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State House to ignore all baseless corruption allegations-Amos Chanda

Headlines State House to ignore all baseless corruption allegations-Amos Chanda

President Edgar Lungu
President Lungu with Mr Amos Chanda

Presidential spokesperson Mr Amos Chanda has announced that State House will ignore all baseless corruption against President Edgar Chagwa Lungu and some government officials Coming from some opposition parties and Chishimba Kambwili.

Mr Chanda has revealed that State House has unearthed a plan by some opposition political parties where they have planned to rise at least three corruption allegations against one government official.

Mr Chanda said the opposition has stationed people in South Africa, Australia, USA and Asia to rise corruption allegations against President Lungu and Cabinet Minister.

But Government and President Edgar Chagwa Lungu will not be distracted but will concentrate in delivering development to the people because their evil plans have been exposed, Mr Chanda has said.

And Mr Amos Chanda has challenged those rising corruption allegations some government officials to provide tangible evidence to the investigative organs to help then investigate.


  1. But State House can’t be the policeman,the judge and the executioner.Let a neutral body determine what is baseless and what is not.

    • Since Frank Francis Bwalya-Chiyabi is Party Spokesperson let him say something on US$42 Millions [Fire Tenders], US$1.2Billions [Ndola-Lsk Double tobela Road], US$ 1.7Billions [Batoka Hydro], US$….Millions [Fertiliser], US$ …. Millions [Transfer of Teachers], US$ …. Millions [Zambia Airways], US$ …. Millions [Zambia Railways], US$…. Billions [Eurobonds], US$ …. yayayayaya list is endless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • We must have an independent investigation NOW. Where there is smoke, there is FIRE! And even 42 fire trucks that were bought for three times their price will not be able to put this out.

    • A serious corrupt free govt doesn’t ignore allegations of thieving unless it’s officials are guilty. And it’s plain that this govt and it’s not so great-leader is made up of hardened criminals and who are shameless too. Institute an independent investigation immediately! Don’t involve lapdogs like ACC or the police. It’s looking increasingly clear that Kambwili has got these thugs in a corner.

      What a mature way of handling poor CK.
      Let him continue making wild allegations until he meets a treasonable charge. I kinda’ dig your style!

    • Zambians are being taken for granted, utilizing on docility of people.
      Who can even buy into this excuse that the opposition has stationed people in South Africa, Australia, USA and Asia to raise corruption allegations against President Lungu.
      All the allegations to date are coming within Zambia, so what is this guy talking about? It seems he is reading LT a lot and is scared of @Spaka like lilo comments about petitions to the international community, otherwise, it’s ridiculous, just giving excuses for not addressing the issues, one way to kill the talk.
      If Mushota agrees to something, just know its st.upidity.

    • As C. kambwili rightfully put it: “Lungu is a humble thief”

      What did u expect from a pompwe who drunk a widow’s pension & as a result had his lawyers practicing license cancelled?

      The entire UPND leadership and supporters including CK have no confidence in our 1. ECZ, 2. Law Enforcers (ZP), 3. Judicial Process (Courts), 4. ACC, 5. The Zambian People, 6 The National Assembly, 7, the Govt and finally 8 ZNBC. In short UPND and CK have lost it. They are simply a bunch of hopeless complainants outa’ touch with reality. A complete bunch of aliens scared of important institutions highlighted above. A bunch of lawless individuals without formal civil education to take issues through due process.

    • Thorn….

      IT is the Zambia people calling for investigations…..and all institutions you mention are rotten corrupted by lungu….ati ZNBC a respected institutioneee ????

    • @1.8 flag Spaka like lilo
      Look man, going to court in this iisue of allegation is 3 faceted:
      1) CK has issues with evidence against ECL and his inner circles, so he can file a lawsuit against government or individuals in Government.
      2) You CK sympathizers can gang up in solidarity, hit the road to the courts and help CK who has evidence fight the legal battles about alleged corrution for Zambia and Zambians.
      3) ECL can be so aggrieved of the allegations leveled on him an sue the accuser for defamation and the likes. Knowing how demented CK is, ECL can choose to ignore the moron. Exactly what he has chosen. So there you have it, the three sides of a coin. Heads, Tails and Edges. Gimme meat not bones. Ain’t got no teeth to bite.

    • Well then, i guess lungu will be called a theif and a plunderer in entirety then…..if he is ok with that …..good.

    • @ 1.11 flag Spaka like lilo
      You have no idea what to do. I though you have the Mushipes, Mwiindus, Gen. Miyandas, the Mmeembes, LAZ’s Linda to help you. Unfortunately you can’t hike to the International Courts for this. I wonder if your petition case went to the ICC. ECL and company have more important issues to attend to. Time is running out. They gotta be busy with promises to the people. Entertaining CK’s empty talk is retrogressive. Why? Man, the guy has no evidence and he is scared of the litigation procedure. A total empty tin. Sour grapes.
      ECL has legal advisers like the AG (Attorney General) Likando. See, spaka, being president is fun, no wonder CK chimamunyonga! You legal brains doing all the thinking for you. I wonder if…

    • @ 1.11 flag Spaka like lilo
      You have no idea what to do. I though you have the Mushipes, Mwiindus, Gen. Miyandas, the Mmeembes, LAZ’s Linda etc to help you. Unfortunately you can’t hike to the International Courts for this. I wonder if your petition case went to the ICC. ECL and company have more important issues to attend to. Time is running out. They gotta be busy with promises to the people. Entertaining CK’s empty talk is retrogressive. Why? Man, the guy has no evidence and he is scared of the litigation procedure. A total empty tin.

    • CK’s s()our g()rapes.
      ECL has legal advisers like the AG (Attorney General) Likando. See, spaka, being president is fun, no wonder CK chimamunyonga! You have legal brains doing all the thinking for you. I wonder if presidents use their salaries. Man I wanna be president, like seriously ;).
      You go ahead to allege that this guy went in the hot seat thin like a candle and poor. Now a couple of years down the line he is thick n’ rich. Why wouldn’t he. That is the pettiness attached to CK’s claims. If he danced to Dununa reverse without full knowledge of it, who cares. I don’t support stealing but prove it mwe!

    • In all honesty.
      ECL has legal advisers like the AG (Attorney General) Likando. See, spaka, being president is fun, no wonder CK chimamunyonga! You have legal oblongata doing all the legal thinking for you. I wonder if presidents use their salaries. Man I wanna be president, like seriously ;).
      You go ahead to allege that this guy went in the hot seat thin like a candle and poor. Now a couple of years down the line he is thick n’ rich. Why wouldn’t he? That is the pettiness attached to CK’s claims. If he danced to Dununa reverse without full knowledge of it, who cares. I don’t support stealing but prove it mwe!

    • yes we understand that chanda. but kambwili has given evidence of corruption and he has shown evidence. the president is building lots of houses. where did he get the money. that is a genuine question. tatuli fipuba ka sunday chanda waunfwa. continue stealing and building. we shall reposes.

    • It is not right for Amos Chanda to choose to ignore such allegations. Your response Mr Presidential Spokes person leaves much to be desired. Sue Kambwili to prove him wrong, otherwise ignoring allegation means admitting. Me and my 6 children are ready to ignore PF in the ballot box unless you explain your deals.

    • It is wrong for Government to rubbish any allegations without clarifying. Their role is to clarify matters trivial or serious. Silence misleads the nation and laymen like me are left to interpret issues up to out levels of reasoning.
      Causing alarm from without is a serious crime in the nation. Why not take accusers to task before chaos builds up in the nation? If state house wont clarify, then everyone mentioned in the allegations is guilty. It is irresponsible to ask the accuser to provide evidence. A responsible Govt clearly explains to its citizenry in a responsive way to all allegations leveled against them. spare us of personal grudges. We just want to be sure our tax payer’s coffers are in safe hands.

  2. Which honest person with moral integrity can accept being called crook, corrupt and plunderer and will ignore such accusation without taking accuser to the court of law to prevent his or her name and reputation be tarnished?

    • Jesus Christ never stole money from widow. Leave Jesus out of the politics you 5atan worshiper. SHAME ON YOU SON OF LUCIFER

    • @2.3 flag Autocrat!
      I didn’t mean it to sound the way I think it has got your filthy n’ lazy hears or mind.
      It’s a ” If someone slaps you on one cheek,..Luke 6:29 ” kinda’ inference. I failed to reckon that we have kids on the blog spot too. Apologies. Next time write the word Satan so we would know you are not shielding the name of your father of lies. kikikiki! I gotchu! Whoops! kids!
      Blessed be the name the lord Jesus Christ, Amen.

    • 2.2 flag Spaka like lilo
      I thought that you knew already, man. But we can not just sit and watch leaders misbehave. We soberly (with passion and not emotions) need to take them to task. With full proof take toxic leaders down. Leaders will always rise and fall. Checks n’ Balances are needed all the damn time.

      You can’t accuse your wife of adultery and start doing all sorts of things to her, you need evidence. It’s a harsh form of reality.

    • Thorn…

      If I gave my wife a monthly pay of $1 k but find she is building houses of course I will accuse her of adultery if she can not or refuses to account for the money ….

  3. Mr Amos Chanda Sir, In Your Statement You Have Clearly Confirmed That “the Fish Rot From The Top Downwards.” That Statement Is Simply Telling Me That You Have Now Admitted That Theres Corruption In Government. And Whatever Kambwili And Your Critics Are Saying Has Substance In It. But Because You And Lungu Cant Account For Your Fast Truck Wealth You Now Want To Silence The People Using These Useless Responses.
    The Questions Have Been Asked, They Need To Be Answered. Its Not About CK Or The Opposition But Its About The People Of Zambia.
    People Do Not Necessarily Love Kambwili, But They Are Following Him Because He Is Talking About Corruption. He Is Telling The Public What Is Going On In Govt. Give Him Proper Answers And Not Those Dictatorship Statements.

    • Can anyone believe Zambia is not riddled with corruption? If you need evidence, just drive a car and you will be stopped dozens of times to pay BRIBES. By the very same PFOLICE that are supposed to be arresting criminals that have now themselves turned into criminals THEMSElVES!

      Can anyone in Zambia trust Lungu and his gang of thieves when the Police are openly crooked? And Lungu does absolutely NOTHING about it? If the ACC needs EVIDENCE, they only need to get stopped at a roadblock and it will be there in front of their eyes.

      How many of these thieves have they prosecuted? NONE!

      A fish ROTS FROM THE HEAD. Lungu has brought CORRUPTION to stay in Zambia.

  4. you cant manage to ignore anything state house,already that is a comment,you are like kids throwing a tantrum including mr lungu the man can answer objectively always petty e.g LAZ SHOULD FORM A POLITICAL PARTY

  5. Ba UPND this corruption crusade is the same tactic PF used on MMD . When PF came into power the Nchito brothers and Fred Mmembe had RB’s immunity lifted and went full throttle after him and all they could come up with was that botched Nigerian oil deal. After telling us that RB had stolen Billions, people are know aware that it is not about corruption but it is hatred. Sorry you crusade won’t work!!!

    • So PF has been in the game of fictitious corruption accusations for them to gain control of the state apparatus? If this is not TREASON then what is it? You cheat people to remove MMD a legitimately elected government to usurp power sure ba PF! This is dangerous, NO WONDER ECL realised early enough to make amends by bringing RB, Mutati, Dora, Mwale, Mulusa etc to do away with the rotten heads in PF. ECL must go a step further to even stand as MMD Presidential Candidate in 2021 away from PF – he will surely demonstrate his Christian credentials

    • Just like what one blogger above has said and i quote “EVEN THE OVER PRICED FIRE TENDERS YOU BOUGHT WON’T QUENCH THESE KOLAPUSHONI TALK.

    • Amos you are behind media interference in the country including evidence you have been asking for;
      Gerald Shawa is the proprietor of Prime TV. Two days ago, Prime TV boldly, courageously and ethically broadcasted a news item detailing how the PF concealed more than 12000 votes for UPND presidential candidate Hakainde Hichilema during the 2016 fraudulent elections.
      As expected, the PF regime has fallen with full force like a ton of bricks on innocent journalists for simply doing their job.
      The dictatorial but scared regime has ordered the TV owner Shawa to appear before one of its organs to answer fake charges of breaching broadcasting licence.
      Currently there is no organisation that defends journalists and media houses in Zambia when they face such persecution. It therefore falls on…

  6. I remember someone from government saying “in my country we don’t talk while we are eating” after been asked why he didn’t reveal the corruption cases while in the ruling party. Kambwili knows for sure that his former friends are eating right now so all they can do is “ignore all baseless corruption allegations” because they don’t want to ruin their appetite.

  7. What’s Counter-attack? It is a response to an opponent’s attack. So PF attacks but chose to ignore counter attack

  8. This English on Lusaka times,it can’t be rising corruption issues it is raising. The whole article is full of rising instead of raising. How do you say state house will ignore people rising corruption issues

  9. Ohhh pleas, first it was brenhurst foundation plotting to over throw them as their kaponyas were siging on LT now this…..
    We have always said lungu is corrupt to the core….he lost his licence to LAZ for fraudulent activity , this should have barred him from the highest office.

    The problem a corrupt fraudster like lungu has, I have always said this, is he can not bribe and corrupt everybody…..there just is not enough money. So those feeling left out of corruption will sing and sing when they see their friends getting rich overnight..

    Lungu is a theif with no integrity, he stole the elections and did not mind being called a theif and does not mind being called a theif now.
    His only hope to avoid jail is to groom his daughter to take over from him.

    Lungu pocketed more than…

  10. This is a SMOKESCREEN to try and hide the MASSIVE CORRUPTION under the carpet! Has Lungu already told the ACC NOT TO INVESTIGATE these claims? Has he told Mutati to hide loans that are suspect? Has the Auditor General been told not to mention MISSING MONEY?

    This is a typical response by those that are VERY, VERY GUILTY! If these thieves have nothing to hide, why not investigate the claims and prove that they are baseless? It is exactly the same as the PETITION! Instead of having the EVIDENCE brought to Court, they are dodging and ducking to hide their CRIMES!

    The People of Zambia want answers! Not more LIES!

  11. Abena Mambwe, just bcoz u choose to bury your head in the sand it doesn’t mean RB & sons didn’t steal from u.

    I personally saw Henry Banda when he ran to RSA after stealing $5million. He lived in Sandton & drove, Porsche cayenne SUV, BMW Z4 etc

    Lungu’s is corrupt & a humble thief and his day of reckoning is coming soon. The voices are getting louder & bolder.


  12. @Amos Chanda, Finland is asking for the PF led government to be investing from the head. Tread carefully and dont embarrass the legacy of Michael Sata.

    • Hehehehe mr kudos , if lungu keeps silent it be taken as an admission of guilt and western doner countries don’t support theives….

    • 14.2 flag Spaka like lilo
      Guilt is only pronounced in the Judicial court not the court of public opinion. If you got guts sue ECL in person if his immunity will let you. Or make Parley lift it. Make sure you have indisputable evidence to prove your case though.

    • Here we go….
      Even hardcore PF, sees some light in the tunnel now…..he knows very well things are not okay…corruption.

      This is what Chanda is missing, does he think the opposition is asking Finland to get the PF government to be investigated?

    • Thorn
      Integrity is a prerequisite for leadership….
      And compliments leadership….If lungu would rather be called a theif and looter than deny or sue those saying it , good on him , but the calls of corruption are growing louder and are becoming to resonate with the public……soon there will be nowhere for lungu to hide….

    • I fear for my President ECL if he’s surrounded himself with bad people who are tarnishing the image of the party. Some of us supporters are corruption free and we want our President to be safe. The Legacy of our Late Michael Chilufya Sata must be protected.
      Why is tiny, minute, peaceful Finland calling for investigations of the whole administration from the head? This is worrying.
      @Spaka stop spamming our donors with allegations of corruption. You can’t wrestle power from the President and his Running Mate.

    • Kudos
      No one wants to wrestle power from lungu but we intend to wrestle away the corruption and looting ……the human rights abuses we were somewhat successful in wrestling those away from lungu by our international petitions….until Mr lungu comes out to look into these allegations of corruption bothering us like the 42 million $ fire trucks , we intend to step up our spamming to highlight corrupt to the donner community….

  13. Comment:
    KAMBWILI, et all;
    The ball is in your court: PROVIDE the evidence, at once, for your rantings to be CREDIBLE.

    • You provide evidence in court, not to ACC. Take Kambwili to court and he will prove that Lungu is corrupt.

    • @15.1 flag Gluteus Maximus
      CK is the one with issues. Should ECL go to court, man, the man is so merciful that he will enter a nolle. It is Kambwili who is vexed by the alleged corrupt claims. Let CK or you sue ECL or Government.

    • Let ECL government prove that the calls are baseless. Let ECL come up and say the houses that CK mentioned are not his and it’s not a true story.

    • @15.4 flag general Kanene
      Take that step if you’re man enough.
      If I employed you and told you that don’t touch your salary for food and other needs for 3 years. I will meet your needs with other condition of services and you don’t build houses and mansions from your mediocre salary then you will be a biiiiiigggg foooooooooool my brother. But I know you’re smart.

  14. If these allegations are unfounded Mr. President, let them be investigated so that we can move forward. Let’s not sweep issues under the carpet or else you will have some very unhappy citizens. There is too much outcry about corruption and maybe you should allow investigations to take place so that you can protect your integrity, if you’re innocent.

  15. One under5 psychopath insulted all Zambians including his MPs, officials and other memvers of his so called political “party” as cowards simply because they are not psychopaths themselves, like him. He expected them to do armageddon for him because he was incarcerated for stupiod psychopathic conduct. The surprising thing is that as under5 insulted them, they were seated right there with him, they just looked down in shame, have they accepted the insult or are they revolting deep down their hearts?. They are revolting if they are real normal people (Jack Mwiimbu, Gary Nkombo, GBM, Nevers Mumba etc) or they accept the insult if they are (UP.N)Donkeys.

  16. How irresponsible and childlike a reaction unbefitting of leaders.If you have seriouss allegations boardering on Government inefficiency and colosal sums unwisely spent,it is expected at least by honest people that the matter be treated with seriousnessThis reaction just confirms a no care attitude that is dangerous as it fuells corruption.Your fight against the vice is only in words.Wouldnt it have been prudent to at least appease the hurting masses by letting them knoww you will make efforts to investigate?Where is morality and intergrity?YOur conscience must have drowned into oblivion but mind you there are many out here whose faith in good and its propagation.It it to say the least annoying to see the to highly placed officers set bad precedents for upcoming leaders.You have just…

  17. @16 , Of course I dont need to remind you that the ACC has been mandated to investigate but as professionals they have their methods of sifting sense from nonsense before investigating. Surely you do not want us as a country to spend all our time investigating? Remember the petition? Under5 expected the Concourt to investigate and find the evidence for him. Remember the very recent “allegation” by one fatso Chishimba Kambwili that he donated toilet tissue to Mumbi Phiri because she was poor? Should we investigate the allegation to clear Mumbi Phiri? And he apologised as he did to that group of southern tribalistic chiefs. Is Chishimba credible in your eyes?

  18. @16 , sorry I forgot to ask if you are normal? I may be wrong but please confirm or deny if you are a UP.NDonkey or not, so that we rest the case and move on with our normal lives.

  19. Lungu has been called a thief, corrupt and all sorts of defamatory words. Why can’t he take Kambwili to court. They are very quick to arrest poor people who called Lungu ‘[email protected]’ and yet Kambwili is still free. Why? Lungu is afraid of the evidence Kambwili will present in court. Why should Kambwili waste time to give evidence to ACC who have already cleared all the corrupt activities? Evidence can only be presented in court. Let us go to court. Come on Lungu take Kambwili to court now. He has defamed you.

  20. How embarrasing surely the government should say we will leave no stone unturned, we will get an independent body to investigate all these claims and if any one is found stealing or dealing in corrupt practices they will be arrested. What they are now saying is GO AHEAD AND LOOT WE WILL TURN A BLIND EYE !

    • Noooo …..whst they are saying is WE are looting and don’t care what you say or how loud you shout…..

  21. If Lungu is the Head of govt by the People and for the People then he must be held accountable by the People. Its not for State House to decide what is a baseless corruption allegations. All allegations of corruption must be investigated.On the Fire Tenders Lungu has to just why each truck cost $1million. Surely there are invoices to support the purchase of these trucks. The Spanish Supplier must justify the price otherwise the corruption allegations are valid. Why was Kampyongo bribed with 3 Luxury Vehicles? Why is Lungu not holding Kampyongo to account? Is it becoz Lungu benefited from this corrupt and scandalous deal? CK has alleged that Lungu is Mr Corruption Number One. If Lungu fails to explain his sudden Wealth Accumulation then it will taken that he is corrupt to the Core. After…

  22. Just like in the case of the fake treason against HH only the international community can stop lungu and his gang looting Zambia dry…. .Lungu has corrupted the whole system , it had to take the CM SG to come and warn lungu that he will be labels a dictator if HH was not brought to a fair trial and lungu released him.
    Again it is only the international community to stop this looting by cutting off all aid. Lungu does not care being called a theif…he is looting everyday. But he as a problem.. .Zambia can not survive with out western aid and after a brutal dictator westerners hate nothing more than theives and looters.

    • Next, after Chanda reads your comment here, he will go out to mislead the people by saying the opposition is organizing ……bla…bla..
      This is just common sense.
      And if Zambians are docile, its the international community that can save them.

    • General K

      That is right, western countries spent a lot their tax payers money supporting countries like Zambia and hate it when there is open looting in countries they support.

      I expect this call to grow louder and resonate more with western donners to stop funding corruption in Zambia. Meaning lungu will have to tax Zambians more to plug the holes…

  23. The thinking of Lungu, Amos and their cabal of thieves is amazing. Its incredulous that there still convince themselves that Zambians believe their cheap lies to protect themselves. The cat is out of the bag, even the international community have all the data on their corrupt activities. Kambwili put it aptly in parliament when he used the idiom of the “hyena having defecated the old man’s grey hair”!! The earlier this so called leadership realised that the power shift has occurred the earlier they should be doing the right thing because they are on the slide and lost the people’s mandate to rule!! A wise leadership would resign en mass and give way for early elections!!

  24. @ Gluteus Maximus what makes you think that Kambwili won’t be punished? The Bible says Ichilingo pinapo mubiyo naiwe balakulingila. It might be twice than what he is doing to his friends. You should get a leaf from HH.

  25. The opposition should not go to sleep in the wake of these astounding revelations and indeed take this corrupt regime to task for stealing from the poor people of this country. They are rapists who take advantage of the very women they are supposed to protect. This PF leadership must hang its head in SHAME because of the reeking corruption that are steeped into!

    • Sorry Terrible,
      Your effort to divert from the topic being discussed here just exposes your own Donkey mentality.
      As @Divide & Rule (17.1) advised you: Just “Suck it up like Mr kudos.”
      Kudo has my thumb up today, which is rare.
      Grow up man, learn to discuss topics intelligently, not being irrelevant all the time.

  26. Laura Miti has learnt very quickly that as long as U5 can use her she is a courageous Zambian. But the moment she crosses his path he will call her an eastern rat, no longer a Zambian.

    Those are tribalists, it is interesting that under5 no longer wants to hide the fact that he is a tribalist….he has confirmed what we already know….God sure works in mysterous ways…….half the job for 2021 has been done for us!

    • Ba chembele…..stop trying to deflect attention from the hottest topic in Zambia.. .lungus corruption…it won’t work …every one had taken notice …hehehehe

  27. Well done and said Amos Chanda!!the whole thing is planned by evil HH and Kambwili because of their jealous for Govnt officials.ignore them 100% so that they can look fo0lish in our eyes!!!
    only Kainde and die hard tribalists are making noise on this dead matter as they think by so doing HH may win in 2021 -MWALOBE ILYAUMA BA UPND!!!
    Whether PF is corrupt or not,we shall vote for it in 2021-period!!!SO JUST FIND WHAT TO DO FI UPND!!

  28. This piece is from Wedson Nyirenda on today’s game against the Super Eagles:
    “Every player and everyone on the bench knows and believes that this is our time. God can only show you the fish and it is up to you to fish it out”.

    I like that, thank God our noise makers U5 and Kambwili have not (yet) attempted to take their tribalism to our beautiful game!

  29. “President Lungu will no longer attend traditional ceremonies”, correct decision and fully supported. After Kuomboka imagine the President attending the now tribal ceremonies like Gonde Lwiindi or Bene Mukuni, with their now undisguised psychopath hatred of other tribes.

    • Cheap childish pitifull pathetic attempts to delect attention from the corruption calls by CK doing the rounds all over Zambia. every one is listening to CK……sorry bwana

  30. 30.1 Spaka……..tell me, do you accept that you are a coward?

    When Under5 the psychopath was incarcerated, he expected you to do armageddon for him. But you and fellow UP.NDonkeys let him down. So next time U5 goes in don’t be a coward okay!

    • HH was ready to face the fake treason charge in courts but lungu got cold feet after we invited all international media to cover the fake treason charge.. …..lungu and the corrupt judiciary was going to be embarrassed , we lead by narrative Mr terrible. Some of us are used of debating with isrealis on swaying western public opinion …..we dont use violence or stealing, we use the keyboard. not you thieves.. ..

    • Just to show you how we outflank the PF kaponyas, the day we said on LT that as a tactic to assure a free and fair trail at the fake HH treason charge we are writing to all international media houses to invite them to cover the trail……next day pf announced they will be banning all international media coverage of the trial…hehehe…..

  31. …..Spaka, writing Donkey brained comments on LT is not Under5’s idea of courage, otherwise at that press briefing this week he would have praised you for your consistent gibberish on LT in his favour……ihya ba chembele?

    • Sorry mu chembele no one cares about HH now he is free, the now trending topic is the allegations of CK on corruption and the $42 million corrupt fire tender deal…

  32. Perhaps Zambia needs a dictator to discipline some people here. Sometimes i think there is just too much freedom of speech in Zambia. People are abusing that freedom by hurling insults at each other and the highest office. Some people need a big stick for them to adhere to rules.
    Current govt can just cage them to show them that the freedom of speech they are enjoying is not to be taken for granted and it comes with a responsibility and respect requirement to all.

  33. @28.1 general Kanene, according to U5 you are a coward aren’t you?
    I don’t argue with cowards or allow myself to be led into UP.NDonkey discussions on “corruption”. Terrible writes what he likes and what makes sense! How could I discuss “corruption” when you have in your midst the mother of corruption himself? I mean the tenderpreneur, running mate and UP.NDonkey “vice president” who cannot act as president because he is a bemba monkey, the fat guy who is so ggod at corruption that he won ALL tenders for supply of poles to Zesco under four different company names when he was defence minister- yes none other than GBM!

    • @Terrible,
      Your hee-haw….hee-haw doesn’t make sense. If you know of corruption in your UPND, then that is the discussion that every reasonable person is participating in here.
      Then voice your opinion that corrupt leaders in both UPND and PF should be held accountable, and let the ACC investigate and take action.
      But instead of talking about issues of importance you are busy distracting others with your donkey sound.
      GROW UP man

  34. Akanwa akamulandu kalabwabwata sana! If the accused kept their peace, we would have given them the benefit of doubt. Their continued issuing of baseless statements in self defense shows they are hiding a lot! Time has already revealed what they have been trying to hide!

  35. My wife, and some of my children and I, are among millions of Taxpayers in UK, whose money goes to fund the loans and Eurobonds mother Zambia gets from here. I, and other hard-working Tax payers who put in hard honest work, Zambians and non-Zambians alike, in Zambia and elsewhere have the right to know the truth and nothing but the truth: –

    -Why did PF Govt ‘pay’ US$ 1,000,000 for each Fire Engine when evidence clearly shows each truck is worth about US$ 300,000 like-for-like?

    -How did Lungu acquired more than 21 million Kwacha, and counting, in twelve months of being Republican President?

    • That is write my brother….these people don’t want to be asked any questions on our money……..you can register your displeasure at the

      UK Department for international development that has a complaint section and fraud hotpage for suspected fraud like in the case of $300k trucks costing Zambia $1 million. This is the email.

      [email protected]

  36. @38.1 Spaka, bachembele, the Zesco corruption is not for investigation, GBM admitted freely. I am just telling you as UP.NDonkeys that you are not in a position to claim that your “party” and your under5 “leader” are anti-corruption when right next to U5 is GBM, the very epitome of corruption in Zambia.

  37. @40.1 Spaka, when you report to DFID please share the results with us. What knowledgeable and non- donkey Zambians know is that DFID does not investigate politics or tribalism or even cowards. They DON’T fight political battles for under5 and his UP.NDonkeys, for that stick to Maimane and Malema, the rest of the international community have better things to do ……..kikikikikiki

    • Hehehe , that is what you pf rats said when we started petitions….

      the DFID investigates fraud of UK tax payers money meant for aid…..we intended to informs them that the GRZ is actively committing fraud by over inflating prices like paying $1 million for a $300k truck….they are able to do this because doner countries like the UK are plugging holes in their budget and helping with other monitory aid.
      Because of this aid money from UK tax payers, the crooks in pf are over inflating projects to enrich them selves………indirect theft of aid donner money…

      We intend to send this email to all donner countries ……good luck with your stealing.. .

  38. Baseless my ass!
    Good leaders do something about issues.
    People stealing on your watch in your country from your people!
    Unless you are a beneficially you can’t say “baseless” and sit back.
    What would Sata do?
    What would Kaunda do?
    What would Mwanawasa do?

  39. @43.1 Spaka, let me things easier for you about the alleged corruption with fire tenders. They cost $1million each landed in Zambia, total $42million right? We also know that the losing bidder who took the matter to arbitration and lost his case tendered to deliver at landed cost of $48million for the same number of 42 tenders right? That bidder is also bitter like UP.NDonkeys, so they can work together to condemn the “corrupt” award. So if this guy bid for higher than $1million, the logical, easy and cost effective thing to do for UP.NDonkeys would be to ask that bidder to simply explain his costings, why he believes his fire tenders should cost even more than what has shocked the Donkeys. Ask him ati “bachembele, so those things can cost even more than $1million you say?”

    • But mu chembele badala Mr terrible…

      No one is saying anything at how a $300k truck can cost $1 million and That court case you are talking about involved a total cost of $168 million to revamp the whole fire service…..

      Any case badala mu chembele Mr terrible let the donners decide how a country that needs their aid can be prepared to pay that cost per truck…….it is their tax payers money , we will only be letting them see what we think is indirect theft of their aid money….

  40. 45 the Zambian, you notice that I have only responded to Spaka and not you? Well, thats because I cannot answer the whole bunch of UP.NDonkeys, give us a break, we gotta work to do!

  41. I can only reiterate what I stated yesterday;

    “Please, can we ensure that this issue is kept on the agenda by all civil society. There is always the tendency to develop laziness and allow the politicians in some way to divert our attention to something else – until the next time. Pressure should be relentless until something gives. The buck stops with the GREAT LEADER”.

  42. This is TERRIBLE temper temper !! Have we touched a raw nerve here? Of course am normal and my political preference has nothing to do with you , all am concerned about is the millions of tax payers money being stolen. I couldn’t care less who is president as long as they are honest and not shouting ” hallelujah” on sunday and meanwhile busy being dishonest. It’s not about tribe or party affiliation or even an individual ! Theft has got to stop once and for all.

  43. Bangwele! You are a disgrace stealing shamelessly from your own poor nation! Shameless leaders not worthy to be called leaders!

  44. The dynamic is all well too familiar, like a recurring nightmare. Once again an arrogant Zambian thieving president tries “kulimonesha ta” by smearing Zambians with his own excrement of arrogant rants of showing corruption evidence that’s abound all around him. With all the hourly twists and turns, let us not forget the wider, deadly context.KK was jailed not long after leaving office and his successor, Chiluba, was stripped of his immunity within months of leaving office. The same happened to Ruypiah Banda whose immunity was stripped for thieving while in office. Like Rupiah and Chiluba, Chagwa has became arrogant because of saturation from stealing, rigging an election for the sole purpose of entrenching theft of public resources. Now he stumbles towards his final phase unable to…

  45. …deliver anything that will salvage the country from the economic and political abyss. Lungu is a rotten wanker destined for jail after leaving office. Mark my word.

Comments are closed.

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