LCC urges councils to digitally map graves


Lusaka Mayor His Worship Wilson Kalumba
Lusaka Mayor His Worship Wilson Kalumba

Lusaka Mayor Wilson Kalumba has called on local authorities across the country to consider implementing digital mapping of graves for easier identification and management

Mayor Kalumba said the capital city has embarked on implementing a digital cemetery information management system.
ZANIS reports that Mr. Kalumba said the project should not be restricted to Lusaka but rolled out to other cities and towns to improve grave identification and management.

He observed that the current use of metal placards is problematic as the sign posts at times get washed away by the rains or get covered with grass.

“If you have buried your relatives at any graveyard in Lusaka, go there today you will not be able to identify their grave and one can end up putting a tombstone on a wrong grave,” said Mr. Kalumba

Mayor Kalumba said the Lusaka City Council (LCC) has already advertised for an expression of Interest to map individual graveyards and the creation of a cemetery information management system (C.I.M.S).

Mr Kalumba stated that the project whose cost is yet to be finalized will be funded by the LCC once a supplier is identified and awarded the contract.


  1. +5

    Oh I forgot Kalumba went on “The costs of digital mapping will be recovered from air time sales”

    Bwana mayor, first clean our cities and towns including the graveyards themselves with provision of 24 hrs water and sanitation and then we can talk about digital mapping …

    • +7

      The reason one cannot identify graves is because councils have failed to diligently clean them not digitally manage them!
      Another scheme to steal money.
      You kawalalas

    • +9

      Sale just 1 fire truck at $1million to Congo, and all council’s will register and clearly label graves.

    • vote

      What about digital mapping the sewer system in your city Mr mayor? It’s almost rainy season again and we have heard rumors of cholera. Let’s do something that benefits the general public who are the tax payers.

  2. vote

    Why not think of digitally mapping all buildings and habitual structures to help in revenue collection and service provision ??

  3. +1

    This is one very dull man ….if you were building a house and he was your project manager he would advise you to put the flooring and carpet before the wall is painted.
    This tin will suggest everything but talk about the elephant in the room street vending ..

  4. vote

    That’s frightening. We are instructed in the Bible to ensure we bury our deceased with dignity. It seems respecting our deceased is something the country has not done. Appalling.

    I reckon, we should digitally tag our deceased right to the bone so we can get a digital signal that they are still there from the top!

    I will have my family exhumed and do genetic test to make sure it’s them. At this rate, a burial by incineration is better, at least you don’t have to worry about their bodies ending up in the pWhitch Doctors Medical cabinet!

    • vote

      You are instructed in the bible? Listen to yourself…wake up from your docility…go and find out where you go the selfsame bible before you listen to instructions!!

  5. vote

    Lusaka mayor obsessed with dead and the living. First he was yapping about the need for cremation and now digitizing graves. Is this what you were elected for?

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      This Mayor is just an empty tin instead of proposing ways to work with Justice Department so as community work for petty crimes and traffic offenses is encouraged then offenders are taken to clean up the streets; especially Old Leopards Hill which is in an appalling state with overgrown grass and rubbish!!


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