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Pastor Nevers Mumba says Islam plans to ‘invade’ Zambia

Headlines Pastor Nevers Mumba says Islam plans to ‘invade’ Zambia

At Victory Bible Church with NEC members
Nevers Mumba

VICTORY Ministries founding leader Pastor Nevers Mumba says Muslims have a well-planned strategy to infiltrate Zambia and the rest of Southern Africa.

Reacting to story published in last edition of The Church (Issue 182) concerning the unprecedented growth of Islam in Zambia, Pastor Mumba said the threat of Islam in the country is not an imagination but a reality.

Statistics show that Islam has been spreading in Zambia as a faster rate than it was previously thought. Estimations show that there could be as many as a million Muslims in Zambia. Islam is employing various strategies to grow their religion in Zambia.

And according to Pastor Mumba who is also an opposition leader, Muslims have an objective of taking over nations.

“Let me tell you something. The threat covering the whole lot of Africa is not an imagination. It’s a reality. It’s not just a threat. It’s a plan which has been mooted over many years. And Islam is steadily moving from the Northern part, across Africa to the Southern of Africa. And Zambia because of its roots in the Christian faith has become one of the most difficult areas to penetrate for Islam,” observed Pastor Mumba.

Pastor Mumba revealed that Islam is using money to buy off politicians so that they allow Islam to penetrate a country with ease.

“However, the strategy that Islam is using in a way is far more superior than what the Christians are using. If you have noticed, Islam do not even use crusades to change nations or take over Africa like Christians are using… just church and crusades. Islam has gone to another level. Islam realizes that if they take over nations at the governmental level, then it becomes easier for them to take over those nations without a single crusade,” said Pastor Mumba.

He added: “All they do is realize that in 5 years’ time, they will be an election in Zambia for instance. Then Islam, according to their strategy, they are going to look around for a candidate that is either Muslim and if there is no Muslim, they are going to find a candidate whom they are going to fund whose commitment will be to spread Islam and allow it to thrive in that country. So, they support a presidential candidate and other members of parliament in order for them to get hold of the country. So, this is how they are doing it. So, from the State Houses of Africa, Islam is controlling the legislature, the judiciary, its controlling the land distribution and thereby having strategies to take over the continent.”

Pastor Mumba lamented that Muslim nations like Saudi Arabia appear to have taken over the Zambian government through such strategies.

But Pastor Mumba called on Christians in the country to rise to the occasion and make sure that Zambia is not fully infiltrated by Islam.

“On the side of us Christians, we have a problem. We have limited God to the church walls and a few crusades that we have. We have decided to make our preachers the superstars that are thriving, getting rich and showing that ‘we are doing very well…we are prophets. We are making a lot of money.’ And yet we have no strategy to take over nations.

“I will give you my own example, I have been an evangelist for many years. An evangelist goes into dark areas to reveal Christ and bring light. I went into politics because it’s a dark area where light is needed. Unfortunately some Christians do not realize is that by taking over government, then you are starting to influence that nation with Godly values and Godly legislation.

“So, if we don’t take over our countries and allow Christians of morality and integrity to govern our country, then I think that Islam will come into this country in the manner that we have never experienced.

“Muslims are using an opening in our governance system which it is using to advance its agenda. So, its that opening we should be fighting as the church. But I think the best way to fight this is fight it like you say in church ‘fire for fire.’ In other words, if they take over nations, the church has the capacity to create their own leaders, support them when an election comes. And I am not saying that because I am a politician, even when Nevers Mumba goes to heaven, that is the message I will leave with the church. Let us put Christians in leadership. You cannot Christianize a country with unchristianized leaders.”

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  1. And that goes for those that support devil worshipers so they can be sent into foreign missions should their preferred candidates win the elections which has now turned out to be so hard to win. So let’s guard our Country from merchineries who come in the name of making peace yet, their agenda is to support their preferred person who happens to be their business partner abroad, so they can come and take over our mines and grab our minerals leaving Zambians in abject poverty. We don’t want that either. As for now we are in safe hands of one ECL as President.

    • Ba Nevers don’t be an alarmist over nothing! Zambia’s muslim population is less than 1 percent – 99 percent of Zambians are Christians !

    • Bwana you need to be careful the way you come out. You are trying to make Islam look like its a bad religion. In Zambia its freedom of worship. If a Christian observes that its more beneficial to be moslem let it be. Whocares even if 99% of people became Moslems? Freedom of worship is what is cardinal. Christian. Satanist, islam, wichtcraft is all doctrine and we don’t care about what someone believes in asking as it doesn’t affect the neighbor.

      The constitution and other laws and policies in Zambia protect religious freedom and, in practice, the government generally respect religious freedom. Who are you challenging NSM. The greatest commission Jesus left for you and I is to go and making disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit,and teaching them to obey all that He has commanded you. Matthew 28:19. Islam win the hearts of many through CHARITY. They GIVE. You NSM has left the pulpit. Infact you…

    • …you Zambian preachers love money. You eat God’s Tithe and you do not take care of the WIDOWS and ORPHANS. You NEVERS fight the wrong battle. You side with darkness. You mind is set to becoming the leader of this world. Jesus said, “My kingdom is not of this world”. Go back to the Vineyard.
      It is not the duty of national leaders to christianize the country in the narrower sense, it is the duty of Church leaders to rise to the occasion. Earthly leaders like ECL has inherent weaknesses I am not supposed to see in you NSM the supposed micro leader of the Kingdom of GOD. This purported ISLAM take over of the land of Zambia heavily leans on your shoulder. How do you stand there and delegate your duties? Have you finished your syllabus so soon? Get back to the pulpit. The vineyard is…

    • yearning for you. How dare you re-delegate what the Lord commanded you to do?
      Matthew 20:1-16

    • The stage has been set for the Islamisation of the world. In Europe, the current generation only think of going to church on Christmas day, during weddings and at funerals. In Africa, the gospel of prosperity has been preached so much that the everyone is now thinking of making money at whatever cost, even if it is means going to bed with the devil. The Isamlisation of Zambia in particular is targeting our indigenous young generation, who, in the next couple of years will be in economic and political decision making positions of the country.

    • @Visison 2020, your statistic is wrong and Dr.Mumba is closer to the truth. People, why are the Saudis building massive infrastructure and buying huge pieces of land in Zambia?

    • Christianity was brought to us by Christians who thought we were better off as slaves. They taught us their religious ways. Then they used us, and continue using us till today.

      While this Pastor is complaining about Muslims, our children are busying themselves with sex parties… a behavior of the very Christians who taught us Christianity.

  2. Ain’t no way we gonna accept that Islamic invasion.From Kenya to Congo then southwards to SA we’re a majority Christian region and it should stay that way.

  3. Pastor Mumba is !00% correct. In fact Muslim strategy is to take control the world and eliminate all persons who do not convert to Islam (infidels). According to them anyone who is not a Muslim must be destroyed. And you have seen the trouble going on in Muslim countries.

  4. Excellent observation Pastor Mumba.. We need to be very careful with characters.. Never trust a Muslim you do that at your own peril.. They change like a chameleon.. Take a case study of Central African Republic where despite them only being less than 15% of the population took over the country through the power of a gun and killed Christians in thousands…

  5. Does Lungu’s PF government care so long they iol his hands its fair game and business as usual.
    Look at how his corruptly giving a company that makes mattresses (Lamise or Lamasat ) a contract to run RTSA surely all because they provided funds during campaigns.
    Dr Nevers is right look at how many mosques we have?
    They have their own schools?
    They isolate themselves?
    They take over communities case given kamwala trading area, madras, obote is now muslim area.
    we are watching.

  6. Am not religious but I believe what Ps Mumba is saying about Islam trying to overtake Zambia through people like RB and Lungu; Zambians will cry more once the children who are being trained in their madrases start the boko haran and al shabaab evils which we have already seen in PF;

  7. Am shock. Pastor listen to yourself. You entire concerns are unchristian in nature. Christ did not force anyone to follow him. He gave them a choice. What should concern Pastor is why people are no longer choosing Christianity but instead Islam. You Church leaders have failed the people. You are getting rich while your flock is getting poor. Your message is of manner falling from heaven instead of skills development and hard work. Look at yourselves first before you pass the blame to others who are offering free education, food and work to our people.

  8. But there are also reports of masonists planning to invade and take over the leadership of Zambia. So what are we supposed to believe.

    • Your dear father was educated at a Catholic school by Jesuit fathers free of charge. Ulimwana wandoshi uletasha. Now tell me what islam has done for black people apart from coming up with the word kaffil, which white mispronounced as kaffir, you stu pid maza kaffil.


  10. What is needed is just to control the influx of Somalis into Zambia. Zambian truck drivers get rich by smuggling these foreigners into the country.

  11. Let’s not blame the Christians converting to Islam… With our current living conditions, it is not strange. One converts to Islam, he/she is fed and is usually finds a job through fellow Muslims. Christianity on the other hand, the poor people keep paying tithes & contributions all the way to fund construction of their useless Preacherman’s Hollywood mansion, purchase of a new Hummer/Merc/BMW, Jet and even political ambitions. It is not time to call out Islam, it is time to preach the word of God in a way that does not exploit the poor people of Zambia. Christianity should change.

    • You forgot to metion that once the poor Zambians convert to Islam they are also taught how to kill! Ask anyone who has ran away from Islam how they are trained to kill the non-believes of their religion.

  12. Muslims they are well known in every aspect any country that has been dominated by them always trouble…talk of corruption look at west African countries only GOD knows! please let them go back to India

    • Muslims dont come from India… not only that, but look at how well Zambia has been doing recently with its highly religious (Christian) faith. Christians are forbidden to think as this pastor thinks : “And yet we have no strategy to take over nations.” What sort of talk is this?

  13. Muslims are also taught to have a lot of children and marry up four wives whereas in christianity we are encouraged to use birth control, family planning etc. It’s therefore easy to tell that our colleagues have a higher birth rate and with time they’ll increase to numbers that can influence policy. After all democracy is a game of numbers.

    • So what’s the problem with your brain? You can’t even see the logic in your perceived enemies contributions. Just to simplify for your small brain. …both religions are strange and it depends on who would have brought their leanings Zambia could have easily been Muslim or as the case is Christian. Even Arabs wear clothes unlike your ancestors.

  14. This is the most sensible statement I have read from Nevers Mumba so far. Nothing alarming here, just a picture of reality and you will get this view from many other observers too – regardless of political or religious affiliation.

    It is up to Zambians to ask themselves where they want to see their country 10 years from now. Certain restrictions need to be put in place in order for our children and their children to be spared of the woes that we are currently witnessing in islamic countries.

    • We need to learn to be more Christian before even thinking about restrictions on other religons. We very proudly call this a Christian nation but… while this Pastor is complaining about Muslims, our children are busying themselves with sex parties. Nothing Islamic about that.

  15. nonsense and baseless allegations by Nevers…
    you have failed miserably in politics now looking for a scapegoat to attack other religions!
    wake up zambians this guy is the devil impersonate….

    • How? Because every time i see Christians go out to evangelize, they always target fellow Christians from different denominations to bring them to their church, a jehovah’s witness will target a Catholic, a pente will target an adventist and vice versa, but you won’t see them go to madras area to preach to Ibrahim. So why concentrate on someone who is already a Christian? That’s why when a jehovah’s witness comes to my door i just tell them am already a Christian try muusa next door.

  16. In addition they encourage polygamy and provide financial support…they want the moslem population to grow faster…..

  17. The qorun teaches that anyone who is not a Moslem must be killed. A Kenyan man who converted from Islam to Christianity and started a church was poured acid by his former Moslem brothers. A religion without forgiveness should not be tolerated at all. Most Moslems are potential suicide bombers.

  18. The biggest problem we have in my view is that Christianity came to Africa and was promoted by people who believed behind the scene the Africans were somewhat less human than them. So you came up with Africans embracing Christianity while accepting to be less than their so called white missionaries. So while we had two people (white and black) who believed in the same God, they on the other hand lived separate lives culturally. If Christianity meant both so called white and black brothers living out their faith (walking the talk) Africa today would just have been an exact extension of Europe. On the other hand Muslims all over the world (except the Nation of Islam) live much closer to each other than does Christians. In other words Muslims are more integrated racially than Christians. The…

  19. Cnt’d
    I remember telling friends in 2001 that it would be a sad day for me to go into a poling booth to choose between Dr Nevers Mumba and General Godfrey Miyanda. If Christianity was a big deal in our minds, Dr Chiluba, Dr Nevers Mumba and General Miyanda would have come up with a common candidate then and Zambia would probably have done better as a Christian Democratic Country. In my view we lost it just their and today ethnicity is still bigger in the minds of Christians than their faith and surprisingly much more in Pentecostals and so called evangelical Christians.

  20. Ba mumba are you really a pastor? Kale mwayamba bukasesema bwabufi Islam is not planning to invade Zambia at all

  21. Upnd cohorts why do you have to blindly follow whatever your leaders say. Mumba fleeced his flock and joined politics because it offered him more money and status as vice president. But since he’s Upnd he’s right on everything.

  22. Go to the remote parts of Mpulungu district, You will believe what Nevers is saying. Moslems are in millions that side, they give Zambians free food and free clothings.

  23. Funny how we understand Christianity. The Bible says that you must respect those in authority for they’re God’s appointed leaders. But Nevers the chief Christian in Zambia has never respected leaders apart from Levy Mwanawasa. Religion is for peace but it can be manipulated by the likes of Nevers. Unfortunately some people will follow him either for political expediency or out of ignorance that by giving to the “man of God ” their fortunes will improve.

  24. That is a good observation ba Pastor Neverbefor Mumbai. The bottom line most of the Christian Pastors have just gotten interested in deceiving their flock whilst at the same time enriching themselves They way the dress, drive, talk, mislead the list is countless. All they are interested in is lavish living using the word of GOD. Muslims live simple lives and are very generous when it comes to giving out to the needy. No publicity. Compare a burial for a muslim to that of a Christian? No wonder these days its difficult to spot a magician holding a show like it were in the 70s,80s, 90s. Where have they all gone, they have become self proclaimed Pastors of all shades, deceiving and misleading people. The victims are usually women. Don’t misquote me, there are some Pastors or Men of God who…

    • Big question is why are most terrorists Muslim? In the 70s we had terrorist groups groups from Germany, Japan and Argentina (Carlos the Jackal ) all fighting for the Palestinian cause but all these have disappeared. One has to understand the root cause instead condemnation. Prominent Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia have embargoed Qatar because they believe it sponsors terrorism. So being a Muslim doesn’t necessarily make one a terrorist. Education a child using fear can only confuse that child. Teach love not fear.

  25. excellent article, well done, about 25 years ago, there was only maybe one mosque, but now there visible in Lusaka, I have been saying this for a while, Well done Pastor Mumba, it is also happening here in the UK especially following the election of Saddiq Khan as mayor of London, wake up Zambia.

  26. Ba Nevers Mumba should be informed that Malawi has more Moslems compared to Zambia. Practically the majority of the Yao people in Malawi and encompassing Districts of Zomba, Chiradzulo, Machinga,Namwela, Blantyre-Limbe and the entire southern half of the coastal areas of Lake Malawi is inhabited by Islamic Yaos. Yet Malawi has not been threatened by Islamic terrorists.

    Nevers Mumba has something under his sleeves. Taking into account that UPND, the Party that Mumba passionately supports has failed to gain access into Government democratically, UPND has sought the services of General Obasanjo – the coup specialist and Military adviser to the Brenthurst Foundation. UPND’s desperation may be prompted to seek services of Islamic terrorists. Mumba and his associates must be under watch.

  27. Its not only Islam but the Chinese as well. The strategy used is as old as prostitution. Look at the way the Chinese have invaded Africa as well? So the care should be for any group that appears to have a hidden agenda to control Africa. HH should ask Maimane and Malema!

  28. So Nevers Mumba cannot interpret his own statement? Let me interpret it for him. Enemies penetrate a disunited country. The unnecessary disunity that Nevers Mumba, under5 and their UP.NDonkeys and Donkeylets are planting in Zambia is exactly the fertile ground that those enemies need to breed successfully.

  29. “Nevers Mumba plans to go back to the Lord and resume ‘Zambia Shall Be Saved’ programmes to counteract heretics such as Islamic Faith!” I like it!

  30. @”Chalo ni chathu tonse” is trying to generate a smoke screen to shield evil intentions of a known opposition party whose leaders’ goal is to mortgage Zambia. Mumba is now using some gullible Christians to antagonize religious groups. The fact is that Obasanjo is Chairman of Brenthurst Foundation whose known program is that of regime change in Southern Africa. Nevers Mumba embedded himself as Vice Chairman of treacherous opposition parties where Maimane is Chairman. This clique of the opposition parties is funded by Brenthurst Foundation whose initial target are South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Kenya. Yet Anglo-American failed to operate mines in Zambia – and why then show interest in affairs of Zambia now. I insist that the Security systems in SADC Region and Zambia in particular…

  31. I insist that the Security systems in SADC Region and Zambia in particular must be alert on the machinations of the imperialist in Southern Africa. I pray for the day when the South Africa’s ANC restructures to re-brand itself so that the new President can expel the operation of the Brenthurst Foundation from that country.

  32. Good and timely advise from pastor Mumba but the issues still lies with Christians as to the strategy they have, to grow the church. Honestly, you can not grow the church by instilling fear over the calamity associated with the second coming of Jesus Christ and yet your motive is to fatten your pocket or take advantage of poor people. The messages of sowing the seed from poor people for pastors who have mounted ATMs at their churches provides self explanation. Christianity is killing itself by dwelling too much on the hope for after life without facing the reality that many people especially in good life situations are scared of that life including all the senior leadership leading various denominations because they have invested too much and lived comfortably on earth. Christian…

  33. What the man of God is putting across is really true to us. We have to be careful with some of these religions. Look at the wars being perpetrated in some other countries, they are somehow associated with certain beliefs. They take advantage of your weakness, which is poverty. So they carry with them money, food and clothing to come and easily convince you to convert to their beliefs. They know that a poor man has no choice. In Christianity, we encourage one another about the salvation of Jesus Christ. Material items can not take you to heaven, its only by the BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST THAT WAS SHED AT THE CROSS OF CALVARY. Some of these beliefs, have nothing to offer you beyond money and food. Wake up Zambia from your slumber, know the truth, it shall set you free.

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