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Eleven cholera cases recorded in Lusaka

Health Eleven cholera cases recorded in Lusaka

Monze Mission School of Nursing Acting Principal Tutor Ms Joyce Mulonga (left) and Hospital Administrator Sister Junza Mwaangani(right) leads Minister of Health Dr Chitalu Chilufya(Centre) during the tour of the Hospital to find out challenges the health Institution was facing.

Health Minister Chitalu Chilufya has revealed that eleven cases of cholera have been recorded so far in Lusaka.

Dr Chilufya told Journalists in Lusaka that the affected compounds are Mazyopa, Kabanana, Chipata and SOS village where the majority of the residents are in informal settlements and depend on boreholes to access water for domestic use, including drinking.

He said Chipata Level 1 Hospital has recorded the highest cases of Cholera since outbreak was reported on October 4.

Dr. Chilufya revealed that three cholera quarantine centers have been elected where victims are being treated.

He also said there has been no cholera-related death that has been reported yet.

Dr. Chilufya said that the health ministry was working with the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) under the office of the vice president to stop the spread of Cholera outside Lusaka.

“A combined team of officers from DMMU and Ministry of Health have been dispatched in affected compounds to ensure that people access clean water for domestic use,” he added.

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    • This, in a city which serves as the capital of a republic, where the president lives and works, (if you can call what lungu does, work). Year in year out since whites handed over power in 1964 to date cholera has become a cultural? part of Zambia. What does this scenario say about the people of Zambia and their leaders? Cholera is preventable and doesn’t require gargantuan amounts of money to clean up the environment and keep cholera at bay. But even this stup!dly simple task, I mean just cleaning up, in Zambia, requires Albert Einsteins brains to achieve?

    • @Wantanshi, Correction: The President of Zambia doesnt live in Lusaka. He passes through the city once in a while and PF members go to the airport to welcome him.

  1. What do you expect when filthy is all over and every place is made a market? worse is to come during rainy season because we don’t have leaders with a vision; cholera should have been a thing of the past by now;

  2. How many people have we lost to fires, yet each year, we record loss of lives to cholera, doesn’t this say something about priorities. You would think clean water and medicines in hospitals would be priorities. Go buy some more fire engines, that may stop cholera, chipantepante ba no vision.

  3. Ba LT, first this is a wrong picture to use here. What has Monze Mission School of Nursing go to do with this story?

  4. What do you expect when you have a mayor who is so timid. It’s over a year now since our last elections, nothing to justify his continued stay in office.

  5. What do you expect when all the masquerades are doing is plunder, plunder and plunder the resources that are supposed to help keep the country clean? Awe kwena ukwikala ne mbushi na bakonto mu calo lishiku.

  6. Cholera can be prevented…it is a matter of hygiene promotion at individual, community, district,provincial and national levels. Key to cholera prevention are individuals. People at individual household and community level should desire to live in clean environments and take the lead in ensuring that they attain a cholera Free community. We can not always blame others for our carelessness if we construct diseases. In the affected communities, people throw trash any how, they just don’t care, even in places where the council have put trash cans you find dirt thrown outside the cans and in drainage and today we blame govt for the cholera outbreak?..honestly things like throwing rubbish in designated places,hygienically storing food,washing hands with soap every time you use a toilet or…

  7. I told my father about cholera. He grew up in Mufulira and Kitwe. He asked whats that? In his time Zambia knew no cholera now every summer should be called every cholera season

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