mr Kambwili said.

“To you my sister I say sorry and kindly forgive me for what I had said about you. I have nothing whatsoever against you and that was too harsh of me. I got caught up in the moment so to speak, you have not said anything bad against me and I appreciate that, kindly find it in your heart to forgive me for my wrong doings.”


  1. At one time the peace loving KK justified the roughing up one politician for his unruly behavior. Kambwili must reduce speed. I’m afraid once the ACC picks him up he’ll attribute it to his recent misconduct.

    • Which piece did the dictator KK love? Kambwili is asking questions that we all as citizens regardless of political affiliation should be asking.

  2. What history does PF have? They were formed yesterday and the short history is riddled with corruption and cluelessness!!!

    Kambwili, just tell us how funds are embezzled in government. And how you yourself benefitted.

    This character assassination should be fully backed up by deeds they do in the dark.

  3. Well said kambwili.. ..keep it up don’t be intimidated by these violent thieves, Zambia belongs to all of us , not only these theives.

    You have a CK future as elections will prove…


  5. Saying something very stupid and apologize a little later after a fallout, is not intelligence but just shows how shallow one is. Mr. Kambwili is not leadership material.

    • At least he has apologised and it sounds sincere. I was surprised he attacked her because her statement was in support of him. I think people made him realise this. I am glad he is one to admit his mistakes.

    • How many times is he going to apologize? Not long ago he was saying sorry to you Tongas, Today he is saying sorry to mumbi and tomorrow he will be saying sorry to ECL. Just as he has no neck, Kambwili has no backbone. He has so much venom between his mouth and chest. Follow him at your own peril.

  6. You can nearly smell the fear from Kambwili.
    This guy is so full of himself and his arrogance is limitless. Why did he have to insult Mumbi Phiri like that? And he claims to be an experienced Parliamentarian. I bet his strategy is: ‘Talk long & loud enough and the mentally challenged amongst the population will be impressed…’

  7. PF and lungu are leading Zambia down the Mugabe road where there is no rule of law…anyone who disagrees or questions there aquired personal wealth is attacked and silenced. Anyone who questions their corruption is silenced or run out.

    They steal as they chose , lungu does not even bother to explain the corrupt deals we are seeing because lungu gets a cut from every corrupt move……he pocketed $5 million from the 42 million fire tender deal that is why now that same company is into farming input supplies…..lungu will get another cut from that.

    Only the international community can help by stopping all aid and assistance to zambia.
    The money they are donating is fueling corruption in the country because lungu and PF feel there is extra to steal…

  8. Anyone wonder why we have confused development roadmaps? The leaders we elect are on top of the confusion. CK is a typical example, now that he has been fired he comes to parliament just for the allowance. No so long ago he bragged that he has so much money to fly to London and have tea and come back to Zambia. We do not need rocket science knowledge to see through such hollow ststement which does not bring any value to anyone including CK himself. What CK needs todo is sit down think through his expulsion and pick up the pieces and move one. As it stands he will get bruised to an extent that when he finally occupies his presidential slot in his new party he will be completely useless. His own insults will have engiulfed him to ashes.

  9. Ba Kambwili please slow down, mwalamoneka icipuba nomba line. You insulted and demonized our tonga brothers and sisters, then later claimed it was evil evil spirits using you. When I read about you buying tissue for Mumbi Phiri, I realized your evil spirits are still in you. And you have the guts to aspire for the presidency with this lunacy of yours!! SAD

    • And Upnd are idolizing him. Nangu ma vote mufwaya bane mulebako selective. Just look at the guys who ditched PF at the height of the last election, they’re all quiet and maintaining their dignity.

  10. LT give us proper news and not boring reports on senseless behavior of frustrated individuals day in and day out – only evoking feelings of surrogate shame.

    How serious is someone who is throwing words of hate against one person and begging forgiveness from another at the same time?

  11. In the first place why did Mbwili insult Mumbita Pilingu? Its very important for one to think before opening the mouth. As for PTF Sakatela Generation Mr. Davyman Mulwila, its unfortunate that a CEO of mululingi Pati can sink so low and encourage violence against any other person especially when it comes to dealing with public matters of great concern. All we need are answers from our leaders because they chose to lead us and when we see that things are not moving as expected then we begin to question this and that. There are a lot of people who are enjoying their privacy and no one bothers them simply because they never aspired for public office. If leaders will start getting physical then where are headed to. That MMD Die Hard ati Boldwim Masambulo should learn to term his temper and…

  12. Ba UPND are busy behind CK because according to them he can bring down PF. That’s why I call them dunderheads surely even in your dullness is this the man you can support??

    • Politics is an animal without any defined form, even the so called dunderheads can make a difference. My advise is dont write anybody off because 50%+1 means you can not be declared President just with 50% without the 1.

  13. oh my my, certain people should not be welcomed in ones home, so the time he visited Mumbi’s house first thing he asked for was to be shown the toilet so that he can could see what sanitary paper our sister and her uses. That was really childish thing to do mwe Mbwili, no wonder why your wife together with your off springs have left you alone in Zambia………?
    Such behavior is not only childish but also ……….I don’t even know the right term to use. So all this time our colleagues in Luanshya are been represented by a person who things so low like Kambwili.
    Can one really confine in such a person…..? He is only old outside but inwardly he still thinks like a minor.

  14. Kambwili, I am sure you regret having entertained the idea of shutting down online media organizations like zambia watchdog and Lusaka times now that they have become your only platform for your verbal assaults!

  15. I have never seen a foolish man like chishimba kambwili. if he is rich like he says go and stay with your family in London. elo if you indeed buy mumbi phiri tissue why announce, you have just shown your foolishness because no leader or good person can do something good to someone and later go on the roof top and announce it to the whole world that I did this to a b c. kwena CK ulichipuba pa fipuba. you don’t deserve to be called a man or human being. you a just a bunch of dark flesh. uchinje kolwe. at your age 49years old you are busy barking like a rabbied dog. I pity your kids and wife. having such a man for a father lishamo sana.

  16. I am on record on LT saying the only good thing in all this corruption by lungu is he can not bribe everyone, there is not enough money to bribe and corrupt everyone into silence ……this is what I meant , the aggrieved and left out will sing like a bird.

    If you are not a corrupt leader, nobody will sing…..

  17. Lungu stopped jailing people calling him corrupt because the international community are watching him…….now their strategy is just to steal and loot then act like nothing happened, police, ACC are all powerless no matter how loud we complain, there is nothing we can do locally.

    Only the aid donners can help by shutting of all aid.

    Some of us are now restrategising our targeted petitions to highlight the plunder and looting going on. Human rights is no longer the issue, stealing public funds is….

  18. It is really laughable and a big shame to the whole entire PF, to pick on an illiterate grade seven failure or drop out to preside on matters concerning the ruling party and the position of CEO of the party is too big for such calibre . No wonder why there is too much childish behaviour . secretary is the owner of the party and entrusting it in Mwila’s hands, iwhat a the joke of the day . No wonder there is Cho ,chise . no one to control the other . BAKOLWE BASEKANA IFIPOTO . TEPAPA NGOWAKU LOMA . WALIBA NSHAIBA , WALIMBWENE . NGEFYO WIKETE MUMINWE WAFUMYAKWI ? NAFYELWE NAFYO, BAWISO NIBANI ULETONTONKANYA NAIFYELEFWE . AND The people who are Aat the helm of giving the answers to the many Zambians are behaving like a child in a long trousers with big shoulders .

  19. I pay tribute to Hon Mumbi Phiri for the mature way of responding to Dr Kambwili in silence. You have every reason to accept his apology because your silence made him realise the impact of what he said. You can differ politically but you still remain brother and sister. Dr CK, to say sorry is not a sign of weakness but divine as you put. However, you need to tell Hon Mumbi face to face and extend the apology to the her family and together you shall set a good example of true leadership.

    • I concur with you….and Mrs phiri has earned a lot of respect, definitely from me for conning to to speak against corruption by telling her PF friends to explain their sudden wealth….

  20. There are very weak international laws that deal with the plunder and looting of one’s own country by a leader that has corrupted the internal system for checks and balances….unlike human rights laws that internationally are well known …and lungu and his gang know this..that is why they have now stopped jailing people on human rights.

    However lungus only soft point is the need for international assistance and aid. Lungu does not have the mirange diamond fields Mugabe has or the oil dos santos has…
    Let’s see how far he gets with stealing western tax payers money …..

  21. Kambwli should learn to appreciate. Bowman saw a mosquito on Kanbwili’s cheek and hit it with his palm, Kambwili got scared thought it was a fight and fell on the ground pretending to have fainted. When Jean saw him down she got the bottle of water and poured it on his head to save his life. so palibe issue apa

  22. PF Leadership you have the mandate which voters gave you govern the affairs of the nation.Leave the frustrate ones behind and focus on the main objectives of delivering development.

    Ignore kambwili. Stop responding to him or even considering beating.

  23. imbwili yalila”the small leopard has roared” Mr kambwili you forget to mention in your apology that it’s the work of the devil that lead u to insult mumbi phiri Kikikiki. slow down your childish behaviour will expose your stupidity.Even what u claimed about mumbi phiri is true a father if not a grandfather u are can’t tell the world such a story.awe battalion bakambwili mulitonshya.

  24. Spaka like lilo and Kambwili must be both Donkeys. Kambwili is reacting to words that were not said by Mwila, humbly educated as he may be. Case of a pot calling the kettle black, with Kambwili being the kettle…. kikikikiki….
    As for apology to Mumbi Phiri, why apologise? We know and understand that you Kambwili are an empty shell of a (UPN.)Donkey.

  25. Spaka like lilo and Kambwili must be both Donkeys. Kambwili is reacting to words that were not said by Mwila, humbly educated as he may be. Case of a pot calling the kettle black, with Kambwili being the POT (sorry) …. kikikikiki….
    As for apology to Mumbi Phiri, why apologise? We know and understand that you Kambwili are an empty shell of a (UPN.)Donkey. Ati spur of the moment, but that is your character ba Kambwili Donkey, every gene in your body is that of a (UP.N)Donkey.

  26. By now most of us know who Kambwili is – and that he is not leadership material. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t listen to what he is saying. He also has rights like anyone else – so don’t try and divert us from the issues he is raising by maligning him.

  27. Bitongwani bya PF bya ipapaula cwale sha, mwa busholi hakuna mulao, kiwi a wa mikalani ya mutanganyo, I lanyukile munyonga tate!

    It is puzzling that Kambwili has gone so wild as to attack all Ministerial colleagues in the PF under the regimes of President Sata.
    (1) Which Province is Kambwili leaning on as his political platform to launch his political fortunes.
    (2) This is Kambwili who has boasted that he can fly to London where the British can feed him with the best meals; but returns to Luanshya where Roan Constituency is his TOILET and his beloved voters have been assigned the task of “UKUPIPA MAFI” yakwe.
    (3) Kambwili cannot read the mood of the peoples of Luapula, Muchinga and Northern Provinces where MPs have collectively organised themselves to coordinate development in their respective regions.
    (4) What magic will Kambwili and Mwenya Musenge going…

  29. (4) What magic will Kambwili and Mwenya Musenge going to use to recruit members into their new party.
    Kambwili’s mentality is as good as that of Mobutu Sese Seko and has the evil heart of Nigeria’s Boko Haram.

    • Ba Mwansa Kabinga, not too good a name, I just want to take you aback in the recent annuls of history
      1. Micheal Chilufya Sata formed government within 10 years of existing as a political party basically on the trump card of MMD corruption – Zambians especially the Public and Civil Servants who see these deals day in day out. Do not forget they run and manage electoral process including elections. Corruption campaign also removed KK and halted the 3rd Term Bid for Chiluba
      2. The current President of Nigeria won largely on account of ending the endemic Corruption in that country
      3. Zuma of RSA is facing problems due to his involvement in abuse of office – again Corruption
      4. Mugufuli was carefully chosen by Chama Cha Pinduzi as a key driver for the Corruption within its ranks and to…

  30. Only a military coup, then democracy afterwards, with the exclusion of all old politicians and all those former UNIP cadres, but now existing as HH’s or PF’s or whatever political alliance will save Zambia. This is the reality. We have to face facts. Corruption in Zambia from the President to the grassroot level has become a normal way to survive.

    • Chishimba Kambwili is surely the household political name resonating with the suffering and silent majority in Zambia. Do not underrate this guy, there is also 50% +1 threshold! He might be the game changer in 2021 even with a mere 5% Presidential Votes going by the neck-to-neck vote count between ECL and HH in the last two general elections with the suspect judiciary. These are realities ignore them at ones peril. UPND ingored RB and today that is why PF retained power 2016

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